Troubleshooting methods on Windows Phone Problems

Discover about different ways of troubleshooting various issues experienced on windows phone 8 devices. If you are looking for troubleshooting Windows mobile phone problems or precisely Windows 8 troubleshooting, then, please read further. While they're notable devices, they can also have different problems that can be a pain for Windows phone users. Troubleshooting will help fix these problems right away and ensure ease of use at all times for Windows mobile phones.

A lot of consumers were elated after hearing that Microsoft is going to release an operating system made specifically for mobile devices in the form of Windows 8. It offers a unique look in comparison to Android and iOS so numerous consumers began to think of investing on Windows phone or devices once they're released in the market. Many network providers also launch these mobile phones under their services to meet people's wish to try out this mobile phone.

But just like with other devices, these mobile devices also experience a number of problems that need fixing. Here are some of the common problems users have and some troubleshooting issues that fix them in the process.

Email sync issues

Nature of the problem
Synchronizing email accounts with the device is stuck and causes inconsistencies on the phone.

What happens in the system?
On this problem, users experience that syncing their accounts, regardless of the account types, took a long time to complete. In fact, it even results to freezing the email accounts. Since this process utilizes power, it consumes a lot of power and since the system is frozen, it drains up the battery and causes other problems for consumers. At some point, many users experience that they can't read their emails anymore.

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Fixes consumers did on the mobile phone
Consumers aim to fix the problem on their own without the availability of expert to help them solve the problem. Common fixes applied on this problem includes restarting the mobile phone. Some users also turn off their phone and remove the battery, which is the common troubleshooting methods that tech support agents inform callers.

Troubleshooting the issue

Various troubleshooting methods can be used to fix this problem like the following.

Uninstalling Skype: At the time when people experience this problem, Skype app for Windows 8 is still a beta program or a trial release. In a way, this problem causes inconsistencies on synching email accounts with the device. Here are the steps in troubleshooting the problem.

- Uninstall Skype on the phone.

- Restart after uninstalling the program.

- Let the mobile phone sync the accounts.

- Reinstall Skype.

- If this solution didn't solve the problem, do the next troubleshooting procedure.

Removing email accounts: Some users did try uninstalling Skype but it didn't solve the issue. They discovered another way of fixing this issue by removing their existing accounts.

- Run the mobile phone on battery saver mode.

- Remove all the accounts. According to resources, you can't remove the Microsoft account so leave it as is and continue removing other email accounts that were trying to sync.

- Reset the phone and it should solve the problem.

- Reinstall Skype though some users won't reinstall it after fixing the sync issue to keep the problem from recovering.

WP8 Bluetooth not reading and speaking messages on hands free

Nature of the problem
WP8 and Bluetooth devices allow users to listen to read messages while driving a car, an instance when they can't use their hands for replying or talking. However, this problem doesn't read the messages and prevent people from replying.

What happens in the system?
Several users reported that the Speech function using Bluetooth devices while driving doesn't work properly. Since it won't read the messages or incoming notification aloud, users can't reply and send their messages. In some instances, the system freezes and won't do a thing even at the user's command. This problem leads to more issues like sound crash and requires restarting their mobile phones.

Fixes consumers did on the mobile phone
At this point, consumers can only reboot their devices when they crash due to inconsistencies. Fortunately, several troubleshooting solutions are now made available for consumers like the following.

Troubleshooting the issue

Troubleshooting methods include the following.

• Verify Bluetooth user profile: This serves as the profile used for pairing and using these devices. Users need to verify if their profiles are supported by Windows 8 and use it without problems. Some of these profiles include Hands Free Profile (HFP 1.5), Object Push Profile (OPP 1.1), Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP 1.1), and others. For other profiles, visit for a list of WP8-supported Bluetooth profiles.

• Verify proper pairing: If you have used one of these profiles, better check if you paired your device properly and do the following steps.
- Go to App list.

- Tap Settings.

- On the next screen, select Bluetooth by tapping it.

- If Bluetooth Status is On, set it first to Off.

- You can turn off your phone at this point or

- Change the Status to On.

- It will search for the device that you're using. Be sure that your other device's Bluetooth is also turned on so the phone will discover it.

- Choose your Bluetooth headset by tapping it on the list of discovered devices.

- If you set a PIN for pairing, key in the pairing code and tap on Done. Your device should be fine by then and test Speech feature.

Windows phone is indeed a remarkable mobile phone today due to it's functionality and interface. Follow the above steps if you are experiencing these windows 8 issues and use your mobile phone with ease. But if you haven't fixed the problem yet after all the troubleshooting method, it would be best to call your network or service provider for other fixes they discovered to solve these problems.

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