Review of Apple TV-A perfect TV streaming device

This article discusses about the technical specification, features etc about the Apple TV, a streaming device for your television. What is the cost of Apple TV in India? This is a fantastic piece of gadget from Apple, so let's see more about this device in detail.

Apple as we know is the innovation master and always hits the bull's eye when it comes to delivering of products. Recently we saw the launch of Apple iPhone 5 and we are as happy as earlier with Apple products. Although, I am not sure that whether Apple will be launching its own television in near future but, yes they have a device which streams movies, songs etc for your TV with help of iTunes. Apple TV offers you best experience with help of Apple AirPlay, iCloud video support, iTunes Match. Apple already has sold 4 million plus units and they are moving good.

This device will prove useful for those who are having army of Apple products like Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad etc. Because if you have any single of these devices then you can go for this and if you don't have then you some options other than buying the Apple TV like Roku HD. In this article I have done the unboxing or you can say review of Apple TV. So let's first start with design of this device.
Apple TV device

Design of Apple TV

One thing which is among the factors which attracts people towards Apple is that, the devices manufactured by these people have a unique design and proper finish. Take example of Apple TV, it is sleek and has a proper finish. When you will open the box containing this device, Apple logo and TV is written on upper surface. In front surface there is an LED indicator which glows when this device is working. Now comes the back portion of this device.

Back portion of this deice contains all the ports which are needed to plug in. Ports for HDMI connection, Optical audio, Power plug, mini USB, LAN port etc are present in this. So, no disappointment from number of ports point of view. One thing which is very good about this device is that its weight is very less and it has in built adaptor in it. So you will get rid of any hanging heavy adaptor for this device. But, yes since this device is not that heavy, you need to take care of it as it will slip away easily. So this was from the design point of view.

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Remote for this device

Apple has given a very cool and sleek remote for this deice. I mean it is really very good for navigating this device. Although there is no need for this remote because if you have an Apple iPhone or any other device, these devices can be used as a navigating tool for Apple TV. Very less number of keys is present in this remote and they are sufficient in my view. An internal Wi-Fi antenna is fitted in Apple TV which detects Wi-Fi network of your home, in case you do not want to plug in with LAN cable.

User interface provided by this device

There are certain modifications which have been made as compared to earlier versions. When you will on the device, you get first row containing the top movies and then there are five icons made in Apple style. These five icons which are as follows: movies, TV shows, Music, Computers and settings. As you scroll down, there are various other icon which are directly inputted from Apple store. There are various types of pad TV shows which you can buy at this store. So on a whole the user interface is having a good impression on me. User interface has certainly got major face lift and you will like to use this user interface.

Store in this device

In this device there are various stores from which you can get different types of material for your entertainment. First store is iTunes store and in this store you will get your favorite movies and songs. You can watch movies, songs on rent and charges are very small like Rs 100. You can purchase a movie at just Rs Rs 500. Purchased items are stored in the iCloud and these can be watched again and again.
iTune match is another store for digital music and here you can listen to your favorite music. They charge Rs 2000 per year for using this service and even when you are not using or downloading any music, you still have to pay for this. I liked Google music store because they offer it free of cost.

Airplay feature of Apple is awesome and now this comes with mirroring facility. By Airplay you can access all the third party facilities and app which are present in your mobile phone (Obviously an iPhone). Airplay compensated the fact that Apple has less material in the belly, so Airplay fills the cavity. There are various third party apps which are supported by Apple TV. Earlier it was not supporting that much third party apps but now they support so many apps like Hulu plus etc. Now we discuss about the pros and cons of this device.

Pros and cons of Apple TV

This device allows you to stream video and music from various stores. You can buy from any store and save these materials in icloud. So the chances of error occurring in these data's are very less. On other hand addition of new apps has led to significant improvement in this new version of Apple TV. When you have all the Apple devices then you need not to worry as there are many things which you can share.

Bad thing about Apple is that, it has not provided the freedom as other competitor like Roku HD. If you do not have any other Apple product then you will regret buying this device. Apps as compared to other competitors are less and some of the popular apps are missing in this device. What is the price of Apple TV in India? Well this is a very common question and price of this device is approx Rs 5000 in India. So this was all from my side for this device.

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