How to use Social Media to Promote Your Business

In this article, you will get to know how you can use the power of social media in 2013 to promote your business online. Get more and more engaged with google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and youtube and promote your products and services.

In today's world, internet is the first place and the best place for any type of business where you are having endless opportunities to promote your products and services.
All you need to do is to choose an appropriate age group and join the appropriate social network that suits to your business.
For example, an educational website may use Facebook to promote their business and coaching services, and should not use the LinkedIn network where the business professionals are looking to share and learn from each other.
Each social network has its own meaning and has its own features, type of traffic and benefits.
So, to start promoting your products and services on the social networks you need to first choose the best social network that suits to your business.

Here we will explain the most popular and the best recommended social networks today and how you can use them to promote your business.

The list of most useful and popular social networks :

1.) Google plus
2.) Facebook
3.) Twitter
4.) LinkedIn
5.) YouTube

But before we get into the depth explanation of each one of them, I want you to properly make a process map for your business which you are going to promote and how you will proceed further in future.
Now I will explain how you can use it to promote your online business today on social media. The very first thing you should do when promoting your business locally is to add it to the Google places and after that add your business to some of the other local directories for free.

According to the reports by Google, more than 90% of traffic driven by search engines are the queries for the local businesses. So, its the best place to start with and get found on Google for free and naturally.

1.) Google Plus

Google plus today is one of the best social platform to promote your online business. Since its a service runs by Google, so its necessary for SEO aspects to use it and moreover, all the Google products are really that great that we are much addicted of each one of them. Several other reasons to use Google+ is that Google wants you to use their services more and more, use their guidelines and start promoting your business using them.

At Google plus, you can create a profile for free, add your website there, and tell others about your business. You can also create a dedicated Google+ business page to list all the products and services offered by you and your company. It doesn't matters whether you are having a small scale business or a large scale business.
Google+ is suitable for all types of traffic. This dedicated page will help you to get good rankings in Google search locally as well as organic.
The more you share your products and services with other people effectively, higher is the rankings you will get in Google search. Now Google has also launched a community feature. That means, now you can create your own community for business and ask others to join your community if they are interested in it.

Suppose, you are a shoes manufacturer company, then it is better to promote your business locally, create a community, add your friends and relative to it and tell them when you offer discounts and sale. Add your business email, contact number on your official Google+ page so that if anyone interested in buying your services can contact you and ask for the query. In this way, you will definitely get some customers.
One more thing you can do to add more and more members to your community is to browse and find other people's community and pages and post on their community and pages to find new customers online.

Another example is - If you are selling some web designing services, or coaching services, then you can find communities similar to you and ask there for people to give a try to your services for a discounted amount and let them know about you for a small fee.
So, the options using Google+ are endless. Moreover, age groups of all sizes use Google services like Gmail, drive and Google apps for business so almost all of them are using Google plus. The community and page feature is great idea in one more way, the more members you have, the more email ids and contacts you have to tell about your new products and services to others.

2.) Facebook

Facebook is the largest used social network for all of us. We use Facebook for almost everything from sharing photos, chat, messaging, groups, pages, business, advertise, games and more. Its a one stop for all and everyone is addicted to it. Most people came online at least once to what's happening on in and around their profile.
So, Facebook is another great place to get some new customers online and the most ideal place to advertise your business. Like Google+, you can create Facebook pages, Facebook groups and add members to it and tell them about your products and services. But the promotion on Facebook will give you benefits only on Facebook but not in the organic search results. It looks shocking to you, but its true, since Google+ is a competitor of Facebook and the search giant Google wants everyone to use their services. I can feel the difference, because i am a blogger with more than 4+ years of experience in web results, and social media promotion.
But that doesn't means that Facebook is not worth for your business. The harsh truth is Google is forcing you to use their services and Facebook doesn't.
But Facebook has its own benefits, most people use Facebook to get a social life, to pass the time, fun, chat, connecting with the friends. So, if you promote your business there, you will definitely get some real customers who are really interested in your products and services.

The people on Facebook are much more relaxed and eager to know if you share something because they are free and wants to browse if something is shared there, but literally Google+ lacks this. Google wants to get everywhere but it can't destroy the largest social platform ever.

3.) Twitter

Now after some local promotion on Facebook and Google plus, its time to get started with the twitter. You can use the twitter to get followers to your business. In this way, you are creating authority to your business and services as the more and more followers you will get there, means more and more people are recommending and liking your products and services.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you can post short messages called tweets in your profile. The best use of twitter is to learn about the hash tags and promote your services by mentioning other people who you think are interested in your services.
Though twitter is not for everyone, but to gain authority and popularity, the twitter is most ideal. You will get to know whether people started talking and liking your services or not.
Moreover, you can also use the twitter trends to make a plan for your business and start promoting according to the trends. For example -
watch what your competitors are doing to promote their services, make a custom plan, develop a strategy and execute it.

4.) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a group of professionals for businesses, where you can find business professionals in each and every field. You can find almost all type of business individuals, owners, employees connected on LinkedIn.

Its a great platform for the professionals to talk to each other, discuss their problems, ask your questions and get real time suggestions from the industry experts.

All you need to do is to register for a free account there, register for a community or a group related to your products and services and discuss your business problems with them. Though people there, will recommend you to use their services, so just don't listen them to everyone, but some will really help you with your problems.

I feel LinkedIn a great place, if you want to learn from business professionals. Moreover, if you feel you have a developed business, then start your own group, make connections, invite people and start promoting your products and services there.

5.) YouTube
Another service from Google and a must have service for all. If you run a business, then make an introductory video talking about your products and services or give a demo presentation of your products. In this way, people are willing to know more and more about you and your company products.

Its a fact, that the things we see visually will create a deep impact on us and for a very long time. The best example is the advertisements run on televisions. The ads we generally see on TV all the time will always create a deep impact on our us and motivates us to try the new products and services. In this way, you will get a lot of new customers for your business.

Moreover, you can use the subscribe option there on YouTube to let other people give the opportunity to subscribe to your services and channel. In this way, when you launch the new services, your subscribers are the first one with whom you can promote your products. In this way, you are making the repeated customers for your business.

Though there are still other social networks where you can promote your business, but the list above is a must for every type of business owner. So, start using them and I wish best of luck for all the people who are reading this article.

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