How to unlink Microsoft account from Skype

Are you looking for ways to unlink your Microsoft account from your Skype account? Read this article to find the complete step by step instructions to delink Microsoft account from the Skype account so that you can associate to another Skype account.

Last year, Microsoft acquired Skype and announced the retirement of Windows Live Messenger to give way for Skype as the future instant messenger. I was recently prompted to upgrade my Messenger account to Skype account. I had the option to create a new Skype account or link to an existing account.

Since I already had a Skype account, which I have been using for business contacts, I decided to link to it. However, later I realized all my personal contacts were merged with the business account and even my business name was used for the Skype account which was very confusing for the personal contacts. So, I decided to delink the Skype account and create a new one for personal use.

It was a bit tedious to locate the unlink option. So, I contacted the Skype customer support with a request to unlink the Microsoft account from my Skype account. Later I figured out the option in the Skype Account Management page in website.

If you are looking for the option to unlink your accounts, here are the steps:

Steps to unlink Microsoft account from Skype

Step 1: Login to on the web

Step 2: Click on your user name on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Click on the "Profile" link under "Account Details".

Skype Profile - Delink Microsoft account

Step 4: Click on the "Unlink" link next to your Microsoft account name.

Delink Skype

Step 5: Click the Continue button to proceed.

Delink Microsoft account from Skype

You are done. Now your Skype account is delinked from your Microsoft account. Your MSN contacts will no longer appear in your Skype account.

How to link your Microsoft account with Skype

Did you change your mind and want to link those accounts again? It is easy - just open your Skype client. In the login screen, you will see the option to "Sign in with Microsoft account". Enter your Microsoft account credentials. If your account is not linked with a Skype account, you will be prompted to create a new account or link to an existing account. Just choose the second option and proceed with the steps.

What do you think about the Messenger - Skype integration? Share your opinion.

NOTE: If you are experiencing any problems with this approach or you do not see an "unlink" option, contact Skype using this link.

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Author: M Suman Kumar08 Feb 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I think there is a small mistake in this article, sir. I understand that it was inadvertently commited while typing. That spelling mistake is located in the following line line.

"So, I contacted the Skype customer support with a request to unlick the Microsoft account".

Instead of writting 'unlink' you wrote 'unlick' which changes the meaning of the sentence in a different way.

Author: Tony John09 Feb 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0


That was a really funny mistake! And, when I retyped it to correct the typo, I typed the same again:-)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Author: Akash deep09 Feb 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 5

I have the same problem with Windows 8 Online Account in the Skype Metro style/Modern. I want to be able to sign out / unlink my skype account from my Microsoft account and when I do that all the contacts should dissapear from the people app and in all the apps that are connected with it. And when iI will connect back I want to have them back. I have connected / linked my father's skype account with the New Modern UI Skype App and now everytime I go to the Skype Modern UI App I can't log out from my father's account and log in with mine. Also, because of his skype contacts, now the People App from Microsoft is almost impossible to use because his conatcts mixed with mine. Same goes for the messaging app and all apps witch have to do with linking 3rd part apps to the Microsoft Online account. Please fix this because I can't use the people app normally and it's very ANOYING!

Guest Author: Ismail31 Mar 2013

Thanks for the info on Unlinking. Since you don't offer a Pantry function yet (to keep an innrotvey), I had hoped to use the Favorites list as the place to record all items I purchase regularly, noting how many I have in the Comments / Details section on each item. When an item is low, I can start a Groceries List quickly by looking into my Favorites and just tapping them to add the items into the Groceries List. **Now, after I have moved an item from Favorites into Groceries, I need to (in Groceries list) select item for editing; tap the Unlink icon; and type or use Plus key to change the Quantity otherwise my Favorites list will show a new quantity as well? This should work thanks.Why? In soft drinks aisles the price tags don't stick with per ounce' pricing among liters, 16 oz, 8oz, 2-liter bottles but in my Favorites list I can enter all bottle sizes and 6packs or 4packs whatever, using ounces, to quickly see which sale prices are good. BUT in my Groceries list, I don't want 99 oz as a Quantity I want to know that I need 3 1-liter bottles of tonic water (for example). That's what I am getting at.

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