Vizio Co-Star Video streaming device with Google TV : Review

In this article I'm going to walk you through the review of Vizio's amazing Co-Star Google TV streaming device which is equipped with a lot of new features inside such a tiny box. Read this article to know about the various features of the device as well as the pros and cons of it.


Vizio seems to the best Google TV device with an affordable price and of course a number of amazing features. Top features include ability to install apps from Google Play, support Bluetooth accessories, play 1080p videos, accessing the internet and many more interesting features. So, let's get started in exploring the capabilities of Vizio's Co-Star Google TV device.

Vizios Co-Star

The Hardware:

It has a 4.2 inch square case which makes it a very tiny device to handle easily. It is equipped with a USB port, HDMI in and HDMI out ports, Ethernet and a power port. It comes with a remote which is pretty handy for performing all the functions of the device. The remote of this device is of a special kind apart from all the other normal remotes. Let's talk about the remote a bit.

The Remote:

The remote of Vizio's Co-Star is kind of heavy and looks a bit thicker than the others. But there is a special reason for that because it has along with the normal remote a QWERTY keyboard also fitted to the backside. And I think that this feature is going to help you a lot in browsing the web easily. The QWERTY keyboard is very smooth and responds greatly. It can sometimes be painful for people with huge hands to handle this keyboard but, comfortable for most of the people.

On the front side you have a pretty responsive touch pad which acts like a mouse when browsing the internet. So, for doing a quick web search while watching the TV you don't need to run to your PC or smartphone to do it. You have it right in front of you.

Key Features:

Install Apps from Google Play:

This is a great feature of the Co-Star. You can download and install applications from Google Play. The installed apps are displayed on a pane that slides from the left side of the screen when a button is pressed. You can also organize the applications in Favorites which can prove to be more useful for you when you have got a lot of applications installed in your device.

It also has a special application for YouTube preinstalled which gets updated according to your activity on your account. This will help you find the videos you are looking for faster.

Built-in Browser:

As this is an Android device it has a browser built in which is none other than Google Chrome. You can use this to browse to different websites on the internet. You can navigate your mouse pointer through the browser by using the touch pad available in the remote. You can also play flash videos without any lag.

But the main con with online content is that you cannot play videos from some of the popular websites like CBS, FOX, ABC etc. They block access to Google TV devices from viewing their videos.

Play Full HD Videos:

Vizio's Co-Star Google TV also has the capability of playing 1080p (Full HD) videos which will make your life more colorful.

OnLive Gaming:

The Vizio's box supports online gaming. You can play games on demand online by using your Wi-Fi connection or just plugging in your Ethernet cable to the box. But, sometimes working with Wi-Fi tends to be little slower. So, you hook up an Ethernet cable and enjoy OnLive gaming.

Vizios Co-Star Google TV

The bottom line:

To conclude, despite of some minor drawbacks like limited streaming facilities, the Vizio's Co-Star is a pretty great device with a price tag of just $99 which is half the price of some of the popular streaming devices out there. It also offers a wide range of features which are not available in most devices. So, if you are looking for a streaming device with an affordable price and also an internet facility available then it is the best one out there.

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