My online shopping experience with

This article deals with my online shopping experience at Infibeam online store. After reading following article, you will come to know about how does online shopping works and how to use it optimally. This article will sure boost your confidence to buy online at Infibeam or any online store.

In today's internet era, it is very necessary to get along well with the world. We need to be with world, not behind. Normally we get less time for offline shopping and generally cheated by the render/retailer or shop-keeper. But we are now blessed with online shopping facility provided by hundreds of online shopping store ranging from particular shopping to all type of products. One of the advantage of online shopping is fast and reliable service due to high competition between various online shops.

Overview of Infibeam

Infibeam is also one of the reliable online shops which provides following different products categories:
  1. Books-Magazines
  2. Mobile and accessories
  3. Gifts and articles
  4. Home and lifestyle
  5. Electronics
  6. Camera and accessories
  7. Computer and IT products
  8. Movies, Musics and posters

How to shop online at Infibeam

Before you start at any online shop for shopping, you first need to register(free) at that site. In this site(Infibeam) once you get registered, enter the site and search for your products in 'Search' box. You have also option to select price range, category of company from which you want to buy a particular product.
For example, I purchased 'Strontium 8GB MicroSD (Black, 8 GB)' memory card whose price was Rs. 275. To shop same product, you need to follow following steps:

1. Click on Mobile and accessories and select memory card
2. Now you can search your product/memory card by 'Search by price', 'Search by make', 'Search by size' and 'Search by color'. You can even find your product very easily by best match in terms of price from Low to High price and from High price to Low price, thus you can save your time and there is no need to browse other product that is irrelevant to you.

Once you decide the size, shape, color and make, you are ready to add it in the cart. And follow the remaining steps where you need to enter address for shipping and your mobile number. You can also change the address for shipping. You can also gift any product to your relatives by selecting as 'Gift'.

One of the best advantage of Infibeam online shopping is, free home delivery in India. While other shops like Flipkart, Tradus, ebay or other shops ask for shipping charge if bill is under certain range of price. But here at Infibeam, there is no shipping fees/free shipping.

My online shopping experience with

Features of Infibeam online shopping

Infibeam provides you following features that make your shopping experience easy.

Payment Options:Infibeam provides more than enough payment options like
  1. Cash on delivery
  2. Mobile Payment
  3. Net banking
  4. Credit/Debit card
  5. Paypal
  6. City Bank offers
  7. Cash/Cheque/DD
  8. Cash Card
  9. E-Wallet

Thus you need not to worry about payment options at Infibeam. It provides free shipping to all India.
My Wish List: You can put your list of product in Infibeam if it is not available at time of your shopping. Infibeam will notify you by email about arrival of product of your choice or in wish list.
Wallet: This unique feature is a one type of account in Infibeam that serves as payment options during shopping at Infibeam. By this facility you will perform check out process very quickly and without any worry of 'failed transactions'. Only thing you need to recharge it once it get empty.
Track Order: You can track your order about its shipping and delivery status by entering your email and product id.
Magic Box: Magic Box is a section which gives you best deal with discounted rate. You need to browse often this section to get your product at low rate.

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Shipping Options at Infibeam

You can find various shipping options at Infibeam shop. Here is the list of various shipping options:
  1. Free shipping to anywhere in India: One can get the delivery of product free of cost if the product is to be delivered within India. For international shipping, they charge the shipping cost based on the country location with respect to the location of India.
  2. One-day delivery: This option is best if you want your product urgently, provided that your Pin Code should be in the list of this facility. During check out, you need to enter pin code and city and if you are on the list, you will get your product within one day. This facility is given only when you find the message 'Need 1-Day Delivery'. If you do not find this message option while checking out, you cannot avail this facility.
  3. Same day delivery: One can get this facility if you are in a selected location of India and also for selected products only.
  4. Cash on delivery: By this option, you can avail/order the product without giving any charges during your check out but you need to give the price/money once it is delivered to you. Normally, new customers make use of this option since they are a little worried about the authenticity of the website. This option is one of the best options you are about to buy a product with price in terms of thousands. So, people try to be on the safe side and choose cash on delivery option.
  5. Mid night delivery: This option is available for a product which normally gets deteriorated within a few hours like chocolates, cakes and flowers.

Business opportunities with Infibeam

You will get a chance to do business with Infibeam by following unique options:
  • Bulk orders: If you wish to buy products in bulk or in large quantity, you can get your products in cheaper rate as well as with special care.
  • Corporate programs: Infibeam provides corporate programs by which one can do business with Infibeam. By corporate programs various educational institutes, libraries or companies can buy bulk products with direct contact.
  • You can be a Merchant: You can be a merchant on Infibeam, if you want to sell your products with help of Infibeam. Thus, you will get some business opportunities with Infibeam.
  • One can also get 'Reward and Royalty benefits' and also get your product advertised by Infibeam. You want to do any type of business with respect to marketing with/by Infibeam, you can contact them by email id:

Return Policies at Infibeam

Infibeam provides a clean return policy. They replace the damaged products or the products that you wish to return, products are required to be returned within 7 days from the day of receipt/delivery of the product. The item should be unused and must be in full packing condition. If Infibeam finds the product in good conditions, they will give you cashback to your bank account. Returned product should not be tempered, all the tags and packing certificate should be in good order. Infibeam also gives 30 days replacement warranty provided the products are damaged or any manufacturing defects. The 30 days return policy is not valid for Cakes, Flowers and gifts that are sensitive in handling. The company/Infibeam has the right to reject the request for a replacement if the customer fails to follow terms and conditions.

Customer support at Infibeam

Infibeam is Ahmedabad based online shop.
Address of Infibeam:
IXth Floor, A-Wing,
Gopal Palace,

Customer care (within India): 079-40260260
Customer care (US): 1-4252793741

If you are new to Infibeam and placing your first order, you can call the customer service centre and they will assist you.

Be a seller on Infibeam

You can become seller and can sell your products by platform of Infibeam. One need to follow 'Participation Agreement' to become a loyal seller of Infibeam. Once your product is ready to buy by any customer, Infibeam will contact you(seller) by Email and SMS. You need to shop the item within the prescribed time.

My online shopping experiences with Infibeam

I purchased 'Strontium MicroSD memory card with 8 GB capacity. first I surveyed the same product in online shops at Flipkart, Tradus, ShopClues but none of them gives me this product cheaper rate at Rs. 275 and also free shipping. I did all the formalities to purchase this memory card and immediately they sent me the purchase confirmation by email saying 'Purchase Confirmation (ID: 9886592)' followed by shipping details 'Your Order (ID:18780680) has been shipped!' and within 4 days I received the product with a status update in my email. Simply, online experience at Infibeam is great and awesome!. The product was sealed with appropriate packing and with warranty and invoice details in the receipt. Like this you can also buy hard-disk and related computer accessories.

Normally I used to shop books at Infibeam and computer-related accessories because of reliability. People are afraid of online shopping without any reason. They need to come out of their comfort zone and get advantage of fast track facility given by internet.

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Author: Ganesh Babu S11 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

You are using the word Infibeam in every sub title. It might be considered as keyword spamming by Google after the Panda update.

Guest Author: Krishanu Maulik19 Jun 2013

Do not trust Infibeam's full refund policy. They will charge you 10% as restocking fee even if you cancel the order before it reaches you, as long as they have procured the order, which can be anytime up to their wish.

Guest Author: Krishanu Maulik03 Jul 2013

Here is the update on my (Krishanu Maulik) story:
Infibeam called me back in about four days after I sent them an email. The guy who called was really courteous, but could not help much and himself forwarded the call to a supervisor. It was a reasonably long waiting time for the supervisor to come online, but come he did. I had to narrate my story again and he promised a resolution after an inquiry, but did not give any timeline. So I did not have much hope after reading the other reviews. In fact I was not even checking my card statement for refund. To my pleasant surprise, I saw yesterday, they had made a complete and full refund within a week from that call. Thanks, Infibeam! I shall go back to you, next time I make a purchase.

Guest Author: babu ram dawad25 Sep 2013

magazine Subscription experience with lootbargain

I got "Two Year Subscription Of PARENTS INDIA Magazine" in just Rs.1440 from while offers same magazines subscriptions only for 1 year in

just Rs. 1200. thanks to loot bargain to save my Rs.960. magazine other information are the following

Guest Author: Akash Patel12 Nov 2013

My Order ID is 12000643. I booked the item at 1st November, when I place the order it shows that it will delivered with in 3 to 4 working days. When I didn't get the item at 7th November I called to customer care. Then they told me that at evening I will get the item. From 7th November to 12th November I called every day 2 time and they told me to wait. At 12th November they provide me the tracking code of blue dart which is wrong. When I called to customer care they didn't give me correct tracking code. I have never seen this much of bad and uncooperative staff. Always giving the excuse for delay.
I will suggest to every one to never buy anything from this site.

Guest Author: Sonia06 Feb 2014

I puchased a extrnal hard disk from Infibeam on 24 jan 2014 with order id 12524913. It was delivered on time. What they claim about their 7 days and 30 days return policy is totally wrong. Do not trust Infibeam's full return & refund policy.Their customer service have very delayed responsiveness. They respond to your query days after you will file a request, and for most of the problems they could not help much, the reason being simple, their non-flexible policies which are ofcourse not in favour of customer. My issue is not yet resolved.

Guest Author: SAPNA JAIN25 Sep 2014

INFIBEAM is pathetic, worst , fake and service given to the customer, from what i have expireneced.

All do not purchase from this site ever. Making the customer bloody fool. After a product is delivered to you, like my case a mobile, they will not do much about it and you have to literally go round and round where ever they say to go. Then they will take 15 days to get it exchanged if possible.

I mean does any one in the life has time to go in service centre and then call them, follow up. Please we do have much much important work to do apart from this.

They know if for a product they are receiving complaint so reslove it. But.......

So pals, believe me and be aware.

Guest Author: Joseph10 Oct 2014

Hello friends, don't buy any product from Infibeam, they are selling low quality products. They are not ready for refund the money or replace the product. Every time they are telling to wait for some time. They are not giving any time limit for waiting. Past 17 days I am waiting for replacement or refund. My order number was 22836786 (13626196). Please purchase from standard online sites. NEVER PURCHASE FROM INFIBEAM.

Guest Author: Ila Srivastava30 Oct 2014

It's a fraud company excelling only at cheating customers.

They just kept the money I paid, no product, no refund, no intimation. pathetic site pathetic service.

I purchased "Philips SHE 3900 Earphone" from on 24th September i.e., 1 month 7 days ago. but till date I have not received the product nor have I received the refund although I requested them to cancel my order over phone for which they refused to provide any complaint number and said that I will receive a mail which I did not receive. now I do not even have any confirmed status of my order.

Guest Author: Saikant13 Jan 2015

I placed an order for a wrist watch. They delivered a Dead watch. It never worked. When I asked to replace it they provided this address for sending it back to them (Return ID 25249) :
Gurgaon Center
NSI Infinium Global Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No-27/28, Udyog Vihar Ph-IV
Gurgaon - 122015

I trusted them and sent back the item. It came back as the address provided by them was WRONG. I discovered that they had provided a Contact Number of DELHI (1130631604 ) along with the Gurgaon address, in stead of a Gurgaon number.
I contacted them again about this wrong address , they informed me that they will get back to me. And they did not get back till date.
Now I am WAITING for last 10 days for a reply from them. I will not recommend this site to any body. :-{

Guest Author: vikas03 Dec 2015

Bought reading glasses of +1.25 power.
They sent me that of +2.5.
On contacting customer care they said that on opening of infinibeam webpage AND searching for a product doesnt gurantee that its the same product that you want, please confirm from customer care if the product is same what you want! Even refused for return/exchange/complaint upgrade.

Wonder how will one have confidence in purchasing from website where you dont know that the webpage which has opened is the same you have searched for. Avoid this site forever.

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