Best Windows Phones from HTC, Nokia and Samsung

In this article you can find the price list of all currently available Windows Phone versions like 8, 7.8, 7.5 and 7. Do you know Windows Mobile OS is different from Windows Phone? Just read the article below to know more about it.

Windows Phone list and Price

First of all you should clear yourself that Windows mobile is different from Windows Phone. Windows mobile is the oldest OS which is currently not in use. For example: Windows Mobile 5.0. The brand named as Lumia, Omnia uses Windows Phone OS. Windows phone is the latest OS which is currently in use. Windows Phone OS will be available only for the following devices.

(1) HTC Corporation
(2) Samsung
(3) LG
(4) Dell
(5) Fujitsu
(6) Nokia
(7) ZTE
(8) Acer
(9) Huawei
(10) Alcatel

Microsoft Corporation has signed to sell their OS only to the above cited company. It means there won't be Windows Phone OS mobile from brands like Motorola. Among them only HTC, Nokia and Samsung sells their mobile in India. Other brands will be available only in US, UK, Canada.

Windows Phone Versions

Currently four versions of Windows Phone OS are available. They are:
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.8
  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 8

This OS is available only in mobile phones like Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC. This is latest of all Windows Phone OS. Below are the price list of mobile running Windows 8 OS. NFC technology is introduced in this OS. Most of the Windows 8 mobile will have NFC technology.
Windows Phone 8 Logo
Mobile Phone and their price:
(1) HTC Windows Phone 8S - Rs. 19761
(2) HTC Windows Phone 8X - Rs. 35032
(3) Nokia Lumia 620 - Rs.23999
(4) Nokia Lumia 810 - Rs.34999
(5) Nokia Lumia 820 - Rs 31,700
(6) Nokia Lumia 822 - Rs.40999
(7) Nokia Lumia 920 - Rs 40,750
(8) Samsung Ativ S – Rs.38999

Windows Phone 7.8

At present Nokia Lumia 505 is the only mobile available pre-installed with this OS. Some mobile with older version of Windows Phone can be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8. But that list is not confirmed. Some mobile blogs posted that Lumia 800 and Omnia W will have Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade. I am not sure about it.

Nokia Lumia 505 - 18000

Windows Phone 7.5

This mobile is also named as Windows Phone Mango. All the mobile running this OS have limitations like RAM support only upto 512MB, no micro SD card support and processor clock speed support upto 1.4 GHz. Many mobiles were released under this version which I have given below.
Windows Phone 7.5 Logo
(1) Acer Allegro - Rs.23999
(2) Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T- Rs.32000
(3) HTC Radar 4G- Rs.35000
(4) HTC Titan- Rs 35999
(5) HTC Titan II- Rs.40929
(6) Nokia Lumia 510- Rs. 9999
(7) Nokia Lumia 610- Rs. 12380
(8) Nokia Lumia 71 - Rs. 14999
(9) Nokia Lumia 800 - Rs. 18867
(10) Nokia Lumia 900 - Rs. 31131
(11) Samsung Focus 2 - Rs.17900
(12) Samsung Focus S - Rs.16999
(13) Samsung Omnia M - Rs. 11999
(14) Samsung Omnia W - Rs.16999
(15) ZTE Orbit - Rs.19434
(16) ZTE Tania - Rs.18900
(17) Alcatel One Touch View – Rs.19000

Windows Phone 7

These devices were released during the year 2009 to 2010. Now some of this device has got update to Windows Phone 7.5. Limitation of this OS are 1 GHz single-core processor, RAM support upto 512 MB, WVGA display, rear camera with 5MP, resolution of 480 x 800 px and digital compass will available in default.

Windows Phone 7 Logo
(1) Dell Venue Pro - Rs.18900
(2) HTC 7 Pro - Rs.40780
(3) HTC 7 Surround - Rs.43122
(4) HTC 7 Trophy - Rs. 32844
(5) HTC 7 Mozart - Rs.23933
(6) HTC HD2 - Rs.22,100
(7) HTC HD7 - Rs.20,400
(8) LG Optimus 7 - Rs.15,400
(9) LG Quantum - Rs.16,800
(10) Samsung Focus - Rs.13,700
(11) Samsung Omnia 7 – Rs.14,500

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