Slingbox 500: Product description and review

The day to day developments in Science do many wonders in our life especially through path breaking electronic devices / gadgets. Right from a heavy mobile phone to the evolution of smart phones, nobody would have missed the glimpses of advancements made in telecommunication technology with dazzling galore of display of Smart phones. In this article, I shall discuss about one such product which is revolutionizing the electronic industry viz., Slingbox 500. Please read on.

What is Slingbox 500? The product description.

Slingbox 500 is a television streaming device or gadget. By using the Slingbox 500, you can enjoy watching television in 1080p HD or high definition. As a TV Streaming Device, you can use the Slingbox 500 to stream your favorite TV programs on your Smart Phone, Tablet, Mac, PC or even to any connected TV. The other features of Slingbox 500 are wireless archiving of your favorite photos or videos and later on streaming them on any TV or any of the other electronic gadgets narrated above.

The salient features of Slingbox 500 – TV Streaming device :

Slingbox 500The following are salient features of Slingbox 500:
  • Slingbox 500 uses a feature viz., Slingsync to archive favorite and personal media or photos from the Smart Phone.

  • With another feature viz., SlingProjector, you can watch photos or videos on big screen.

  • You can use Slingbox 500 any place you like, anytime be it at your home, vacation or work.

  • Also you can access to your Slingbox 500 – TV Streaming device through a high speed internet connection from the web from a Mac or PC.

  • Slingbox 500 uses a software by which you can control your television programs from your compatible Tablet or Smart Phone.

  • Slingbox 500 is designed innovatively and its sleek in shape too.

  • Slingbox 500 has got built-in IR blasters and Wi-Fi for a trouble free TV streaming experience.

  • It has got simplified new setup options which can be accessed through your TV screen.

  • Through a HDMI cable or other composite sources, Slingbox 500 can be connected to your satellite receiver or cable set top box or DVR.

  • Last but not the least, you can have your TV watching experience in 1080p HD or High Definition.

  • What is SlingProjector?

    Sling ProjectorDo you want to enjoy memorable moments from your life captured in your Smart Phone on bigger screen? Now you can enjoy all your personal media or photos on big screen using the SlingProjector feature of Slingbox 500. All you need is the SlingPlayer in your Smart phone and just by using the Slingbox 500, you can watch your photos or dearest videos in television. To use this feature, your Smart phone model viz., Windows / Android / iPhone need to support the SlingPlayer's latest version. You have wirelessly connect your Smart Phone to your home network where your Slingbox 500 is connected. Then you can use the "My Media" icon in the SlingPlayer application to choose your favorite videos or photos you want to enjoy in big TV using SlingProjector. Its pretty easy and fast. Without any assistance with your Slingbox 500 remote, the input from your Smart Phone is transmitted to the bigger screen of your television. By simply swiping your Smart phone screen, you can change or toggle between your photos and videos. You can even watch slideshows by using the SlingProjector. Therefore, Slingbox 500 gives you much more than the simple TV streaming experience.

    What is SlingSync?

    Sling SyncWith the SlingPlayer application in your Smart Phone and Slingbox 500 at home, you can do more wonders like copying or archiving all your favorite videos and photos to any USB Drive / external HDD or to any other external storage device. Once again all you need to use the SlingSync in Slingbox 500 is just the SlingPlayer application in your Smart Phone.
    Please note: The SlingPlayer application is available for download and sold separately. You may need to purchase a separate storage device like USB / Flash Drive or external HDD.

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    A complete review of Slingbox 500 :

    First of all, Slingbox 500 is not like any cable application or online streaming service. You can watch anything, anytime, anywhere, that's the specialty of Slingbox 500. It is also considered as the best way to watch live events in your Tablet, iPhone, iPhone and other Android gadgets. There are separate provisions available to access your premium channels and DVR. The Slingbox 500 has got built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, input streaming video @ 1080p, HDMI & component and upgraded hardware. The installation of Slingbox 500 is very much easy. Installation can be done using the component cables or HDMI but Slingbox 500 recommends using both for installation. This gadget sends IR signal out and takes back the bounce to control your DVR and hence, you may not need any relays. This device comes with a very good remote control.

    Coming to the use of SlingPlayer applications, they are priced @ $15 per piece and the disadvantage of SlingPlayer is that it is not universally compatible. The connection speed decides the picture quality from the Slingbox 500. Generally the videos played were good in television and even in iPad or iPhone. The usage applications meant for Smart phones like iPhone or iPad are extremely easy to access and use. For the touchscreen technology, the application has many touch optimized controls. The disadvantage of having Slingbox 500 at home is that the entire home needs to watch the same channel or program. Most of the times, it may not be that much interesting. The on screen controls of Slingbox 500 are convenient to use. If you face any issues with the router or Slingbox or your cable box, it can't be fixed remotely by using any trouble shooting applications. The Slingbox 500 is available through Amazon or other sites like Bestbuy.

    In my opinion, we may not find many disturbances in deciding to buy the Slingbox 500, best streaming device available in the market. So what for you are waiting for? Go, get it!

    Legal Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed in this article are my personal one about the product and the author may not be responsible for any of experiences relating to the purchase or usage of the product.

    NOTE: This product is currently available only in North America.

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    Author: Brian Jaquet21 Jan 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

    Thank you for taking the time to review Slingbox 500. I work for Sling Media and just wanted to clarify that the SlingSync features described are not available yet with the Slingbox product, but will be delivered to current and new customers in the future via a software update.

    Author: Lakshmi Satish Kumar21 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

    You are welcome Mr.Brian Jaquet. Thank you for the update you have given to the readers of this site. It is a great honor for me to have a response from top people like you in Sling Media. I am extremely happy about it. Also I request you that if any more updates are available, you can share those either in Forum or Resources or in Review Section of this site.

    We, the readers of this site, will eagerly look forward from you any latest / interesting announcements on Sling streaming devices, in future. Thanks again for stopping by.

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