Physical Memory Dump Error – Resolved at my Desktop PC.

The following resource will help you to know about Physical Dump Memory Error which occurred on my PC. I have successfully solved the error and this article might help you to determine what is going wrong at your system. If you or your friends are facing the problem where system halts by showing Physical Dump Memory error then this is the resource which can help you know where the system is faulty.

Quick Review of Physical Memory Dump Error at my Desktop PC :

Error: Physical Memory Dump which is also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

Problem: The Physical Memory Dump error can occur due to a number of reasons. It halts the Operating System by showing a blue screen and asks the user to restart their system. Next time the error again appears annoyingly when you use only essential applications.

Solution: As there are number of reasons to a Physical Memory Dump Error we need to check every component of CPU. First of all check for Software errors and try to format your PC. If this does not solve the problem then go for Hardware Check. Hire an electrical technician to check your Mains Power Supply connection as well and then only open the CPU. If you don't know anything about electronics then take your PC to certified repair technician. Tell them to check the RAM memory, SMPS and Motherboard. During this check inform them to check for the components like capacitor on it. If they find any out of shape capacitor then ask them to replace it with a matching or suitable one.

Result: Due to replacement of components on your motherboard the Physical Memory Dump Error will be cured for sure. If you know something about electronics then you can do the replacement of components on your own and the cost of such components is mere Rs. 2 to a maximum of Rs. 10 per component. So the cost will never go above Rs. 100 if you do it yourself. But the only condition is that you must have perfect skills to replace the motherboard components and that too at your own risk.

Conclusion: To solve the Physical Memory Dump error one needs to check each and every component of CPU for near about 2 times. Also check for the faulty softwares and if possible format and install a Fresh copy of Windows. Checking once we feel that nothing is wrong but when we check it for two times we can grab the exact error and such silly errors don't require a lot of money to cure. Hence, the repair costs will always stay down if you know how to handle electronics components and apply them on to your motherboard and that too at your own risk.

Physical Memory Dump Error at my PC :

The Desktop PC at my end has an Intel DG102GGC2 motherboard and it supports 2 GB of RAM memory at maximum. The motherboard has 2 RAM memory slots and it supports only 1GB of RAM memory per slot. I used to use the Windows XP Operating System and I also installed a Windows Vista Pack so as to get a beautiful Windows Vista like look. Everything was running well and one day I was playing two heavy programs at a time. One program was of game and the other was Winamp with too many songs in its playlist. So I was playing a game and enjoying songs at the same. Suddenly a Blue screen appeared and my system was halted. The following image used to appear and halt my system whenever I used to multitask on my Desktop Computer.
Physical Memory Dump Error
Hence, I submitted my motherboard to the repair technician who was an expert in solving hardware errors. He charged me Rs. 250 and said if he finds some error he will inform me. The technician saw this Physical Dump Memory Error and said that there is something wrong in the electronic components and he advised me to purchase a new motherboard instead of repairing it. He also told me that the other components of CPU are swiftly working and the fault is within motherboard for sure. At last he said use this motherboard till it performs and then buy a new one if this error continues to appear again. In this way I was very disappointed because new motherboard would cost me at least Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000. So I decided to recheck my motherboard on my own.

At first I thought that the problem might be due to some missing DLL or any device driver might be corrupted or it might be missing the updates. So I updated every driver and also reinstalled the Chipset of Motherboard so as to cure the Physical Memory Dump error. For near about 2 days the system worked fine as I was not multitasking and used only essential applications. After 2 days, I saw the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) popping out and halting my system. I was very annoyed because I was using my PC only to do the essential work and I did not hear music or play games on it. I was shocked to know that the Screen of Death error is very difficult to solve. Searching on Internet I found that doing the routine check up can help cure the Physical Memory Dump Error.

I made sure that every newly installed hardware was working fine on my Desktop Computer. In this way I found that my hardware devices were not faulty at all. I also checked that if my processor is Overclocking and found that it was working perfectly. During this process I also cleaned my CPU cabinet and the Processor Fan so that the heat dissipation and air flow is properly maintained. In this way I felt that there is no hardware fault and I was now ready to format the C drive of my Desktop Computer System.
Format Error
Now considering that the software might be faulty I installed the Window XP Operating System by formatting only the C drive. During the installation an error occurred at the 3rd step which was Preparing Installation. Motherboard Capacitor Out of ShapeThe error was that my PC restarted at this point and I wondered why it restarted because there was no fault in Window XP Operating System Compact Disc (CD). So I again restarted the installation process right from step one which is formatting the C drive. The format was successful and the installation of drivers was also completed without any obstacles. At this point I observed that the CPU cabinet's temperature is going up. So it was clear that my hardware system was heating-up and something was going wrong with the system.

At this point I decided to open the CPU Cabinet with my system running. I found that every processor fan was running efficiently. So now I decided to touch the RAM memory slot and I just touched my finger to it and found that the 2GB RAM memory was heated more than the 1GB RAM memory. Then I turned OFF my Computer and changed the position of RAM and switched ON my PC again. After some time I found that one RAM slot was heating-up the RAM memory and I did not know why. So I just watched the motherboard components carefully and found that one capacitor which was situated just near the RAM slot was bulky and its top surface shape was changed to a dome shape.

Being Electronics Graduate, I was able to determine that the exact error was of capacitor. Normally the top surface of a capacitor is flat and they are considered as good working capacitors. At times the faulty capacitors don't change shape. But I was lucky to point out that capacitor and it looked bulkier and out of shape compared to the other existing capacitors on my motherboard.

Faulty Capacitor location on MotherboardThe details printed on that faulty capacitor on my motherboard were as follows:

6.3 Volt 820 micro Farad
(M) 105Degree Celsius
6 (T)

So I wrote above parameters of capacitor on a paper and went to the electronics market to get the exact capacitor. I searched a lot but I could not find a capacitor which would suite the above parameters exactly. The electronics shop owner who was a specialist of electronic components and circuits advised me to replace it with a capacitor of value 6.3 Volt and 1000 micro Farad and 105 Degree Celsius. At this point he told me that he will not be responsible if anything goes wrong. But he guaranteed that replacement would solve the problem of heating the RAM memory. So I took a chance, and found that my Physical Memory Dump Error has been eradicated. I took utmost care while soldering the newly brought capacitor on to my Intel DG102GGC2 motherboard. It was a skillful task to replace the capacitor as soldering points on the motherboard were minute, delicate and utmost care is always needed while handling electronic devices.

SMPS Capacitor Out of ShapeIn the above parameters the only important things are voltage of capacitor, its value and the operational temperature printed on it. So we need to just get the capacitor which would suite the motherboard requirements. If in case there is no availability of exact value then we can replace the capacitor with a little bit higher value but the temperature and voltage credentials should not change. Suppose if you don't find a capacitor of value 820 micro Farad, 6.3 Volt and 105 Degree Celsius then you can replace it with a 1000 micro Farad Capacitor but the temperature and voltage should be same as 105 Degree Celsius and 6.3 Volt respectively.

Now my PC was running fine and it showed no any Physical Memory Dump Error; I connected my Desktop Computer to Internet and started to search for other possible problems and solution. I found one resource which said that we need to check the Power Supply source and the Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS). Hence, I said even if my Physical Memory Dump error is being cured, I still need to do a routine check-up and decided to open up the SMPS so that no surprise errors take place in future. The SMPS is a delicate part of CPU and it needs a better understanding of Electronics prior to open it and check for any flaws. I am an Electronics Graduate so it was easy for me to open the SMPS and clean it. I warn every reader to not open their CPU or SMPS if they don't know anything about electronics.

The moment I opened up my SMPS, I found another bulkier capacitor which was out of shape. The parameters of that capacitor were as follows:

6.3 Volt 1500 micro Farad
(M) 105 Degree Celsius
B J.

So my decision helped me to be aware of the error which could have halted my system after few days. In this way, I replaced the capacitor which was out of shape in my Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS). Once again I would like to remind the readers of this resource that replacing capacitors on SMPS and Motherboard is very delicate and hazardous task if you don't know anything about electronics. So please don't follow above instructions if you are not an Electronics student.
SMPS Capacitor Change edit

So be careful and do not try the above method if you are newbie in electronics.

Read more about the BSoD error and solutions.

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