Adblock Plus review: One of the best extensions to block Ads in your browser

Are you tired of seeing too many intrusive ads that interrupt your normal browsing experience? Read this review of Adblock Plus, an excellent ad blocker browser extension program.

Many people run blogs and websites these days, and these bloggers are the reason why the internet has now become the biggest source of free information and many other resources. But what many people fail to realize is that the ads that sometimes irritate us are actually the source of revenue that keeps these blogs running. No advertisements can mean no blogs and if everyone just start ignoring the ads or blocking them, the internet might just partially collapse. So, advertising is essential for the existence of most of the websites and blogs.

But, how many ads should we have in a website? The more ads a site has, the better revenue the site owner can get. But more Ads means more annoyance for the readers and many readers might not even come back to the blogs if the Ads are too annoying! So, webmasters always have to balance between good browsing experience and revenue from advertising.

How to block Ads on your browser

Some webmasters don't care about the user experience and push as many Ads as possible on their websites. They don't care whether the readers will come back to the site or not and try to take maximum advantage of the readers by pushing all kinds of annoying and intrusive ads to them, especially pop-ups and pop-unders.

If you are fed up with too many Ads on any site, here is a simple solution: Install an Ad blocker browser extension on your favorite browser and stop worrying about Ads any longer.

Most ad blocking software work as browser extensions - means, they can block Ads on the browsers on which it is installed as an extension. Most of the popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support browser extensions. And, the ad blocker software usually has extensions for each of such reputated browsers.

Let us review and analyze one of the most popular ad blocking software: Adblock Plus

Review of Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free browser extension for blocking intrusive and annoying Ads from. They have browser extensions for the following browsers:

1. Mozilla Firefox

2. Google Chrome

3. Android devices

4. Opera browser

NOTE: As of now, there is no Internet Explorer version of the Adblock Plus software.

Adblock Plus is a lightweight extension, which blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads. To make it more interesting, you can create filters on the Adblock Plus, which allow you to select and hide any specific HTML elements from any website. For example, I tried to use the "filters" on this site and I was able to hide the header, rightbar, footer and specific elements like Facebook Fan box.

How to create filters and hide specific html blocks from any websites

When you install Adblock Plus on your browser, it will add an icon to your browser so that you can easily access it anytime. When you install it on Google Chrome, you will see the ABP (Adblock Plus) icon added to the address bar.

To create filters and block specific elements from any website, click on the ABP icon and select "Easy create filter".

Adblock Plus

You will see the following message:

"After closing this popup, click (or right-click) an element on the page."

Wait until this popup message disappears and then click on any element in the webpage you are currently browsing. You can click and select any elements to add it to the filter. Once you add any element to the filter, it will no longer appear for you when you browse that website.

Adblock Plus
See the picture: I clicked on the Facebook Fan page on the rightbar of this website and added it to the filter. The Dialog box allows me to choose a custom name for this filter so that I can edit and remove it from the filter list later. Once I click the "Add" button, I will no longer see the Facebook Fan block in this site on this browser, as long as I have the Adblock Plus pluggin installed.

How to remove html elements and filters in Adblock Plus

Did you change your mind and want to get back those ads and html elements on your website? You can always edit your filters on Adblock Plus and get them back. To remove any of your filters, follow the steps below:

1. Right click on ABP extension icon on your browser

2. Click "options"

3. Click on the tab "Add your own filters"

4. Select any filters you want to be deleted

5. Click on the button "Remove selected"

Adblock Plus Filter customization

The changes are automatically saved, so you are welcome to close the options page after you are done with it.

What is so cool about Adblock Plus

What makes it the best choice as an Adblocker software is, it is absolutely free and light weight. It adds very low overhead to your browser, often not noticeable at all.

The customizable filter feature is something that not many other ad blockers offer. Adblock Plus allows you to whitelist any specific domains, so that no ads will be blocked from those sites. Also, I like the fact that it optionally allows non-intrusive Ads like Google AdSense, which
many people like to keep since they bring a lot of contextually relevant and useful Ads.

Readymade Filter Subscription: Adblock Plus offers several ready made filter subscriptions, which allow you to choose a ready made filter model without really creating a manual list. The ready made filters are maintained by the Adblock Plus team, so they will get the latest updates as things change and new kind of annoying ads appear on the web.

Disadvantages and Bugs

I have found a couple of minor issues with the Adblock Plus, which I hope will be fixed in the upcoming releases. When you are creating the filters on some of the elements within an iframe, portions of the filter dialog box are hidden if the iFrame is not big enough to accommodate it. In such case, you may not be able to locate the "Add" button, which will make it difficult for you to add those blocks into the filter list.

I am currently using the Adblock Plus on my Google Chrome browser and it is doing an excellent job. I recommend this product to have a safe and non-annoying browsing experience.

Have you used Adblock Plus or any other Ad bloker software? Share your feedback.

Download Adblock Plus from

Article by Tony John
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Author: Kartik Jagdale05 Feb 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Nice article and excellent review. I am using Adblock plus for both firefox and Google Chrome.

I think you should also add another con to the list. Adblock Plus blocks the advertisements and so the site owner will be at loss. Websites are making money from advertisements and if many people block the Ads, their revenue will go down.

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