How to increase your online revenue by using Twitter

Twitter which is a powerful micro blogging site can be used as a social media marketing tool and when properly utilized can bring tremendous traffic to any site. Tweeting regularly about current issues or trending topics can bring followers to you in Twitter which in turn will bring traffic to the blog. Tricks and tips about how to use the Twitter account is explained.

Twitter: A Powerful Social Media Marketing Tool
Twitter as we all know is a micro blogging site, but it is less understood and used as a tool to market. I would consider it as an important marketing tool that no Social Media Marketing expert will ignore.

What is Twitter?

I would like to give a small introduction about Twitter to those who are not familiar with it. Others can skip to the next paragraph. Twitter is a micro blogging site where you can post (here it's called Tweet) about any topic of your interest, but with a simple restriction which makes it interesting. Your content (Tweet) has to be limited to 140 characters. The one, who is called friend or subscriber in Facebook will be called as followers in Twitter as they follow your tweets. Similar to other social networking sites sharing links and posting photos are possible.

Boosting your online income with Twitter

Can I earn from Twitter? This could have been the doubt for those who are new to Twitter. The answer is no, Twitter doesn't pay you any money for tweeting, but it can be used as a powerful marketing tool which can be used to increase the earnings from your blog or website. Your followers are your assets and more the followers you have, more will be the increase in traffic to your contents. Below is the thumb rule to increase online income with the help of Twitter.
More the followers = More the Traffic = More the Earnings

Can I increase my Twitter followers with the help of some site?

The easiest way to increase Twitter followers is by registering in sites like Twiends or AddmeFast. Once you join these sites you will be given some points by default. You earn additional points by following someone and spend those earned points to get followers. It's so simple. I am sure many bloggers and experts would have suggested you to follow this method for building your followers in a short span of time and even many of you would have got followers by this way. But what is the ultimate use? Can these followers bring traffic to your blog? Are they really interested in your tweets? So it's very clear that the ultimate goal of building your followers doesn't produce the expected results. Hardly 5 to 10 percentage of the followers whom you got from these sites may turn out to be useful followers.
Personal experience dealing with Twitter follower building sites
I would suggest sites like Twiends or Add me Fast if you have opened your Twitter account recently and your follower count is in single digit. These sites can give you followers very quickly and it's a common notion among people that if a person has quite a good number of followers, he can be believed for what he says. So use these sites to get your initial followers and then quit from them. The follower count will bring some credibility and it will act as a source to increase your future valuable followers.

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5 tips to increase valuable followers in Twitter

I am sure you would have read the word valuable followers above. Yes, you need valuable followers who are actually interested in you and in your tweets and only then you can increase traffic to your blog or articles.
  • The first and the foremost mantra is to, "Tweet regularly and sensibly." To increase valuable followers on Twitter, you have to tweet regularly in a sensible way. It doesn't mean you have to tweet all about your blog; it is best advised to tweet about variety of subjects and trending topics. Maintain a 60-40 or 70-30 ratio of tweets, which means 70% of tweets, should be in general and 30% of tweets can be used for the promotion of your contents.

  • Tweet about trending topics: Tweeting about trending topics can give you a good count of followers and retweets. These retweets in turn can get you more followers.

  • Proper use of # and @ tags: You can use # (hash tag) in front of trending words and @ to refer someone. For example, if you like to refer me in your tweets, you can add (@loyolaganesh) in your tweet. Let me give you an example about how to use both the tags:
    "#Diwali wishes to all Indians."
    "Planning to go out tonight with @loyolaganesh"

  • Retweet good tweets: If you like someone's tweet, you can Retweet it with the option given in your Twitter page or use RT (short form to indicate ReTweet) followed by his username to give credit to the person who tweeted it originally and then tweet the same content as you do usually. For example: RT@loyolaganesh "#Diwali wishes to all Indians". Now you have given credit to the original tweet by mentioning his name (here it's me) and tweeted the same content again. The advantage with this method is that you can retweet some good tweets in trending topics and get retweets and followers.

  • Participate in contests: Lot of contests are organized by various people and groups in Twitter. By participating in these contests you get a chance to win prizes and more than that if the Tweet is really good, then the organizers might re-tweet it to their followers.

  • 5 Useful Twitter tools for Bloggers

  • Trendsmap: In the official Twitter homepage we can only see the top 10 trends globally. With the help of one can find the real-time trends in a custom location.

  • Who unfollowed me: This site can help in tracking the list of people who followed and unfollowed you in the due course of time.

  • Twitsprout: It gives insight analysis of your activities in Twitter. You can get a free sapling account which allows you to manage 3 Twitter accounts.

  • Tweetbackup: It's a useful tool for backing up your tweets. You don't need to give your twitter password for backing and no installation is required.

  • Slipstream: It's similar to the screened messages in mobile. It allows you to skip tweets from a particular person without unfollowing him.

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    Author: Bhakti Savla28 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Hi Ganesh,
    To be very frank, before reading this article I never knew Twitter account can prove so useful to bring significant traffic to your blogs. I always use facebook and even though I have an account with Twitter, I have never utilized it well. Thanks for sharing some very useful tips about using Twitter to increase blog traffic.

    Author: Ganesh Babu S28 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

    @Bhakti Salva: Thank you for your valuable feedback. I hope you will use Twitter in forthcoming days to increase traffic as well as revenue. Good luck.

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