Health hazards of using Bluetooth headsets

Are Bluetooth headsets safe to use? Is Bluetooth causing any damage to our health? What are the advantages of using Bluetooth devices? We have conducted a study on the impact of Bluetooth headsets on health. The results we found will answer all the above questions.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows exchange of data over short distances using short wave length radio transmission. In Bluetooth technology, radio waves of microwave frequency range are used. Bluetooth technology uses a radio technology called 'frequency hopping spread spectrum'. It is a method of transmitting radio signals by quickly changing the carrier throughout the multiple frequency channels using a pseudo random sequence known to both transmitter and receiver. Bluetooth technology gives us the benefits of wireless control &communication among different devices. It works on two levels: physical level and protocol level.

What are Bluetooth devices?

Bluetooth devices use Bluetooth technology to enable communication between electronic devices. Today, most electronic gadgets come with Bluetooth technology enabling easy wireless communication. Bluetooth headset is one example of a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices create a piconet or a personal network in close range of distance. Devices in this network range can communicate with each other through low power radio transmission. Let's look how Bluetooth headsets work?

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Advantages of Bluetooth technology :

Bluetooth technology has made enormous advancements in technology world. There are numerous advantages of using this technology. Use of Bluetooth technology with wireless synchronization in a universally accepted way is economically very cheap. It allows fast data transfer, voice sharing and consumes minimum power. It creates instant personal area network and enables communication within a distance of around 10 meters.

Are Bluetooth headsets dangerous?

Cell phones emit RF radiations which affect human health adversely. These radiations can be categorized as thermal, non-thermal and genotoxical. Researchers have found that high exposure to RF radiations can cause brain tumor and problems like headache, fatigue & difficulty in concentration. Bringing cell phones close to head causes more exposure to RF radiation. Thus, it is advisable to use earphones and Bluetooth headsets as they emit fewer radiations. When you use earphones or Bluetooth headsets, you are less exposed to such radiations as direct radiations from the mobile phone antenna get reduced.

Devices such as Bluetooth headsets emit wireless microwave radiation. Microwave signals have shorter wavelengths and a rapid rate of oscillation which enables them to carry information over long distances without wires. Their short wavelength and rapid oscillation also helps them to penetrate living tissues down to the cellular level. Soviet Russia used this characteristic of microwave signals against U.S. when it developed dangerous weapons in 1950s. These weapons caused leukemia in people. This indicates that even microwave radiations used in wireless communication can cause severe health damages. Microwave radiations from Bluetooth devices cause biological changes in body. These biological changes take place at cellular level and can transmit to offspring via DNA and RNA.

Another type of danger that is being caused by Bluetooth headsets is distraction while driving vehicles. According to a survey that I conducted on Bluetooth headset users, about 70 % of users take calls while driving. Distraction or lack of attention while driving may cause accidents, especially during bad weather conditions, bad mood or heavy traffic.

Health hazards caused by Bluetooth devices :

Though, communicating using Bluetooth devices is preferred over cell phone devices, Bluetooth devices are not entirely safe. Long term exposure to microwave signals from Bluetooth devices can cause so many health hazards. I have discussed some potential hazards below.

Ear Pain: Ear pain is one of the health hazards caused by prolonged use of Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets clipped in to ear's outer portion cause pain due to their weight. The uncomfortable sit of Bluetooth headsets can also cause ear-pain. You can use cushions and weight less Bluetooth headsets to avoid discomfort.

Hearing loss: It is another side effect of Bluetooth headsets. Headset volume can be tuned to higher levels but you should know that sounds louder than 85dB can cause hearing loss. To protect your hearing ability, keep the volume low.

Weight gain: Electromagnetic frequencies and radiations interrupt the natural energy flow of body. According to the King institute, repeated exposure to this type of radiation can also cause weight gain.

Brain cancer:When we use Bluetooth headsets, we are bringing these devices close to head. Individuals who use this device continually get affected by its radiations even when the device is not in use. Even small doses of such radiations affect brain cells and can cause brain cancer.

Leukemia: It is another hazard of using Bluetooth technology. Radiations coming from Bluetooth devices are not as strong as microwave radiations but their continued exposure can result in Leukemia, low immunity system and diseases.

Other side effects: Bluetooth radiations may affect individuals differently but problems arise basically because microwave radiations interrupt cell functioning and natural transmission of energy. Some other side effects associated with microwave radiations are birth defects, miscarriage, hair loss, Alzheimer disease, neck pain, and headache.

Conclusion :

On the basis of my study, I conclude that Bluetooth communications are unsafe. Bluetooth radiations are safer than the radiations emitted by cell phones but these radiations too cause dangerous health hazards. Lack of formal studies are the reason why we see Bluetooth communication as safe but further research over this matter can prove how Bluetooth technology is playing with our health.

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Author: Ganesh Babu S16 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Out of the health hazards, Cancer is still a debated and researched topic. Being a Chemist I understand the scientific aspects of mobile and Bluetooth. Both operate on Radio waves. The highlight of Radiowaves is that it has long wave length and less frequency. Frequency determines the energy according to Einsteins relation. So the energy produced from radio waves are non-ionizing. However research is still going on in this aspect and it is not cent percent proved that it will cause Cancer.
Its quite different and interesting piece of article. Great work.

Guest Author: Jay21 May 2013

Great study. However, I use my cellphone mainly to listen to music. As well, I own a pair of bluetooth earphones which I use mainly (99%) use for music. Does that ameliorate anything?

Guest Author: Dr.Ramesh Palkar18 Jul 2013

Well I am using Blue tooth since 2003 thro'out the day as it keeps my both hands free to do work. I have got by god's grace no health problem as yet that can be related to radiation.

Guest Author: SHINTU MANUEL24 Nov 2013

thanks for the great the bluetooth headset is safer than mobile phone talking and normal headset?

Guest Author: Muhammad Nawasizh09 Mar 2014

It is a good article for those who do not know the advantages and disadvantages of using the bluetooth. But it is incomplete without indicating the importance of crystal catalyst bead to reduce the radiations. Search in Google and you will find how to use the crystal catalyst bead to reduce or prevent the side effects of using bluetooth devices.

Guest Author: paul14 May 2014

Interested in seeing these 'studies' where you got your information from.

Guest Author: Jorge04 Sep 2014

Nice little article and debate. But where are the sources and reference to some study. It is easy to judge these things it as dangerous and exiting, and it can induce fear. Fear may be the real course of people getting ill here. But on the other hand, we could be sorry in ten years, if studies show long term damages, as seen with the tobacco and farmaceutical industry.

Guest Author: Jorge04 Sep 2014

Forgot "Notify me by email". Like to hear from others.

Guest Author: Dr. Vinod Chebbi05 Oct 2014

Thanks for awareness. Can you please provide relevant references? I am interested to know your source of info from where you gathered this data. I also see that some people have asked the same question, but I find no answers. Does that mean most of what you have said could be your own fears than scientific facts? Please clarify.

Guest Author: Ron Marshall09 Jan 2015

When I am talking about wearing a Bluetooth, I am talking about my experience wearing it for 8 hours and listening to radio all day with it. I am NOT talking about just using it for an occasional phone call. For three and a half months I woke up every single day with a headache, and I am talking about a real headache. And mind you, I am completely used to wearing ear buds with a Sony Walkman, for decades, with not a single issue. So after three and a half months of waking with a headache, I regretfully put the Bluetooth in a drawer and not use it to see what happens. The very next day and every day since then I have never had a headache. That was two years ago. I find this technology to be dangerous and I am disgusted how this new technology takes one step forward and three steps backwards. It is going to be to the demise of this earth I fear.

Author: Shafeer V U15 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

This was my personal research on this topic and informations are found from various online resources. Till now, I didn't go for a formal study about Bluetooth head set side effects. However, here I have tried my level best to brought you the correct informations.

Author: Timmappa Kamat22 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I don't think there is any solid reasoning behind the claims about Leukaemia and brain cancer. These are not supported by any proper scientific research.

Guest Author: Erik09 Mar 2015

This is not a study. How many people have you tested? How did your control group look like? Where are the statistics? What about literature? Give us some prove to build your conclusions on.

Guest Author: RJ Abion19 Jun 2015

Is this a 100% fact? I want to know the source / reference from where you got this information.

Guest Author: Michael Evans26 Mar 2017

Where are your sources to all the negative effects of bluetooth? Can you cite them for us?

Guest Author: Bill Nye11 May 2017

Yup. The allegations of the author are false. I am responsible for occupational safety and health for my organization and have actually attended courses on the subject of radiation. Sure HIGH doses of RFR have adverse health effects, but you can tell you are exposed because it cooks by vibrating adams which heats them. That headache your experiencing may be from ther volume being too loud in your ear. You would be surprised how Sensitive your ears are to noise (going to a loud bar may expose you to over 90 dBA). Anyways, IF it was high radio frequency radiation, you would feel it cooking your skin and may even hear a chirping, clicking or popping sound. This is a greater hazard in high-powered satellite dishes. Mabey chronic exposure MAY give you some superficial tissue damage, but similar to cooking a hot dog, not giving you cancer. No cell phones don't have that much rfr. It is only a negligible dose. As discussed, non-ionizing radiation (radar, radio and microwaves) does not affect the cell, causing cancer. Ionizing radiation (potassium, cesium 137, tritium, thorium. etc.) is at the opposite end of the spectrum and does cause cancer because they are capable of knocking electrons from atoms (ionization) and even changing them. This cell damage may replicate in other cells causing what is known as cancer. In otherwords, eating too many bananas is more likely to cause cancer than talking on the phone all day.

Guest Author: Will18 May 2018

Does your "study" include any actual evidence to support your conclusions? It seems you don't really understand how genetics work; unless you put the headset against your gonads there is no way acquired genetic damage to your brain is transmitted to your offspring. Bluetooth causing weight gain is also hard to believe without a well-designed RCT to support that claim. Please post links to your references.

Guest Author: jayaraj01 Jun 2018

A really useful article about Bluetooth...thanks

Guest Author: HARSHID PARMAR16 Oct 2019

So if we use earphones, those are also unsafe?

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