Best gadgets for your kitchen

Kitchen is a central part of any home. This article brings to you some cool gadgets for your kitchen. Read the article to know the details & prices of the most-coveted kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen is the power-house of your home as the nutritious & delicious food you eat is prepared here only. We always own lot of gadgets like mobiles, music systems but gadgets for kitchen are not much emphasized. So, I thought-why not list some gadgets for your kitchen! Gadgets discussed here will definitely reduce your work and may even amaze you. So let's know about these gadgets one by one.

Precession spoon scale

My first gadget for kitchen is a spoon. Yes, a spoon because this simple looking utensil is the most important part of our kitchens. In market, there are varieties of spoons available. Measuring the quantity of ingredients to be added in a dish using a spoon is tricky because the sizes of spoons vary but this task is not difficult any more. An electronic spoon is now available in the market. With the help of this spoon, you can measure precisely how much of an ingredient you need to add in your dish. The spoon indicates quantity in grams, like 10 grams of sugar or salt. So, in my view this is a very cool gadget for 2013 which will help you greatly. Although a spoon is a spoon after-all but yet, it can make a lot of difference in your lives.

Precession spoon is available only on selected online shopping sites at a price of Rs. 1200.

Rotato Express

Peeling vegetables & fruits like potatoes and oranges is difficult as well as time consuming. We always strive for a product which can easily peel off vegetables & fruits. Rotato Express can peel dozens of potatoes in just few seconds. This electronic item has a fine blade. You just have to keep your vegetable at one place. This blade will peel off the covering in few seconds. The good thing is that your delicate fruits or vegetables do not get broken or cut in the process. You can use this device for all types of fruits, even oranges. This device automatically stops working when outer surface of the material is taken out completely.

Rotato Express is available only on selected online shopping sites at a price of Rs. 1500.

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Digital thermometer pan

We always tend to over-cook or burn the food when cooking in pans. Whether it is an omelet or pancake, chances of it getting burnt are high. The simple reason for this is that we never get an idea of temperature of the pan. But now with the advancement of science, we can do that also. A digital pan with thermostat is available in the market. This pan shows you the temperature of the pan and hence you can easily identify what to cook and to what extent you have to cook.

Digital thermometer pan is available only on selected online shopping sites at a price of Rs. 2000.

Under-cabinet kitchen clock and radio

Imagine this scene: You are cooking in your kitchen and a mild music is playing in the background. Yeah, I know that in small houses you can play a song anywhere and you will be able to listen to it while working in kitchen. Yes, you can use your mobile phone also but it will create hassles when cooking. Anyone would like to have music in the background when cooking. One more thing one would like to have is a timer-sort of thing which alerts when the dish is cooked. Sony's ICF-CDK70 is a clock-cum-FM radio which can even play CDs or DVDs. You just have to insert the CD of your favorite music and rest is taken care of by the device. You can enter reminders also and it will inform you when the timer's time gets over. So, it is a very good gadget for music lovers who have a habit of forgetting what they have put on gas.

Under-cabinet kitchen clock and radio is available only on selected online shopping sites at a price of Rs. 2000.

Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer

Making grocery list is a difficult task and we always wonder if there could be a device that just on a voice command, make a list of items to be bought from the market. In today's time when voice is a tool to write messages, mails etc., why keep such technology away from kitchen! So, now you can buy an electronic gadget for making grocery lists. This device has a database of 2500 vegetables, fruits juices etc. You can add more items if the device misses some in its database. I am not sure how useful the device could be in house kitchens but it can be of great help in hotels and food stores where food items are ordered in large quantities.

Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer is available only on selected online shopping sites at a price of Rs. 5000.


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