How does a Bluetooth headset work?

Bluetooth technology allows electronic wireless communication. Using this technology, do you know how Bluetooth headsets work? Read the article to know the working of Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth is a cutting edge technology in today's tech world which easily allows you to communicate wirelessly anywhere & anytime. With technological advancements, all devices like mobile phones, computers & laptops come equipped with Bluetooth support. Bluetooth headsets are highly useful. Gone are the days of wired headsets. Today's tech enthusiasts are looking for more simple ways to communicate.

Bluetooth technology is a network standard that works at physical and protocol levels. On an agreement at protocol level, Bluetooth connection is established between two devices. The protocol level decides the time & number of bits sent at the time a message is being transmitted. Bluetooth technology equipped headsets enable easy wireless communication.

You don't need to be a scientist or engineer to understand how a Bluetooth headset works. Here is a simplified outline of its working. Wireless communication is more simple and easy than wired communication. Bluetooth technology has truly revolutionized our way of talking over mobile phones.

How Bluetooth headsets work?

A Bluetooth device emits low power radio transmission signals in Ultra High Frequency band (UHF). These signals can travel up to around 10 meters. Bluetooth devices do not require line-of-sight positioning between devices in order to communicate. Bluetooth devices use Ultra High Frequency band wherein signals travel free from interferences of low frequency signals transmitted by radio, TV, etc. Using Bluetooth technology, a device can connect simultaneously with up to 8 devices within 10 meters range. To avoid interferences, this technology uses spread-spectrum frequency hopping technique. Bluetooth system creates a Personal Area Network (PAN), or piconet which is the base of this technology. Devices within the piconet can communicate by transmitting & receiving data. Bluetooth sharing is not always secure as the transmissions are sent in open. People with malicious intents may eavesdrop the data transmitted.

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How to use a Bluetooth headset?

Bluetooth headsets are convenient for conversation on mobile phone. They keep your hands free during phone calls. This implies you can do other work simultaneously while on phone. To use a Bluetooth headset with your cell phone, make sure the device is compatible with your cell phone. You need to pair both devices. You can make pair them by switching on the Bluetooth signals of both devices. The devices will detect the connection. The volume of the device is adjustable. To ensure that the headsets are always ready to use, keep them charged.

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