Lockitron - Turns your smartphone into a smart Key

In this article I wrote about a new wireless device called lockitron which can turn your smartphone into a wireless key of door. It simply turn your smartphone into a wireless remote so that you can lock/unlock the doors remotly, or get updates about the door all over the world etc. The lates bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi made all these possible.

lockitron - a smart door lock

Recently in an electronic show hosted by Consumer Electronics Association in Las Vegas, The company Apigy introduced us with an amazing device called as Lockitron. This is a simple door-lock which uses your smartphone instead of using traditional "keys" to unlock the door. Yes you heard it right, now using Lockitron you can actually operate the door wirelessly using your smartphone. This is really great addition to list of apps and devices which turns your smartphone into a wireless remote control.

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What exactly is Lockitron ?

Lockitron is a simple wireless box which fits comfortably inside the door having dead-lock type locking system. It senses the smartphone passing by and unlock the door if the owner of that Lockitron has given permission to that smartphone owner. Basically It uses a smartphone as a key to unlock the door. The owner can allow anybody to access his home, shop or whatever in just seconds. The Lockitronis enabled with a WiFi bluetooth and it also can operate using SMS service.


Lockitron will cost you 179USD but at the time of writing this article there's an offer which'll save your 20 bucks so Right now ( 13/Jan/2013 ) you can reserve a Lockitron for just 159USD.

Here are the major features of Lockitron

  1. Accessible by any phone - Lockitron can also sense the smartphone passing by and unlock the door if the owner has given permission to the smartphone owner. For sensing purpose it uses the latest bluetooth technology 4.0, Currently it supports only iPhone 4S and 5 but the Lockitron staff has said that, they are working to make it compatible with other phones too such as Android phones. It also has a WiFi built in so that anyone can have access to Lockitron from anywhere in the world. If you don't have a smartphone you can still use the Lockitron with the help of SMS feature to unlock the door. As every phone can receive or send SMSs the Lockitron becomes accessible from any phone

  2. Easily grant access to anybody - Using Lockitron you can easily share access to your house or shop with friends and family with few clicks. The iOS / Android app is available for Lockitron which can let you share access to your house with anyone having a phone. If the device is connected to internet you can remotely allow anyone to access this device. That means you don't have to bring the number of keys and give one each to your family member, instead just share the access to your house using smartphone thats it.

  3. Check your doors On the fly - Yes you can actually check your doors on the fly, As I said before this device has a built in WiFi to connect to the internet using that you can check the status of your door from anywhere in the world. Whenever someone access your Lockitron, it will simply notify you over your smartphone using its app. If you forgot to lock the door you can do this wirelessly or over internet. Assume your one of friend came to your home and found it lock, then you can actually unlock it for him over internet using the small app.

  4. Easy installation - Actually the installation of this device over current door lock is quite simple, you have to just loosen few bolts and fit this device over your current dead-bolt lock and tighten the bolts again. It fits comfortably on the knob of dead-lock type locks. As it doesn't require any modification to door the renter's can also have this on their doors, and they can take it away with them while leaving the house.

  5. It's customisable - Yes, the Lockitron is built by keeping the modifications in mind, So anybody can modify or customise it as per their requirments. Example - it comes with a vibration sensor so you can actually customise it to use a bit of that sensor unlock the door upon vibration. So one can customise it to work on the knock pattern, so you can lock or unlock the door using some kind of knock pattern.

  6. Good battery life - We don't have to change its batteries over and over because due to its Energy saving techniques the batteries of Lockitron last longer, upto 1 year after installation. This is definitely going to reduce its yearly maintenance charges.

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