Weirdest gadgets to be showcased

Majority of new gadgets that hit the stores make a mark on the international platform. They are technical marvels that wow the world. On the other hand some inventions are ridiculously bizarre and one wonders who would ever spend money on those funny and weird gadgets. Here is a look at some such funny gadgets.

Inventions are generally, unique, functional, time and energy saving, efficient, useful and on very rare occasions simply bizarre. On the one hand the past year had some breakthrough technologies on display such as a mobile phone with a battery that stays charged for 15 years to a TV that runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. ( See: Strange Android Devices )

I'd like a mobile phone whose battery does not dissipate in less than 24 hours, so for me an invention so sublime is worth a standing ovation. The list of similar marvellous inventions is of course endless; but then on the other hand we also had some bizarre gadgets surfacing. This article is a tribute to some of the weirdest gadgets that made news in the year gone by. Do they serve a purpose? Who knows! I'll leave it to you to decide.

However, do be prepared to be intrigued by the funny innovations that I describe here.

The Haier Brain Wave that reads your mind

This neat gadget looks straight out of a science fiction movie. It is still in a very primitive stage, but then who knows with a little bit of tweaking and adding of new features it may well become one of the gadgets to own.
The Haier brain wave is, hold your breath, a mind reading device. Sounds incredible, doesn't it! The device comes from the Chinese multinational consumer electronic company – Haier. Even with the backing of such a big name the gadget has been a slight disappointment.

The gadget comprises of a wireless headset with mind reading ability. The mind reading gadget in the form of a head set is devised to control the TV. It is an uncomplicated device and relatively simple to use, though its efficiency is questionable. The device comprises of sensing pads one of which is placed on the forehead and the other attached to an earlobe of the user. Once in position the device can sense if the user wants to flip something up or down on the television.

The Haier brain wave will prove to be an exceptional invention if it goes beyond being a sensing device that can gauge the mind and do something more than just read the desire to move something up or down. Undoubtedly the gadget is still in its teething stages, but does have a lot of potential if properly developed and put to better use.

There is a lot that needs to be done to make this gadget more acceptable. Currently it is being marketed only in China. It will need a lot of innovative inclusions for the gadget to be internationally accepted.

Solowheel – On a solo ride

A lot has been said about fuel saving, green living and saving the planet. The next device perhaps is aimed at doing all three. How practical it is, is for anyone to guess!

The Solowheel, as the next device is named is just that – a solo wheel. It is a unicycle. Before you get confused let me make it clear I am not transporting you to a circus or a fair. This unicycle is for use for people like you and me.

It resembles an ordinary unicycle, in that it has a single wheel. The pedals are smartly concealed within the sides of the wheel. You need to flip them out from the little niche in the wheel in order to straddle the unicycle. Nice and compact.

The trick of course lies in being able to ride the unicycle. Not everyone is an expert and this little device will take some practice before one can master manoeuvring the traffic on this single wheel.

The designer of this unique Solowheel has added a few intelligent concepts in the device. When a rider straddles the unicycle and shifts his weight forward the device automatically engages a battery powered electric motor that can drive the wheel at a speed of 10 miles/hour. How you are going to stay balanced on the wheel that long remains to be answered though. Though the creator has cleverly placed a gyroscope in the unicycle that is meant to aid the rider maintain a vertical position while riding.

The inbuilt battery can be recharged and requires to be charged after approximately 15 – 20 miles of riding. Apart from being compact, as is mentioned earlier, the device is also light weight and weighs just 26lbs.
It is priced quite high at $1,800. It makes a great toy for the teens, but that's about all. I don't see anyone riding to work on this wheel.

Eye Asteroids – follows my gaze

Technology has so many surprises in store. I am amazed at what all can be done with it. The next gadget is an example of what I mean. Tobii, a company from Sweden recently showcased a unique arcade game that is controlled by the eyes. Amazing, is it not! A player can control the game through his eyes.

How does it work? The player needs to be directly in front of the screen and focus on it. The game as the name suggests is about asteroids. Asteroids from outer space plunge at the battle station which releases laser beams at them to counter their attack. The player needs to literally set his eyes on the laser beams to put the desired power into them that helps in destroying the asteroids.

There are cameras installed in the game cabinet that detect the eye movement of the player and make the game possible.

The success of the eye gaze concept has prompted the Swedish company to try something different with their innovation. It is working at developing the technology for it to be used in computing devices so that the use of the mouse can be completely done away with.

If the new concept works will it have any takers considering the fact that the asteroid game is priced at an exorbitant $15,000. I'd be happy working with a mouse than pay hefty amounts for a gadget to track my gaze.

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Buzzing Fork – tantamount to a nagging spouse

Is comparison of an inanimate product to a person possible! Well if you know what the buzzing fork is all about, you'll probably agree to this simile.

Hapifork is a fork developed by a Hong Kong based company. The fork that is used for eating like all forks are, comes with a sensor that lights up and starts buzzing if you eat too fast, cautioning you to eat slowly.

Though the fork is effective in warning you to slow down when you are eating; it can be highly irritating. There are mixed feelings regarding the fork, while some see it as one of the most wonderful eating devices ever produced others aren't convinced by it and find it an annoyance that disrupts eating.

The fork however has been devised based on the theory that the faster you eat the more you end up eating, eventually leading to weight gain. So the fork gives you warning signs to slow down, as a result of which you eat less and lose weight. I personally wouldn't eat with something that keeps buzzing at me while I am eating. There are surely better ways of shedding and keeping those extra pounds at bay.

On second thoughts I feel it's a lovely invention to make kids eat. They'd love to see the fork buzz and down their meals in a jiffy. How much do you pay for this little nagger – just under a dollar - $99!

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer publishing with Constant Content and sister sites of Techulator. She writes on a variety of subjects that interest her. She is a voracious reader and that helps her keep abreast with the latest in technology. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Eng. Lit, is a mom, a wife, a homemaker and a qualified teacher.

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