Tegra Super processors from NVIDIA: Product description and specification

Today you enjoy many devices like smartphones, Tablets and world has seen many technological marvels like Google fiber the lightening speed internet etc. All these achievements would not have been possible without the invention of Super processors. NVIDIA is one of the best hardware manufacturers in the world. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Tegra series of Super processors marketed by NVIDIA and the various advantages available with such Super processors. Please read on.

All about NVIDIA, the hardware manufacturer:

NVIDIA, is the leading hardware manufacturer of the world. They are the manufacturing various types of GPUs or Graphic Processing Units. They started with visual computing and later developed in to the fields of super computing, mobile computing and cloud computing. The mobile processors manufactured by NVIDIA are used in infotainment systems, tablets and smartphones. The GPUs are mostly used to create visual effects. Scholars and researchers use them for high and precision performance computers. NVIDIA was founded during the year 1993 and they were involved in in PC graphics business initially. Then they expanded in to visual computing field. Later they moved to the field of advanced high performance computing. Then they took the lion's share in mobile computing with the introduction of virtual GPU. Now, they have entered the business of cloud computing for enterprises and consumers. NVIDIA is known for the landmark processors like GeForce, Quadro, Tesla, Tegra and GPU accelerated Cloud computing. As already seen GPU is responsible for excellent computer graphics and energy efficient computing. NVIDIA has introduced a latest sensation in GPU architecture viz., Kepler which consists of almost 7 billion transistors and it known as the most energy efficient GPU at present. In this article, let us see about the Tegra series of Super Chip or Super processors marketed by NVIDIA.

Tegra 4 Super Chip Processor:

Tegra 4 Tegra 4 is the latest Super processor chip in the Tegra series introduced by NVIDIA. This super processor is a balanced mix of efficiency and power. With Tegra 4 Super Chip, you can experience an incredible battery life for your gadgets, amazing LTE networking, outstanding visuals in mobile gaming and web browsing at a flash. The following are the salient features of Tegra 4 Super Chip:

Quad-core ARM Cortex – A15s: Tegra 4 possesses most advanced ARM's CPU cores along with 2nd generation battery saver core. This ensures longer battery life to your devices. Finest performance is assured with four performance cores used using the SMP architecture founded by NVIDIA These cores can perform to their optimal levels depending on work feed. A core can independently handle tasks like video playback, music, active standby which are considered as lower power tasks and can remain transparent to the applications and OS.

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LTE capacity: This Super Chip uses an optional chipset with Icera technology for delivering ideal mobile communication capabilities.

Computational photography architecture: This is a new mobile architecture used for enhancing the mobile imaging. This architecture infuses the processing powers of ISP, GPU, CPU in mobile imaging. This architecture also enables the following tasks in HDR camera viz., HDR flash, HDR burst, HDR video, HDR photos, HDR preview etc.

NVIDIA GeForce GPU: You can experience a lot like innovative things in your mobile like web experience with HTML5 and WebGL and fresh experiences in gaming and media.

Tegra 3 Super Chip Processor:

Tegra 3Tegra 3 Super processor is twice as fast as other normal processors in the market. It is used for smooth web browsing and multitasking etc. It also offers best battery saving technology and console quality gaming. The other advantages are being the brilliant graphics and HD video capability. The following are the important features of Tegra 3 Super processor by NVIDIA:

NVIDIA PRISM Display Technology: Tegra 3 uses a technology viz., PRISM or Pixel Rendering Intensity and Saturation Management. This PRISM technology simmers your mobile's backlight power to suit the enhanced pixel color for delivering stunning visual quality along with extended battery life for your mobile device.

3D Stereo Gaming: NVIDIA has used its award winning NVIDIA 3D Vision technology which enables converting and opening of games and apps based on OpenGL in to Stereo 3D automatically and in real time.

NVIDIA Direct Touch: This architecture which is patent pending enhances the touch responsiveness and reduces energy consumption just by offloading a part of the touch processing in to Tegra 3 processor.

Quad Core with 5th Battery Saver Core: NVIDIA uses the new Variable SMP architecture for maximum burst enabling four performance cores. Based on work feed or task, these four cores can independently be enabled or disabled. A companion core or single battery saver core performs other low power tasks.

Multi specifications: Tegra 3 has two model multi specifications viz., Tegra 3 on Android and Tegra 3 on Windows 8. Both these variations have different and slightly varied specifications according to the OS.

Tegra 2 Super Chip Processor:

Tegra 2It is considered as the first dual core CPU in the world. It enables you with much faster web browsing and reduced response time. Its ULP or Ultra Low Power GeForce GPU is designed for low power apps. It enables stunning game play with high response user interface. It also has 1080p Video processor for recording full 1080p HD video. It also supports various formats and codecs which ensures perfect compatibility with current content thus eliminates the requirement of transcoding.

To wind up:

NVIDIA through the launch of various GPUs has really transformed the world of computing at various levels. It may not be out of mention to state that NVIDIA is the hardware giant as Microsoft is for software. We can expect many more advanced Super processors in future which may transform our lives by really putting us in to the world of virtual reality.


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