3G Wi-Fi Routers in India – Buying guide, security, pros and cons and scope

Are you eager to know about 3G Wi-Fi routers in India and its development? Here's a resource that will bring you a complete information about top Wi-Fi routers reality check and the best available in India. You can also know about the advantages and disadvantages of using 3G Wi-Fi routers and how to select the best among them. Know about their security challenges and track record of last one year to select your desired brands according to your choice.

Wi-Fi routers are one such field where fast developments and standardization is taking place. Wi-Fi's are used heavily in office and communication environments for employment of internet access and wireless connectivity. These are used in many places like making it use in direct computer to computer communications, using a common network for internet access in a particular school / college campus or developing a wider base for use in a particular city. The use of 3G Wi-Fi routers have enabled even faster access and data exchange between different points to the particular Wi-Fi point. The use of 3G Routers was first discovered by BSNL team in India and it is said that Wi-Fi work within a particular data transfer range. With a wider range, the use of 3G Wi-Fi routers have become a common tool that is implemented in every workplace due to its heavy usage and transfer rates. Routers used in Wi-Fi connections are nothing but a common point terminal where all the wireless connectivity data information exchange takes place simultaneously at a time. The 3G Wi-Fi Routers have high end based terminals with widest bandwidth so that large transfers can take place without much hesitation and with tremendous speed. As known, the routers check the terminal points of computers, PC, Laptops, mobile phones which request the usage of Wi-Fi network through wireless communications. After initial security passkey, users can easily access the 3G Wi-Fi connectivity through the routers connected within a specific range of distance.

3G Wi-Fi Routers

How 3G Wi-Fi Routers are shaping up – A reality check

Since the Wi-Fi entered with the aim to provide a complete wireless solution to all its customers, it gained a huge recognition during those inventory days. Now with constant updates and feature loaded machines, the Wi-Fi Routers have touched the level of 2G and 3G in the telecommunication markets. Now with the current wireless 3G Wi-Fi Routers available across, the common LAN and WAN Networks are developed so that network accessible to users and customers are made easy. There has been certain 3G Routers where an additional DSL or cable modem line can also be connected. In order to have a better visibility and wider reach to audience, a particular router should have a wider range to accommodate a greater length of connectivity and data transfer capability. There are still many securities issues that can creep into the monitoring of 3G Wi-Fi routers because unknown hackers could well creep into the network distribution which can fix the DNS spoofing attack before anyone could be known of the unknown response. Hence keeping the device within security privacy is a must to ensure safe usage. Use of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) setting helps keep proper monitoring and check on viruses and keeps away the spam out of reach. The best example has been observed and noticed in the iBall Baton 3G Wi-Fi router as it has an inbuilt spam release provider releasing out the spam from the system automatically.

As far as talking about the scope of the device within India, there has been tremendous development in the use of 3G and 2G Wi-Fi routers ever since it was launched. Actually the real boost to its sale came into existence only when 3G routers were first time made available in the country across all states within a good price point. What even more interesting was quoted that data exchanging and response from the routers became lightening quick and real with the huge speed. Even the 2G routers were under the scanner with huge complaints received from all parts of the world. At par 71 percent people quoted saying that 3G Wi-Fi routers use was highly recommendable in institutions and public welfare buildings and structure because of its optimal response. The use of routers have enabled the use of digital connection and data log along with cable or wire free usage of internet connectivity of a good scope. So the electronic devices can take the maximum advantage under its connectivity. None the less the usage has seen huge rise in educational institutions and public places like offices and hotels for betterment of the people with the network.

List of top 3G Wi-Fi Routers available in India – List and specs

The usage of the Wi-Fi has seen a big uplift with the brands and associations that have brought about such a huge change in the electronics market. The development of the routers of 3G capabilities are provided by various international electronics brand developed and authorized to provide you with ultimate Wi-Fi experience with full speed. Top brands that provide the best ranked 3G Wi-Fi routers in India till date are Micromax, iBall, Tata Photon, Netgear, Huawei, Edimax, Asus, TP Link, Dlink, Beetel, Leoxsys, Sapido, Alcatel, Agasio, Sanoxy, ZTE, BSNL and many more. There are many companies that are developing their plans to input the 3G Wi-Fi routers in India since the outsourcing of the products are high on sale. Lets compare the Wi-Fi routers of 3G capability of different companies and accordingly their ranks and ratings of the products.

Common advantages and disadvantages of using 3G Wi-Fi routers

Wi-Fi routers were first developed and then the existence of 2G came into the picture. The browsing and network connections weren't receiving a good light until in late 2010, the introduction of 3G routers first came into light. There was a huge speculation about its development, but future case studies brought a picture of piece and secure customer happiness with this new technique under the light. Then slowly and steadily the usage of 3G routers started in office environments and technology parks where people started to look at better side of things of 3G routers. Here's a take on how we can develop a better side of things by implementing the use of Wi-Fi 3G routers across our country:

- Helps in redirecting and communicating computer to computer without any external device. This means that communication between people got even better and disturbing free. The applications and usage of gaming consoles, Nintendo, Playstations and usage of digital camera communications direct to computer has made simple for all of us. This is reduced the congestion and wired communication preventing all types of manual manipulations. There's also a intelligent source monitoring section which uses Wi-Fi hotspots to enable connections with USB based ports for digital connections for other applications.

Wi-Fi router

- The use of Wi-Fi routers in campus has given a boost over the usage to campus colleges across the country. Moreover developments of 3G Wi-Fi routers are on the charge to make things look even more beautiful with the current scenarios. Top technological colleges enable Wi-Fi supports for its students for a healthier environment. Therefore the indirect section being the development and upgradation of 3G routers in its introspections. However colleges with higher budget and monthly budget can afford to develop a bigger side of things. The faster connective and response network would look the best with its full usage.

- Viable internet access in private home brings the joy of wire free internet usage. Most 3G routers are well developed and furnished in home rather than in many other places, because of its data frequency and control applications. If one uses a better router in their home, the increased speed and network connectivity will be commendable for all.

- Office workspaces are indulging in using 3G Wi-Fi routers in their offices for multiple applications and usage prominence, thereafter giving a tremendous edge with its network and connectivity among the employees. The most common and the best router that was rated was the BSNL Winket MF50 3G Wi-Fi router and its evaluation rating as per office works and use.

There are also rather few disadvantages that come into light when 3G Wi-Fi routers are specially emphasized in many places. Here a look on them:

- The application and usage is not widespread and accurate. It means that people are ill afford to buy things at such hefty costs. More so, the accurate voicing over 3G Wi-Fi routers hasn't been employed. We are viewing 0% television ads and almost nil advertisements in our day to day lives which would afford all of us to know about such gadgets and all. So the promotional sector has been a disappointing one.

- Secondly the highly measured security risk are huge with 3G Wi-Fi routers because it is quite unknown for all of us to know the hackers and virus interpreters to break open our computer section quite easily. It is estimated that around 54 percent of worldwide security break ups and virus attacks are only from these 3G routers. However the number is rising in our country and the percentage is about 29.

- Poor firewall and data protection management systems within the short zone of communication bring the risk of data theft. The 3G routers which provides super speed net access and having a good coverage circle are highly under the risk of being getting repeated attacks.

How to choose the best 3G Wi-Fi routers available in India

There are lots and lots to choose from if you are seriously planning to buy a brand new 3G Wi-Fi router for yourself. Before you set up your mind, tune yourself with some favourable factors that everyone should consider which looking forward for their new Wi-Fi wireless routers. Here's a check:

1. Talking of the cheapest 3G Wi-Fi routers: If you wish to buy yourself one of the best Wi-Fi 3G routers that's routing the current Indian market, then check out its features and surroundings. Taking cheap Wi-Fi routers will not give you long term healthy relationship when you work with them. In the current market, you will find lot many of them using cheap ones, but let me remind you, first you should be happy with its working and have a satisfactory review on it. Buying something which is close to becoming dead within few years of time will just ruin your money. Go for the long term good routers working on 3G network connectivity. If you ask me what to recommend when it comes to cheap and efficient 3G Wi-Fi router buying, then the first and foremost advise that I would be giving you is to go with Micromax 400R 3G Wi-Fi router because it holds the biggest edge when it comes to price and provides some supreme performance without any problems or issues. One of my friend is using the same and is quite happy for continue with it. Many more products are available, but the suitable candidate that stands out will be the Micromax one both in terms of warranty and supportability. Users will be able to enjoy premium experience with this device.

2. Talking of the longest warranty wise 3G Wi-Fi routers: We believe customers should satisfy themselves with the standard seller's one year warranty because that's a global recognition of warranty all around for particular small electronic gadgets like Wi-Fi routers and all. But even if you want to secure yourself with the extended warranty, then try going for Asus 3G Wi-Fi router – RTN13U because Asus is supporting an extended two years liable warranty for its Wi-Fi products available in the market. As an unmatched product guarantee provided by top client Asus, majority of the people are running for it in the duration of the time. There are few Lava 3G wireless routers also available. They don't provided exact two year warranty, but they provide free technical services if your product seemed something wrong within the span of 2 years of time.

3. Talking about the solidarity and good featured 3G router: We know, as a customer every person would love to buy good 3G wireless routers having featured rich contents and working. Moreover the design and sleek look has also come up as one of the trending factors in current scenario. Well if you ask me what's the best solid 3G Wi-Fi routers that's storming the market currently in 2012, then according to the trends and last few years data, I would recommend you with Micromax 400R again and secondly with Netgear MBRN 3000 Wi-Fi Router if you want the other option too. Since the market competition has lit up pretty tough on 3G routers ever since its evolution, everyone would be quite excited try the features of these atleast once. As a third option, you can also consider taking up TP Link Portable Wireless 3G router and D Link as the last option that has a solidarity and best integrity to hold an edge against all running 3G Wi-Fi routers in India.

Are we secure with our very own 3G Wi-Fi routers?

Well this question is obviously asked by many-many people who are associated with taking up a new 3G wireless routers. Talking about the security built up and securing your very own wireless device like computers, laptops, notebooks, PCs and mobile devices, the threat to virus attacks against the Wi-Fi routers are particularly high, but are limited to very extend. It's just not the case that we are alright with the measures and inbuilt protection software in the Wi-Fi routers, but actually in order to enhance the security, one must take care that both the terminal points and Wi-Fi hotspots should have an integrated software that checks up malicious content on mailware and other hacking methods. Hacking is a rare case, almost equivalent to 1 percent, but the cases of virus attacks and someone else copying out your very own device is much more concern of the fact. Enable your computers or wireless devices with Quick heal protection for Wi-Fi routers that would stop any outside content to hack your system.

Be absolutely sure that the particular Wi-Fi router is enabled with the latest security protection software – WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. These should be inbuilt to protect your operating device pretty much on a large scale. Track your web monitoring software using Quick heal and obtain necessary data so that malicious content are removed and healed from the system if caught red handed.

Case Study of 3G Wi-Fi Routers companies – Last 1 years track record

If you are still unaware whether you have taken a brave decision of opting a perfect choice of 3G Wi-Fi router, or you haven't got any one of those yet, so just in case get a glimpse of the track record and analysis how companies and brands have faired up the challenge for 3G routers since their product inceptions. Here's a ranking of the companies in order who have mastered their sale growth because of their product and performance in India. Take a look:

Rank 1: Micromax with its latest 400R version has topped the sales chart in India

Rank 2: Huawei hails the second position spot with its product E560.

Rank 3: TP-link holds the edge with the third position with its numerous updated and developed 3G Wi-Fi routers.

Rank 4: Beetel has the fourth rank offering various technology solutions with its product 3G Max.

Rank 5: iBall has sniffed itself to number four spot with its Baton which has got widespread recognition in India.

Rank 6: BSNL and Netgear are tied in the same rank with its reliable 3G Wi-Fi products.

We have listed you the top companies in the performance for one year duration. So we believe you can acquire the reliable information and have your new 3G Wi-Fi router enabled according to your choice. There are few more in the list, but not much reliable as sources like CNET have given a reliable information on the top companies. Few companies like Tata photon, and many other local companies support the 3G quality and network, but have got poor response from their customers.

How bright is the scope of Wireless 3G Wi-Fi router in India

As long as there are huge applications of its use, the probability of the use of Wi-Fi will never come to an end. Now especially with the world moving even faster with its 3G and 4G networks, so more developments are likely to happen. What even more interesting is how India will shape up with this technology trend in future. We as a tech expert believe that whatever be the situation, the downfall trend of Wireless 3G Wi-Fi routers would never come especially with the conjunction of such a busy world. However sources believe that though India being more productive and hot spot for Wi-Fi routers, there has been a good increasing trends of usage since it first landed in the country. Companies such as Micromax, iBall, Lava, TP-Link, BSNL have made living life hassle for most of the Indian netizens who now prefer reliability and workability with moving world. An approx study estimated that about 61% believe that wireless internet connectivity suffice a good supportability and work environments as compared to heavy wired confusions. People are now seen taking a transformation from heavy broadband services to lighter USB dongles and Wi-Fi connectivity.

However the knowledge and outgrowth of 3G Wi-Fi routers haven't still made such an impact as it should be, it can be blamed rather to be most for not developing media and report magazines highlights over the topic. People often blame themselves when they get to know better things late, however discerning them a lot. With the new technology outperforming some of the oldest ideas and methods, we can surely say that the development of 3G Wi-Fi systems will get a real boost to get underway heavy time soon. The usage of Wi-Fi routers haven't been able to find its proper space as yet in private homes, multinational companies or other areas because the latest trend is yet to make mends in a big way!


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