Bluetooth headsets: hazardous impacts on human body

Bluetooth headsets ensure secure wireless communications. This article tells you what are Bluetooth headsets, how they work and what can be their impact on human body.

What is a Bluetooth headset?

A Bluetooth headset is an electronic device used to communicate without wires & security breaches. In other words, Bluetooth headsets ensure secure wireless communications. These devices are simple in outlook but complex in internal features. Bluetooth headsets made a great revolution in the field of telecommunication and the features they have these days are parallel to those in smartphones. Bluetooth headsets were mainly introduced for corporate travelers but nowadays these are commonly used by ordinary people like you and me. People like this device for its luxurious look, easy handling and wireless technology.

How Bluetooth devices work?

We all know the basic feature of Bluetooth device is that it supports wireless communication. Bluetooth transmits data over short distances using 2.45 GHz low-power radio waves. This frequency is the global standard and thus these devices operate easily in any part of the world. It uses microwave wireless link technology and this is the reason, this device needs no wires. Bluetooth devices provide high levels of security on data transfer. This device can connect with multiple devices overcoming common problems like interference and synchronization.

How Bluetooth devices affect human body?

Microwave ovens excite the water molecules in food particles and we are exposed to radio waves when we eat the food cooked in these ovens. In the same manner, Bluetooth devices are cooking the body tissues of users. Bluetooth devices use a frequency of 2.45 Giga Hertz for signal transmission. Some micro wave radiations may get absorbed by body but since this frequency is very less in comparison to the mobile phones, the chances of health problems are very less. However, prolonged use may lead to severe health problems. When we compare Bluetooth headsets with mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets are a safer way of making calls.

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Potential hazards of using Bluetooth devices - Bluetooth works on radio waves. Because of this reason, it emits low power & short range microwave radiations. The rapidly emitted short wavelength microwave frequencies easily penetrate human tissues down to the cellular level. The long term usage of microwave radiation devices may cause diseases like cancer, leukemia, Alzheimer's, brain tumors, ADD, miscarriage, birth defects, autism, auto immune illness, hair loss or even mental depression which may cause suicidal tendencies. Microwave radiations cause biological changes in body. These changes can be defects in DNA and this genetic damage then passes to the offspring through defective DNA. Bluetooth headsets can also cause blindness, deafness, brain tumor, neck pain, skin rashes and severe headache.

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Health hazards of using Bluetooth headsets

Are Bluetooth headsets safe to use? Is Bluetooth causing any damage to our health? What are the advantages of using Bluetooth devices? We have conducted a study on the impact of Bluetooth headsets on health. The results we found will answer all the above questions.

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Guest Author: Thomas Brown29 May 2014

The author of this article is not qualified to say anything about health effects of Bluetooth radiation: he claims that eating food cooked in a microwave oven exposes us to microwave radiation. That is completely false: the microwave and bluetooth radiation (2.4 GHz) does not remain in the food (or the body) after the transmitter is turned off. Only heat energy remains.

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