Review of Android powered Google Glass

Google showcased their most innovative Android based Google eyeglasses equipped with GPS sensors, one camera and small rectangular display screen. This post covers features, form factor, cons, pros and review for this Google device.

Google Eyeglasses

Google Glass1
Out of large number of recently unveiled techno gadgets, Google eyeglass is the most demanding and user friendly gadget. This ultimate device is the talk of the town nowadays and techno lovers are waiting for its arrival in market, impatiently. This device has also been listed as one of the top ten gadgets of this year. In science fictions like Star Trek we have seen very advanced computers than we are using at present. They are different in terms of their size, appearance and usability. In my last post, I discussed features of such a popular Pebble e-Paper SmartWatch having connectivity to both iOS 5 and Android apps and for this time I am giving reviews on another upcoming Android powered Google product, reminding me of Sci-fi fictions.

In the past, it was predicted that humans will be operating such computers in future that would not require any keyboard, monitor or mouse and users will be handling resting them on their palm or eyes. Now this dream seems coming out to be true with Google's efforts. And for the first time a prototype of Google eyeglass was shown in Google I/O Developers conference in San Francisco, where people saw innovative technologies making science fictions in real.

Form factor

Google eyeglass is an Android OS based offer from Google with an inbuilt multifunction camera and video recording facility. The device will come packed with a GPS sensor, internal memory, small rectangular camera, a processor and a small LCD or AMOLED display screen. This is a new computing form factor with ability of a GPS enabled smartphone for tracking, and many new communication capabilities raising technology to the next level. In other words, this is an idea of a very powerful, innovative and mobile computing device.

Uses of Google eye glasses

Suppose you visit to an unknown city and require proper information for a decent place to stay there and an affordable restaurant for having lunch. The role of Google glass starts here. You can activate your Google glass through your voice command for displaying your suitable hotels and restaurants information in that city. The complete information will display on your spec's screen, just in front of your eye. Not only this, you will also find menu for your selected restaurant to choose your lunch order. The Global positioning system (GPS) on device will let you know the location of your meeting person with identifying longitude and latitudes of his smartphone or Google glass.

Important Features

  • A front face small camera with Flash allows user to make video recording. So, the device is expected to be most helpful for spies and news reporters (for sting operations). A customer will get reward when sharing any product video with company.

  • You can directly communicate with cloud.
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  • User can scroll display screen contents with just head tilts.
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  • This is a stand-alone device with 3G or 4G connectivity.
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  • Capable to connect to your smartphone also via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
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  • Controlled with voice command and displays information before your eye on a small AMOLED or LCD display.
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  • You will also receive small job offers while wearing this glass and on accomplishing such small tasks user will get free gift coupons.

  • No advertisement will be displayed on display screen hence user will watch the relevant information only. This is most appreciable and helpful feature for avoiding any accidents.

  • Users' experiences will be stored in large data bank. In future, such data will be used to provide more accurate information, pertinent to user query.

  • Few virtual games will also be provided by Candy Lab.

  • Pricing and availability

    As per Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google - the Google glasses will cost more than the smartphones already available in market. For now, Google offered this device only for developers at the price of $1500. Its less expensive version for consumers is expected to arrive in market in early 2014.

    Pros and cons of Google Glasses

  • Android based operating system acceptable by users worldwide.

  • Stand alone device is easy to handle.

  • No advertisement while displaying contents enhances readability.

  • Cons:
  • Small display shows less information at a time.

  • Works on voice command so, useless for differently enabled users who has difficulty in speaking.

  • While driving, it can divert user's attention resulting to accidents. So, one need to be extra careful while moving on road.

  • Read more about Google Glasses.

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