Review of Ubuntu Studio 12.10 - A collection of media production applications

In this article I'm going to walk you through a must have operating system for a person who works in audio, graphics, video production. It's the Ubuntu Studio which has all the applications needed to perform these tasks for you.


Are you searching for a media suite or a collection of all media applications to perform your work? Well, there are many of them on the internet, paid as well as free which you can use to work with your media. But today I'm going to introduce you to not only a collection of them but a whole operating system which does this work for you. This operating system is designed especially for people who are into media production. It is called Ubuntu Studio.

Ubuntu Studio is a Linux-based operating system. And hearing Linux you guessed it right, it's of course free. You can install it in your system along with your current operating system or just dedicate a system for Ubuntu Studio. Whatever it may be your wish. But once you install this operating system there is no need for you to install any other software in this OS to fulfill your needs, everything is pre-installed in this 2.07 GB OS.

The latest version of Ubuntu Studio is 12.10 Quantal Quetzal. It is available for 32-bit as well as 64-bit architectures. So, let's get started in exploring the key features of Ubuntu Studio 12.10.

Ubuntu Studio 12.10 - A collection of media production software

Free and Open Source:

The main advantage of using Ubuntu Studio is that it is free and open source which means you can download it for free from their official website. It, being open source you can even download the source code of this OS and study it and modify it according to your needs and even redistribute your own version. Every six months new versions are released of this OS by taking the help of all the patches that are submitted by the various programmers supporting the development of this operating system.

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Ability of Live CD:

If you have used Linux before then you can handle this operating system easily. But if you are not sure that you could handle this new operating system there is a cool feature that you can run Ubuntu Studio live from your DVD without even installing it. And thus you can try it from the DVD and if you are satisfied you can install it without any turning back. So, for trying this OS from DVD you have to first download the image file from the official website and burn it on the DVD. You can use applications like ISO Recorder or Nero to burn images.

Boot from USB stick:

Not only DVD but you can also boot or try this operating system with your USB stick. Download the image and make your USB stick a bootable one. Also note that when you boot your system make sure that you have selected your USB stick as the primary boot device by selecting the Primary Boot Device option in BIOS.

Pre-installed applications:

There is a vast collection of media applications in Ubuntu Studio which are described below:


If you are a person interested in recording music for your new album or something you have got a whole lot of audio applications that you can make use of. There are some of the well-known free applications which will guide you through the creation of a fantastic musical album. Some of the software are:

  • Ardour: It is a digital audio workstation. You can record, mix and even master using this software. Some of the cool features of Ardour are it supports unlimited audio tracks, tension-free editing with unlimited undo, video-synced playback and even support for various operations with MIDI.

  • Audacity: It is also a powerful recording software.

  • Hydrogen: You can create drum sequences using this software.

  • Yoshimi: It is a synthesizer.

  • Rakarrak and Guitarix: Guitar amp simulators.

  • Video:

    Do you want to do some simple video editing? Here is the software called Openshot which you can use to edit your videos. You can add transitions and effects to your video. DVDStyler is an application that you can use to create your own customized DVD menu.


    Are you a graphics designer? You've got applications for that too. Blender, which is a very popular and powerful 3D modeling application, comes installed with Ubuntu Studio. You can create almost any 3D model, apply textures, particles, render and with its own game engine you can even create 3D games.

    Gimp is another tool for editing and mixing your photos. It is kind of like Photoshop. It has many functions which you can use to tweak your photo. Another graphics tool is Inkscape.

    Publishing Applications:

    There are also some applications for publishing purposes. LibreOffice is an application just like MS Office. It also provides the ability to export your file as doc, PDF and many other popular formats out there. Some other applications in this category are Scribus and Calibre.


    Ubuntu Studio is a fantastic Operating System and it won't be wrong to say that it is a must have operating system for all of you because everyone of you who are reading this has some kind of above mentioned tasks which you perform almost every day. How great it would be if you don't need to pay for all the applications to do your work.

    To conclude Ubuntu Studio is a great operating system with more applications contained inside it that mentioned in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and grab this amazing OS and try it. After all it's free.

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