Review of Western Digital TV Streaming Device

Looking for the best moderate medium priced high quality TV streaming device? Then you should read the resource on Western Digital TV streaming device commonly known as WD TV Live to know about its features, speculations and our personal review on the product. You can get the complete guide on WD TV Live streaming device system details and initial setup. Also know the best buying tips for a good TV streaming device.

Western Digital is a well known organization known prominently for its computer accessories and device drive peripherals. Earlier Western Digital launched the Live plus and the Live hub that provided extreme coverage to photo streaming and video streaming live. This time it has brought forward the introduction of TV streaming device popularly known ad WD TV Live streaming that provides not only an ultimate experience to its customers for TV streaming, but also for its multi-purpose features like setting up live music player, live video watching features and transferring system files and media contents seamlessly. Take our look on its basic overview and product features for WD TV.

WD TV Live

Western Digital TV Streaming Device – An overview

One of the highly rated TV streaming devices developed by Western Digital is one of its kinds which provides an excellent utility to enjoy the best media services which includes Live TV streaming, music players and watching media player in HD and high performance S/PDIF digital output support. We have developed a general array of the basic overview and exciting manipulations that the WD TV live streaming provides with it's high class entertainment:

• Sourcing media from any source: One of its prominent feature is the capability of source photos, video files, and stream music at an extremely relaxed pace. It finds the necessary files that contains media contents and displays it on the home screen. Further it has got USB cable support, so users who want to play their media files from any USB device or pen-drives can easily play them without having to worry. Similarly any files containing slideshow of photos, video viewing can be done through laptops and computers through cable support being provided.

• Catch live streaming internet to your WD TV: Now you don't have to wait and watch your shows, music concerts live online on your computer screen, instead you can choose to play them at WD TV Streaming as per the options. Now latest movies, cricket matches and your social networking will never stay away with your grand TV streaming experiences. Not only that, you catch all events live, photos and webstores right in your WD TV in full HD support.

• Tremendous File supportability feature: Now no one will have to worry about the supportive file format for TV viewing experiences and different media contents as the database for file supportability has been made large by enabling different file formats like MP4, WMV file features. You can also view and stream videos at your own pace because supportability covers MKV, MOV, XVID and AVI streaming options as well. So lots of support for any files being played, enabling it to be the best TV streaming device.

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• Super energize yourself with typical games: The option of ultimate gaming experience comes alive with the new Western Digital TV providing full HD support even in gaming experiences. Now viewers can play their respective games like Sudoku, Rockswap and Texas games. You will be able to sharpen your calculation skills with their learning calculation programme method of gaming enabled.

• Watch your media contents from your camera/camcorders: With the new picture transfer protocol enabled, users will be able to get their ultimate experiencing to watching their desired photos, videos or HD clips right from their camcorders with just a click. You can directly manage all your media files from the media directory page.

• Super speed HD viewing with Wi-Fi support: If you feel the device may lack the desired performance while streaming HD videos, then you are completely wrong. People will be able to stream videos and Live TV streaming can be done easily with a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot device enabled which needs to be a connected to an appropriate router. You will be able to run videos, play TV wireless at a press of a button and what's more you won't require any PC or laptop / tablet for any indirect connection. Just go wireless and play your media contents seamlessly. You also have the option of Ethernet cable supportive internet connectivity which requires a cable supported net access to stream your contents as you desire.

• View all types of Media contents right from your living room: It won't get better than this, having a life's experience of watching vacation trip holiday picture slideshow and your HD video capturing at 1080p resolution at ease. You can assure yourself of being provided the best of the picture quality experience and ultimate stuffs of all the TV viewing experience at a shell of a minimal cost.

• Stay updated all the time with RSS Feeds: Now with the atest innovation of tickers, you can assure yourself to never miss a thing from your favourite blogs, website and stream your media files relentlessly. You receive all the notifications as a part of your subscriptions.

• Premium navigation options enabled: Now users can browse all their files, media photos and videos at your media organizing file which contains thumbnails of all your gallery pictures, album shoots and video preview options easily. You can also search for your files and TV shows and experiences as per the different categories of file like genres, artists and appropriate media category tiles by also searching the name of the file, videos or TV streaming shows.

• Supreme TV streaming output: Now with the help of HDMI capability support and features like RCA outputs, the viewing and compatibility has been eased considerably. One of the top surround experiences have been achieved through the S/PDIF digital output signal programming. You can watch all your live TV streaming shows, music theatres from your home music system directly to your WD TV.


Some exciting Features enabled in Western Digital TV streaming device

A superb journey awaits for all those WD TV users who have recently purchased the product or going to purchase it. The feature loaded streaming device has been marked high on all ratings and is going to pull up all the audience who are yet to buy it. This is actually one of the top five TV streamers as per 2012 NDTV Gadget awards. Some of the interesting prospective of the gadget has been included here:

Brilliant Menu Control and customized TV and media experience

The well categorized and redefined menu control comprises of the ready to play feature which enables the users to play their desired media contents right at a press of a button at the respective tiles of the media player. For example, if you are looking to play a live TV streaming music show occurring online, then you will find the desired option right to your subscription page or in the media library where you will be able to find the options to play the Live TV streaming to the music show. The only thing you will need to do, is to give the required command to the menu control option to notify you with the latest updates and you will be done. Further you can choose your very own videos and photo slideshows as per the updates and you will be able to simultaneously share your media contents on your social pages. If you want more highlights to your customized menu, you can add the highlighted meta data for each and every individual files and media library to identify the correct photos and videos or any Live TV feeds through RSS. This helps in better identification and the WD TV will be able to show you with the appropriate files when you search for it.

If you are bored by the look and surround images of your homescreen menu, then you can optionally add your own images from the list of gallery photos, otherwise you may also like to choose your appropriate design style background image present by default within the system. There is a preset option of Favourites where you can drop your favourite photos, Live TV shows recordings or drop some interesting photos you had wished to check back later again. In this way, you can organize your contents and play them as per your time and comfortability. The slideshow feature in the menu option enables you to roll over your photos or music tracks when you are on a special occasion. You can change the settings directly by visiting customizing page. Video navigation menu enables users to set their desired pace of video viewing and menu listings. You can get a good view of the videos you want to see with the help of video clip navigation bar.

If you wish to stream music from your computer, you can do so by selecting the option of 'Play to' from the menu navigation bar. By selecting so, you can set your own desired pace of songs and media contents sequentially. The only requirement is that, your PC / Laptop should be working on Windows 7. You view all your TV listings in HD mode, providing you the best of the live TV experiences sitting at your home. The media playing feature also displays a list of Live shows and video galleries you can choose from to stream as per your comfort.

Beautiful Audio and Visual screenings

If you think, this TV streaming device works in HD only for live TV viewing, then the estimation is wrong. HDMI cable supportability has been enabled for audio and visual streaming. You have a great access to online contents and social website providing you unmatched online contents at your own desired functioning. Features like multi channel utility and auto source function provides a beckoning feature to auto detect streaming channels which are available and automatically switches to HD mode. Users will experience high definition viewing when they switch to HDMI cable. For an unmatched high quality Dolby digital surround, S/PDIF system enabled with composite interface with analog AV function. Users can view high quality live TV streaming right from their desktop with resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080i. Videos and live feeds are best viewed in 1080p.

USB support and file system supportability

Almost all the external USB ports and devices that carry media files and live TV device applications can be easily connected and streamed through USB ports. The plug and play feature enables viewers to connect to any external device and play their own stream of media files. Media players installed in some other device can be played by connecting it through USB cable. Cameras can stream slideshows to be shown in WD TV live on a bigger screen. The file systems that are supportable in Western Digital TV are NTFS, FAT32 and HFS+. These are the types of files USB devices should carry in order to view them in WD TV. You can connect USB dongle for faster internet access connectivity to stream HD videos at more relaxed pace.

WD TV – System requirements and Initial Setup procedure

The only requirement for the system to be compatible for WD TV is to have a compatible operating system of Windows. Western Digital TV streaming device is compatible to the following versions of the Windows: Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Other versions like Windows 98 are not supportable. If you are using MAC OS, then the following systems will be compatible with your WD TV: Leopard MAC OS and Snow Leopard versions of MAC.

Also the particular operating system must possess enough hard disk space as per configurations and operating system requirements. It is advisable for all Windows users to download the latest service packs available for their particular version since the reliability and performance of WD TV streaming device will be quite high with the SP. Also if you aren't knowing how to input the update option in your Windows system, then first you will need to go to Start Menu > Windows update. For all the MAC users, select Apple menu > Software update option to check the box of updating your software regularly which is favourable for WD TV.

Considering the installation and system settings of your WD TV streaming device, you will require an HD TV for high performance picture quality streaming with an HDMI supportive cable to connect your Western digital TV to your HD TV. Also you have a compatible wireless internet setup through Wi-Fi Hotspot device or have a wired connection as per your choice to stream online contents. Make sure your connection is good and reliable along with a good speed broadband type so that HD live TV streaming can be done without any buffer. In order to initial start up your WD TV, you will need to first connect the power cod, followed by connecting your media player to your Western digital device for streaming any media players through HDMI port. Then use remote to view or change your contents/ add your relevant contents and view contents online.

Network settings

How to setup Wireless or Wired network connection in WD TV

In order to setup the connectivity to your WD TV streaming device, you have two options- either setup wired or go wireless with your setup. For wireless connectivity, you will require a Wi-Fi router device to connect and stream online contents and same for the wired, you will need an Ethernet cable.

For wireless connectivity : You can set up the wireless connectivity in various ways. The best way you can make the media player find the Wi-Fi device or network name is by inputting the name of the network device to find the device manually. You will get the confirmation from WD TV media player that the device has been found if the network has been caught properly. By using other options like automatically enabling the media player to detect the network device or by enabling the pairing code operable on Windows OS version or setting up PIN or WPS code push in the Wi-Fi Routers, the wireless network connectivity can be obtained.

For wired connectivity: If you want to have the wired connectivity through Ethernet cable, then it takes only few steps to setup the network. First open the Network connectivity wizard where different options are available. Now connect your cable to the HDMI support on your media player device of WD TV. Wait for few seconds, till a pop up window appears stating that device connection is being monitored. Then with few manual operations and checking, a confirmation message will appear stating that internet connectivity has been successfully installed through a portable DSL cable or modem. You will be able to gain full HD TV experience through your Western Digital Live TV streaming device. The connection to your individual modems should further be connected through to your network routers for good networking speed.

WD TV Menu

How to access Media contents and transfer files from WD TV

Now with the ease of viewing any media content from your media content library, you can choose to view over thousands of media files containing video viewing feature, photo sharing and slideshow feature, sharing contents online at a push of a button and viewing your live TV streaming from your WD TV device can be done easily by setting up and managing your media library. You can use your USB storage device to transfer your media contents, store, share online and play them whenever and wherever you want using your PC. You can share your system media contents from your computer to enable and establish a media location setup on WD TV and view them at your own convenience. You should have a Network attached storage file embedded on your WD TV streaming device, so that every update and downloads of your TV experience can be stored on the system. You can also create folders respective of your contents to be stored from your external USB devices. Just follow the basic steps to enable media files to be accessed from your Western Digital TV to be played from your very own media library:

Step 1: Go to your home screen. From there, select type of media content you wish to view.

Step 2: Select your appropriate media viz. Music, Live TV application, Photos, Videos. Select OK to move forward.

Step 3: After you select your type of media source, it will be redirected to a content source page where you can select the location as per your choice you had created earlier to store the particular type of media. Select it appropriately and then press OK. By default there are different types of content storage already installed, you can choose from those. For example, Windows shares, Local storage, Media contents, Media library, Linux shares and online media content. All these options contain the media to be streamed from USB connected ports from external devices or streaming online content via internet access.

You will be done to stream your first media content on your WD TV streaming device.

Transferring files from one system to another: Now you can transfer system files from one system to another using your USB devices. Customers will have to connect their Western Digital TV streaming device with their computers through the USB connected cable. You will be able to transfer files in a blink of a second with your fast processor in WD TV. Suppose you are interested to move your designated file from your media player to your computer, then you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Connect your USB port from your PC to the WD TV device.

Step 2: The USB will work as a network transfer drive and will move the selected files from your device to your PC. Both the device needs to be on the same network for the transfer to happen. Now go to your computer's control panel.

Step 3: From your control panel, select Network option, where you will see your Western Digital TV streaming device option directly. Click on the option.

Step 4: Categories of your media library will appear, where you can select the media files appropriate to transfer to your PC. Select the files and drag or drop the files to your assessed location.

The same can be done while transferring contents from PC to media player of your WD TV.

How to watch Live TV from your Western Digital TV streaming device?

Live TV viewing experience just got better with the feature of Live TV streaming application on WD TV which makes it the most popular application for WD TV users. Users can watch live television at the comfort of their home. All you need to have is a powerful net connectivity access, so that HD videos can be streamed without any sort of buffering. WD TV streaming device use HDMI port for connecting to wire net connection and wireless 3G Wi-Fi routers to have speedy wireless access. Below steps will help you obtain your network connectivity with ease to view your live TV access to your shows and programmes:

Step 1: Connect to the net connection. Go the menu option on the media player of WD TV. You will find an option called- Live TV. Select the option.

Step 2: After selecting the option, it will display a list of all the TV channels and services that are stored to the system. You can optionally add or delete channels as per your convenience. Select your channel of your choice.

The channels and data will be as per the locality and your net connectivity suggestions. You can manipulate them or change them or make them sequential from the settings page of your media library.
You will be able to view your Live TV in HD mode right in front of yourself. Enjoy the great experience!

WD TV Setup Menu

Stream videos, photos and Internet services in WD TV streaming device

Now you can view videos and photos of any file supportive formats. All you need is to have the supporting format to play your videos and games. You can comprehensively playback your videos for greater experience. Follow the basic steps to do the same here:

Step 1: Visit the homepage of the WD TV – Media player section. Click on Video option on the menu bar.

Step 2: A window will open displaying all the information regarding the available video files and streaming folders. A default list of files and folders shall open where you can stream your own contents. The list for videos will be available which displays all the available videos according to different categories. You can select your own video by visiting the link and stream it simultaneously. You can also choose the navigation option provided in the Media player menu bar to see the grid view of all the videos available.

Step 3: You can create a playback option of a particular file by selecting it from a folder or from a video playlist available. Use the option of pause and play for playbacking your streamed contents.

You can view photo or slideshow of your favourite photos in any formats. Supportable formats are – GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF. Any photo in the listed format can be viewed in media player section of Western Digital TV. You can personally sort and filter your photos to group them as per your locations. There is an option to share your photos online, where you can simultaneously share photos on Facebook, Picasa albums, delete them as per your options and so on. The photo feature also supports digital camera support, where photos shall be directly from either ways. You can set your photo as your background image in WD TV device.

Various internet services like AccuWeather to display the current weather details of your city, place and Flixster app is provided. Flixster helps you to view online movie trailers and available TV movies in next 4 days of time. You can check out the latest available movies updates provided regularly as a feed to your system. Apps like Pandora, Spotify and Shoutcast Radio gives options to play radio musics, music albums and enjoy their favourite sport commentaries available to them. A general comparison between the best TV streaming devices shows that WD TV outperforms many other available TV streaming devices in the market.

Western Digital TV streaming device: Buying guide and availability

If you are convinced that Western Digital TV streaming device is going to outnumber other available TV streaming devices, then you can go ahead and buy the product from the official WD retail store. The retail store is available across 25 countries worldwide.

WD TV Unboxing

Approx cost of the product: 200 USD.

You will get an initial period of replacement warranty of 30 days from the time you book your orders. After the replacement warranty, you shall be liable for the product warranty period which stands for a term of 3 years from your buying date. You can buy the product from the official stores available as per your countries. However you can even buy the product from Naaptol, Flipkart and Amazon from their official websites. You will be entitled for discounts and offers from their official buying agencies upto the limited period stocks. After you officially buy the product, you need to register your product and its serial number at the official site of Western Digital supports, so that they can activate and register your product for further use. You will also receive official emails regarding their support systems and official working of the product. If you further require any type of contact information, please visit their official link.

There are few other TV streaming devices which are in heavy competition with the product.


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I think the file-transfer service could be helpful, but in terms of actually GETTING content, and enjoying it with all the other components of my entertainment experience, WDTV doesn't hold a candle to my DISH setup. I have a great lineup of channels from DISH, but when I want a specific title, show, or game, I turn to my Blockbuster @Home movie package. I live with one of my DISH coworkers, and we didn't want to give up any of our live sports, news, documentaries etc.; we have a channel lineup for that. When I need something else, my BB @Home offers me more than 100,000 movies, games and TV shows. I don't have to worry about late fees, and it costs less per month than Netflix. This WDTV service also costs $200, and one of the best aspects of BB @Home is we didn't have to buy any extra equipment!

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