How to troubleshoot Android Phones?

Mobile phone issues have been disturbing a lot of consumers and tech savvies across the globe. The birth of Android and its updates lead many people to some issues as well, due to its complex programming. Find out some fixes and troubleshooting methods to solve these common issues which many users experience today.

Modern devices today are indeed popular in the market due to their surplus features. Mobile phones are among these top devices that many people want to invest for their own use due to their enhanced functionality.

While they are known as high-end devices and are still having various problems. Countless consumers report about these problems and have them fixed soon. Usual issues on these devices include communication between the device and the operating system like Android. This results the experts to come up with different troubleshooting techniques to help other consumers who may be having problems on their devices as well. Here are some notable mobile problems consumers experience while using their mobile phones.

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Error Code 402 in Samsung Galaxy S3

This problem occurs to individuals when their phone searches for updates.

Nature of the problem

According to consumers' report, this Samsung phone is downloading updates, but after downloading the updates, it restarts and shows that the green robot, known as Android's icon, seems to be lying on a red, triangle icon. When users check for the update, it presents the error code, indicating that the update failed to download and apply on the settings.

Fixes consumers did on the mobile phone

Consumers also try their best to fix the problem on their own. Common fixes are trying to restart the mobile phone again. Some even tried to reset their mobile phones to default factory setting. However, many users reported that these solutions didn't fix the issue and still have the same issue on the long run.

Troubleshooting the issue

  • One of the recommended fixes is to do the update or search for them while using the WiFi connection if they are installing updates without connecting online.

  • Another fix is to install the updates while the mobile phone is on safe mode just like computers. Modern mobile phones can now be set on safe mode. Putting a mobile phone to safe mode depends on the model but here are the steps in doing so for this mobile phone model.

  • Enabling Safe Mode
  • Press the power button located at the left side or panel of the mobile phone.

  • Device options will appear after pressing. Select Power off.

  • Choose OK on the next option to turn off the phone.

  • Press the power button again to turn on the mobile phone.

  • When the Samsung logo appeared at the beginning, press the volume down key, which is located at the right side panel. Hold the volume key until you see the next screen. Loading the next screen may take you approximately more than 40 seconds.

  • The screen will light up and it will show a floating, slightly transparent box with Safe Mode text on it. This is an indicator that your mobile phone is already on Safe Mode.

  • At this point, users can start downloading for updates and apply them on their Galaxy S3.

  • After updating, users now then disable Safe Mode.

  • Disabling Safe Mode
  • Press the power button again.

  • Select Restart on Device Options screen.

  • Choose OK on the next screen.

  • Let the mobile phone restart on its own without doing anything on the mobile phone.

  • Doing this procedure should fix the problem. In case the problem continues to occur, users can call their mobile phone service provider for other fixes or possible mobile phone replacement.

  • Downloading app is stuck or frozen at "Starting download…"

    This issue occurs when people are downloading mobile apps from Google Play.

    Nature of the problem

    In downloading an app, the Market allows users to download but the page stucks at "Start downloading…" state. Hence, the download doesn't continue to download completely and resulting to delays in getting their needed apps.

    Troubleshooting the issue

    Troubleshooting the issue involves different procedures like the following:

    Verify connectivity
  • Internet is needed to download mobile apps.

  • Exit from the market.

  • Try browsing another website through the mobile phone.

  • If the mobile phone can't access other websites or apps that utilize the internet, try turning off the mobile phone and restart it again.

  • Try connecting online and access another website.

  • If the other website is still inaccessible, call internet service provider as the problem is caused by possible lack of connectivity coming from network providers.

  • In case you can access the other website but still experiencing the download problem, go to the next troubleshooting step.

  • Verify payment for paid apps
    Some apps obtained from Google Play are paid apps and paid through credit cards. Most of the time, this problem is caused by the card being declined and keeping the downloading from completion.
  • Stop downloading the app and exit the Market.

  • Verify if credit card is not declined by logging on to Google Check. Check if it's updated as well. If not updated, fix the problem to update your card information.

  • After verifying if the card is active, log back in to Market and download the app. If this didn't fix the problem, do the next troubleshooting step.

  • Ensuring that you're logged in to Google Talk
  • To open Google Talk, go to the app launcher and run Google Talk.

  • If you're already signed in to Google Talk, sign out your account and close the app.

  • Open Talk again and log in.

  • If the problem persists, contact Google Play and report the issue to create a ticket.

  • These are just some of the common problems of Android mobile phones have that put a lot of stress to its users. If you're having the same problems, follow above tips, start fixing these issues, and use your device with ease.

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