Huawei E355 Pocket WiFi - Setup, Configuration and Troubleshooting

Are you looking for help with initial setup and configuration of the Huawei E355 Pocket WiFi hotspot device? Read complete instructions, step by step guide and troubleshooting instructions to resolve any connectivity issues with Huawei E355.

How to get started with Configure Huawei E355

Huawei E355 pocket WiFi hotspot device is a plug and play device and will work out of the box, after you insert a SIM card with a valid 2G/3G data plan activated. To test the device I have, I took out the Airtel SIM card from my mobile phone and inserted into the device. A message appeared in the system tray indicating Windows is installing the necessary drivers for the device. It is a true plug and play device and there was no separate step involved for installing the drivers.

In a few seconds, the drivers were installed and the device was recognized by Windows. I could see the USB device in the Windows Explorer in the name of "MobileWiFi".

NOTE: Before you connect the device to your computer, remember to open the sliding cover and insert the SIM. Also, note down the WiFi Key provided above the SIM card slot. This key will be required later to connect to internet.

How to open the device and insert the SIM card in Huawei E355

First remove the cap from the device. Hold the device facing the label "Huawei" and the green window with the LED indicators facing you. Now, slide the top surface towards the USB connector by firmly holding the bottom part in your hand. The cover will slide open.

Installing MobileWifi Software

Once the Huawei E355 device was recognized by the computer, it launched the setup.exe from the Autorun file in the device. I went through the simple setup wizard and completed the installation in few seconds. Here are the steps in installing the Huawei Mobile Wifi:

Huawei Mobile WiFi setup and installation
This is the initial welcome screen. Click on the button to proceed to the next step.

Huawei Pocket WiFi Hotspot device reviews
This screen shows the standard license agreement, which usually no one bother to read. Click Next to proceed.

Huawei Pocket WiFi Hotspot installation
In this screen, you can choose the location to install your Huawei E355 software. You may leave it to the default value and proceed.

Setup Huawei Portable WiFi Hotspot
In a couple of seconds, it will finish the installation and show you the final screen.

Once the installation is finished, if there is a firewall, you may be prompted how you want to share your data in the WiFi network. Choose 'Allow sharing' so that you can share your connection and access devices within the WiFi network.

After the installation is completed, look at your available WiFi hotspots. You will see the new WiFi hotspot in the name if MobileWiFi-748e, which is your Huawei E355 WiFi network. Double click on it to connect to WiFi. You will be prompted to enter the password.

What is the default password for Huawei E355

I was a bit confused when I was prompted to enter the password. I had not set any password and did not see any passwords written anywhere. I pulled out the device from the laptop and did a bit of research. Finally, I located the password under the sliding cover in the device just above the slot for the SIM card. It is written with the label "WiFi Key". I noted down the Key from there, closed the device, inserted it into the computer and waited until it connects again. I entered the password found in the device and it was accepted without a problem.

Huawei E355 default password

(NOTE: If you enter the PIN wrong for 3 times consecutively, your SIM will be locked. To unlock the SIM, you will have to enter the Pin Unlock Key (PUK). The Pin Unlock Key is also provided with your device. If you enter the PUK 10 times consecutively, you will be permanently locked out and will get into trouble!)

In just a few seconds, I was connected to internet. Except for my few seconds search for the password, the initial configuration was seamless.

How to configure Huawei E355 router

Being a true plug and play device, there is no sophisticated setup required for you to get connected with internet. All you need is a SIM card with a valid data plan activated. However, if you like to customize the settings and configure it according to your preferences, you can use the web based admin module and change all settings.

To configure the device, type the following url in your web browser:

You will be taken to the admin screen. You will be prompted to enter the admin password to access the admin features.

The default admin password for Huawei E355 is "admin" itself

How to change admin password

To change the admin password, go to the admin screen at Then click on the "Settings" tab. Expand the "System" menu on the left bar and click on the "Modify Password" link. You will be prompted to enter the old password and choose a new password. Press the "Apply" button after you enter all the details.

Change password of Huawei E355

How to change the SSID (WiFi Hotspot name)

Follow the steps below to change the WiFi hotspot name (SSID):

1. Open the admin screen by visiting the URL in your browser.

2. Click on Settings tab

3. Expand WLAN

4. Click on WLAN Basic Settings

5. On the right panel, replace the default SSID with any SSID (WiFI name) of your choice. Don't forget to press the "Apply" button.

How to change the default WiFi Key

You can locate the WPA pre-shared key in the above screen ("WLAN Basic Settings"). Change the key to any key of your choice. If you changed your authentication settings, the password/key requirements also may change accordingly.

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How to restore default factory settings

If you forgot your password or want to restore your device into the default factory settings, there are couple of options:

Software reset: You can reset the device to factory settings from the admin panel. Go to Settings >> System >> Restore Defaults and click on "Restore" button. It will restore the device to the factory default configuration.

Hardware reset: If you can't access the admin panel, you can do a hardware reset from the device. Open the device by sliding the cover. Locate the small "reset hole" on one end of the device. Use a ball pen or similar device and press for few seconds. It will restore the device to default configuration.

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Guest Author: abhi07 Feb 2013

A great review for indian market good work keep it up. Thanks

Guest Author: Subhankar Pattnaik07 Mar 2013

Well thanks for the review. Although I spotted all those before hand, I can access internet from my Laptop and Mobiles through this modem when the modem is connected to desktop directly but I cannot access internet from my desktop (well I don't have WiFi adapter) but in spite of that I think this modem works on desktop (when it is connected directly).

Author: Tony John07 Mar 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Subhankar Pattnaik,

I am afraid you will not be able to use it with your desktop, even if you connect it directly. Another option is, you can buy a a WiFi adapter for your desktop.

Guest Author: Subhankar Pattnaik07 Mar 2013

If I require Wifi adapter for my desktop, then what is the difference between Huawei E3131B and E355 ? Where E355 costs Rs 700 more with no extra benefits and that too E3131B also requires wifi adapter to connect desktop, it also has call facility which is absent in E355.

Guest Author: Elbab31 Mar 2013

A336 is a good starting point, but what is the data limit? Having 100mb when you can download in 4G would be very limited downloading experience and maybe even browsing!

Guest Author: CeeJay24 Apr 2013

Thank you very much for the information. It helps me to login and open my huawie e355.. Thanks again.. and God bless..

Guest Author: Bob B03 May 2013

GREAT step by step. I am still have connectivity issues (no internet) and have done everything I know but I think the issue is that ATT is the local provided to my SIM CARD and the E355 won't process ATT. Wish I was wrong but I've tried the dongle with other SIM CARDS to see if it was working and it appears to be but I could be wrong.

Guest Author: Bhavin Shah09 May 2013

I have receive SMS but i can not send SMS.
How to send SMS through HuaWEI E355 WiFi ?

Guest Author: Bhavin Shah09 May 2013

How to send SMS through HUAWEI E355 WiFi?

Guest Author: ASHISH12 May 2013

I would like to know how much range this would give?

Guest Author: whrfs30 May 2013

I'm using Windows 8 Single user. I found that E355 does not support. Please help if there is anyway or upgrading the firmware would help..??

Guest Author: Asung Lkr20 Jun 2013

Bought the e355 two months back and everything was ok. But since last week i keep getting SIM invalid. What could be wrong? Can it be rectified? Please help - i'm not a techie.

Guest Author: vishal14 Jul 2013

Here is another method to see password:

Login as admin then go to connection setting. Click on WLAN basic setting. Click on show password.

Guest Author: jaison K22 Jul 2013

Huawei E355 has inbuilt WiFi router and can use it as hotspot, whereas E3131 doesn't have inbuilt wifi adapter and it uses laptop's wifi and make hotspot.

Huawei E355 can directly connect to pc via usb and use internet (if your pc doesn't have wifi router).

Guest Author: Jidesh25 Jul 2013

I have a 3MobileWIFI of Huawei. Its from UK. It works with the 3g sim card of service provider by name 3 which is at UK. But it doesn't work with any of the Indian sim. Can this device be cracked so as to make it work with Indian sim cards?

Guest Author: sandeep singh15 Sep 2013

last one i have being using it successfully but day before yesterday, it simply doesn't connects with internet,,the SIM is working fine with all other dongles, i have sufficient balance and net balance but still, even the dongle main page shows connected and strong signal...please help me?

Guest Author: Akshay C19 Sep 2013

This is the amazing Device I ever had in my life. Till now everything is working properly. But one thing i can't recognize, that how to disconnect from laptop?
Please do reply me, if any body who know to do,..
Thanks in Advance!!!!!

Guest Author: Max03 Oct 2013


Allthough the E355 is a no-nonsense stuff, your walkthrough of the setting was a great help. Stuff like these article makes the internet more & more helpful.

Guest Author: Moazzam Ali18 Jan 2014

I was using this Huawei Dongle, it is of course very nice. But the problem is that I had changed the admin username & password which is required to open the settings. And now I have forgotten it. Feeling Helpless. Can anyone can help me how to reset the password? The reset method given in the manual to reset settings is also not working on passwords. Please help.

Guest Author: Vnj18 Feb 2014

Do you guys have any idea of using this adapter to receive internet without SIM card, meaning can we use it as internet signal receive as we do it on mobile phone? I want to use it without SIM card by receiving signal from another device through Wi-Fi.

Guest Author: NSM08 May 2014

Will this E355 will work with AIRTEL 4g LTE Sim card ?

Guest Author: Ramesh10 May 2014

Can u advise, how to reset the button in the Modem Huwaei E355s-1.Otherwise, how to setup internet connection in laptop because when i insert modem to my laptop home page is not open.

Guest Author: Steve Coakley23 Jul 2014

I just purchased an E355 but none of your steps work for it. The directions are only in Chinese and it doesn't seem to be able to work in N. America with my T-Mobile SIM which says it's only 2G, not 3G. It is model E355-1b21, do you know what that is, a counterfeit knockoff possibly? Thanks.

Guest Author: Yogesh19 Oct 2014

I forgotten the password and there is no forgot password tab. How can I retrieve the password?

Guest Author: shaju24 Oct 2014

I have a Huwai Mobile wifi with a 4g net sim, my one year contract finished with this net, Is it possible to change my net connection with another company net sim card with same router ?i want to reuse the same wifi router

Guest Author: angelicapaula27 Oct 2014

Please help! I have my pocket wifi and its my second time to buy the simcard. The first one was so smooth and got no problem. But this time the simcard wont function. There is the signal but cant access the net. But when i inserted the sim on my phone the net is working. What to do please

Guest Author: Joselito05 Nov 2014

My Huawei E355 pocket Wi-Fi is not working. Green lights doesn't work.

Guest Author: kite sanchez30 Nov 2014

THANK YOU Sir Tony. I was able to change MyWIFI's SSID and pre-shared key. I am still working on how to update/modify pasword. Don't have the option to modify the admin password.

Guest Author: quiensere23 Dec 2014

My E355 does not auto-install the drivers in Windows 7, can you please upload the mobile WiFi drivers and provide a link in the article. Also, a screenshot of WiFi setup in the first steps of tutorial will be helpful.

Guest Author: Praveen01 Jan 2015

Sir i used it 2 months earlier. But now when i operate it. It demand user name and password which i have forgotten. So i am unable to do anything becouse for going setting it demand login and password. Is there is no option for forgetting password

Guest Author: THIYAGARAJAN03 Jan 2015

Today only I activated BSNL 3G SIM with this dongle.I logged in and changed the user name and password. When I tried to log in again the user id and password are not recognized. How to retrieve the User ID and password

Guest Author: Nicola20 Feb 2015

I have tried the wi-fi key number and yet it says incorrect and I can't do anything until I have the password any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Guest Author: shivangi02 Mar 2015

I paid for wifi, but i got just a dongle!
It works only when directly connected to laptop, doesn't work from a distance, why?

Guest Author: Aman manhas20 Mar 2015

I restored to default and now for every single activity it asks for registration. Registration is not happening even though I gave all the information for registration but I recieved no password. Please help me out.

Guest Author: JIJI G VARGHESE17 Jun 2015

I am not able to log in to the IDEA smart WiFi network. I changed the default user name and password. Now I forget the changed user name and password so kindly help me to solve this problem.

Guest Author: SAMMY01 Aug 2015

Excellent article. When I had bought this card, it worked beautifully without any hassles for 3 months. Then I updated the software. Now it always switches to 2G when 3G is weak and this never happened before. Is there a way to make it use only 3G?

Guest Author: kanu nwosu15 Sep 2015

I forgot my admin password. How can I get it back? Please guide me.

Guest Author: RAGHURAM BHATT14 Oct 2015

In my laptop Wifi username is not appearing. Other WiFi user names are appearing except airtel wifi 4g hotspot but it is recognised in my mobile phone. What should be done?

Guest Author: mikiz06 Jan 2016

How can I unlock it to accept any SIM card? Please give guidance.