Top cool and interesting gadgets for 2013

Have a look at this article if you want to know some of the cool and interesting gadgets for the year 2013. New innovations and revolutions are being happened day by day in the world of technology. Therefore we see many strange gadgets releasing in the markets which are useful for something in our daily life. Here I am introducing a few of them. Read on.

You will find a lot of strange and funny gadgets in this technological world where so many innovative things are being invented day by day. Actually, many of the devices we are using now were only in our dreams and man made them come true in our life. Most of the inventions happened in this world were to cut down our day to day works and expenses. For example, inventions of washing machines, microwave ovens etc. Still many researches are in progress to invent what we dream and need! Here I am introducing you such cool and strange gadgets which may be useful in our day to day life. Check if that awesome gadget that you were searching for a while, is here for you!

1. Trakdot Luggage Tracker

At many times, we will lose our baggage during travelling along with our expensive and valuable things. But don't worry, the Trakdot Luggage Tracker is specially designed for locating your luggage whenever it gets lost. Most of the times in airports and railway stations, losing people's bags is one of the biggest troubles. Using this Trakdot Luggage Locator, you can track your bag with a smartphone app that can be downloaded from the website of Trakdot, after purchasing the product. The device uses GPS technology for tracking and it will even send a message or email regarding the location of your luggage. All you have to do it is, put this small gadget in your bag and track with the smartphone app. It was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 by a Los Angeles based brand named GlobaTrac and it was one of the highlights of the show. Priced at around Rs.2,750 ($50), this will hit the stores in April.

2. Hapilabs' Digital Fork - HAPIfork

Do you know that eating too quickly will make you fat? It is a fact that eating very quickly will lead to storing more calories on your body and hence causing diseases like gastric reflux. It is all because when you eat quickly, the food would not be chewed well. You should chew the food well in order to keep your digestion strong. The innovative digital fork named HAPIfork developed by Hapilabs is a gadget that warns you to slow down your eating whenever it finds you are too fast. It will vibrate and warn when you take continuous bites within few 5-7 seconds. It comes with an in-built microUSB port which can be connected to your online dashboard at the website of Hapilabs and thereby track your progress. Having a price tag of Rs.5,300($99), the gadget will be launched in April.

3. Nectar Mobile Phone Power System

Nectar Mobile Phone Power System
Are you in need of a device that is portable and capable of charging your phones and cameras? Then the Nectar Power System is designed specially for you. It will charge your smartphones, cameras, iPods, other mp3 players or any types of gadgets that comes with an in-built microUSB port. Each power pod is capable of providing full charge up to ten times faster. Unfortunately, there is no way to recharge or refuel the power pod, so that, after a pod is used 10 times and becomes empty, you will have to buy a new pod that costs $10 while the entire system has a price tag of $299 when it starts shipping in 2013 April. Yes I too know the pod is too costly when it is not rechargeable and most of the people won't be ready to spend such a money for this. But still it will be useful for many ones who travel frequently and hope the brand Lilliputian Systems will give us an option of recharging or they will slash the price of the power pod in future.

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4. Gila GX Gaming Series Mouse

Gila GX Gaming Series Mouse
Good news for the gaming addicts across the globe! A 12-button gaming series mouse from the brand Gila was introduced in the CES 2013 and this will be in stores soon with a price tag of $99. It is very precise in design and can record up to 72 macro keys per button. Even though some of the gaming mouses are already available in markets, this one will do well because of the 12 different buttons for different purposes. You can enjoy gaming at the maximum level with this cool gadget designed for gaming purposes.

5. Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor
Having plants in home and needs assistance for their better growth? Then this Flower Power sensor developed by Parrot will be very useful for you. It can be inserted in the soil, near to your plants. It will then analyze the plant and will send a report directly to an Apple iOS powered app in your iPhone. Sorry, but currently only iPhones can operate this device but newer versions will be available soon that support wider range of phones. The report it sends will contain everything for the good health of the plant such as how much soil moisture, sunlight, humidity and soil composition your plant needs etc. Since the device will update it's data in every 15 minutes, you will get updated information on the growth. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone. Pricing and availability of this gadget are still not available.

6. Sculpteo 3DPCase 3D iPhone Case

Sculpteo 3DPCase 3D iPhone Case
Sculpteo 3DPCase is a brand popular for creating mind blowing iPhone 3D cases. They are now coming with one of their ever best designs, as you see in the picture, they are two faces looking at each other. You can now buy it from the store of Sculpteo 3DPcase at a price of $40. You can find many interesting designs at their website specially for your iPhone!

7. TSir Wristband Charger

If you are not satisfied with the price tag of Nectar phone charging system that I described above, you can try this one, the TSir Wristband Charger that is capable of charging your phones, music players and almost anything which comes with a USB port. It is equipped with rechargeable 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery that gives backup for long hours for charging. You can charge it up using a USB cable and the indicator lights will tell you the level of charging. By using this, you can charge up your devices anywhere on the go and it costs just $50 at Amazon.

8. Celluon Magic Cube projection keyboard

Celluon Magic Cube projection keyboard
Need a change in using keyboards? Then use a strange laser projection keyboard like this. It will project laser beams to form a virtual keyboard in a flat surface like table and each of your finger movement will be tracked. This virtual keyboard will act just like any ordinary keyboards and this product will work even in full darkness. Though the price tag listed at the official website is $160, you can get it at huge discount, at just $118 from the Amazon store.


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