How to make my blog rank first in Google

When someone search in Google, how to make my website come up first in Google is one of the most common question asked by new bloggers. If you are looking for the secret behind making your blog come up first in Google search, read this article.

I receive a lot of queries from new bloggers in my social profiles and messengers. Even though it is highly distracting, I still keep my social profiles and messengers open to everyone since I can't forget my own past. I have been helped by numerous people when I was a noob in blogging field several years ago and I really love to help the new bloggers in whatever way I can.

Let us come back to the original question - "how to rank my blog first in Google search and increase traffic to my blog". I know this question has been asked and answered in numerous sites and tutorials but I am going to give my views on it. Why is my article not ranking first in Google search is one of the most common queries from the new bloggers.

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Secrets to Rank #1 in Google search

It is not a big deal to rank number one in Google search if you meet the following criteria:

If you want to rank first in Google search results, your content should be more valuable than all other content appearing in Google search. Also, your content should be published in a reputed site, which Google trusts and considers as a valuable site.

Yes, it is as simple as that. If your content is more valuable than all other content published in the web and if it is published in a valuable site, your content will appear number 1 in Google search.

Does it mean, if you simply copy some highly valuable articles from somewhere else and add a few sentences to it or change the text a bit to make it different, it is going to be ranked high? The answer is "No". By taking someone else's content, you are stealing the results of someone else's hard work and also you are violating the copyright laws. Google does not like that and your content will not find a place in Google search results.

As I mentioned above, there are 2 criteria to be met to rank high in Google search results:

1. Your content should be more valuable than others

2. Your content should be published in a site that is considered as a site providing valuable information in the respective field.

Both go hand in hand. Even if you write an excellent article and publish it in your new blog, it may not rank high in search results because Google does not trust your blog yet as a site providing authority information in the respective field.

Consider this example: You are writing an article about 'How to Cure Diabetes'. In order to write effectively on this topic, you should be an expert in the field. If you simply read a couple of other articles and write up something, Google wouldn't trust you and your article will not rank well. But if you are a medical doctor with lot of experience in this field, and you can come up with some information from your knowledge, that would be considered as valuable information. Google does not like duplicate content on the web, so, if you republish existing information, no matter how accurate it is, it may not rank well.

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Authority of the hosting site matters a lot

Google is an automated system. It depends on various signals to figure out if an author and an article can be trusted. Even if you come up with a great article on a medical topic, Google may not be able to figure out if it is great content or not. Some of the factors that significantly affect the ranking of a page is the site on which it is hosted. If a medical article is published in a reputed medical site, then Google gives a lot of value to the content. The unfortunate part is, even if misleading or wrong information is published in a high authority site, it might get some respect in the Google search results.

How do you build authority for your site

It must be clear now that just writing a great article alone is not enough to rank your content high. It must be published in a high authority website for the relevant subject. It important to understand that authority is for a specific subject or niche. A website that is considered as a high authority site for a medical subject may not be considered as an authority site in technology subject. This also means, if you publish a technology article in a high authority medical site, it may not rank well and vice versa.

You cannot build an authority site overnight. It is a very slow process, which takes a lot of time and efforts.

Here are some tips to build a high authority site:

1. Publish several great articles in the relevant subject area. Make sure all of your articles contain valuable information.

2. Avoid publishing content that is not relevant to your subject area.

3. Avoid poor quality articles and content that add no value to the web.

4. Regularly update your website. Do not just post a few articles and then leave it to itself. Come up with great articles at regular intervals (once in a day, once in a week etc).

5. Do not republish content from other sources.

6. If you have money, market your website through Google AdWords and various other internet marketing strategies. You may try some organic link building as well, but most of the traditional link building strategies are now considered irrelevant or spam.

7. Tune all of your articles and apply basic SEO techniques to make sure Google understands the value of your content. Read some SEO Tips to understand how to tune your web pages to rank well in Google search results.

8. Create an account with Google Webmaster Tools, which is a place to monitor the performance of your website with Google.

9. Make sure your website follows all webmaster guidelines.

10. Have patience. Continue your good work of building high-quality content. It may take several months for Google to start recognizing your site's real worth.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, there is only one secret to rank first in Google search - have better content than all other sites listed in search results for the specific search term and publish it in a high authority website.

Do you have any questions about this? Please post them as a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer it.

If you are new to SEO and blogging, read the SEO tutorials and blogging tips.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: A. S. Bhasker Raj12 Feb 2013

The guide is very practical for web page designing.

Most of the web sites do not give importance to the content of the web pages.

The other relevant information you have suggested are very important for a web page to be useful and for Google search engine.

Your article will help many web page designers.

Guest Author: Sushant Jadhav27 Sep 2014

Very Useful article Sir. I was wondering why I was not able to display Google Ads on my blog but anyways my doubt has been cleared. Thank you again for your insights and showing us a path for all the new bloggers.

Guest Author: prathyusha20 Apr 2015

Nice article Tony sir on the tips to making one's blog ranked first in Google search.

Guest Author: Kreettanam Kaushik22 Oct 2015

My website is: I wrote some articles and set up the SEO properly, but I am not getting any traffic from search engines. Can you give guidance on increasing traffic?

Author: TechDancer07 Nov 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

I have understood the rules and this article cleared my doubts. I want to know what topics are better for blogging> Note that I have less knowledge on technology.

Author: Umesh14 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

It is true that until unless the contents of a site are authentic, accurate and impressive they will not find priority with Google search. Now a newcommer in the field will definitely find it difficult to tread in such an tough situation of competition.
So in essence it is a long drawn process of continuous improvement and sustained efforts which can give rise to positive results.
The article has brought out these facts in a clear and concise way and a newbee in this field will benefit from it immensely.

Author: Paresh Gujarati22 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

One of the fine article on the said topic. The to the point guidelines gives best strategies to promote and rank higher in Google search ranking.

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