Compare Google AdSense and Yahoo Bing Ad Network

Read this comparison on Google AdSense and Yahoo Bing Ad Network. Find out which network has higher CPC, CTR and offers better revenue for publishers.

Google AdSense was introduced in June 2003 and in last 12+ years, it has come a long way in finding its place as the best ad network for small and medium publishers. Yahoo Bing Network Ads was introduced only a few weeks ago, even though it has been there for a while in the name of Microsoft adCenter and Bing Ads. The Microsoft adCenter was in business for a few years now, which was recently rebranded as Bing Ads. At the same, Microsoft and Yahoo together launched the new contextual ad network called Yahoo Bing Network Contextual Ad Program.

Quality of ad network - Yahoo has big claims

The Yahoo Bing Network Contextual Ad Program claims they focus only on premium websites that offer high value content. Even if a publisher is accepted in to the program, it can use the Yahoo Bing Ads on a site only after manual review and verification of the specific site.

Yahoo Bing Ad NetworkOn the other hand, Google AdSense works with almost every publisher and every website. Even though Google tries its best to maintain the quality of its network, one of the drawbacks is, anyone can apply for an AdSense account and once approved, they can start using it on any other website without any prior approval. This often leads to many problems including abusing AdSense on low quality websites.

Yahoo and has addressed this problem straight away by making it a policy that they will allow using the Ads only on approved websites. This is something that I like to see AdSense also will adapt to in the near future.

Direct contact and customer support

Google AdSense does not offer a direct customer support service to small and medium publishers. Only very large publishers have the luxury of directly contacting their account managers or customer support. In case of Yahoo Bing Network, only premium websites are accepted in to the program and this also means every publisher is a premium publisher who gets an account manager. You may contact the support team directly and get your questions clarified. You will get individual attention and could get a lot of customization made for your Ads. According to their published policies, they will even make highly customized ad for your site if you are a large publisher.

Type of Ads - Yahoo Bing Network is limited to Text Ads only

As of now, the Yahoo Bing Network Ads is limited to text ads only, even though they have hybrid formats where they list ad topics as well as text ads into a single unit. Google has a rich set of ad types which include text ads, image ads, video ads, rich media ads and so on. Google's tie up with third party ad network makes it possible to have a wide range of ad types, potentially increasing the revenue opportunities for publishers.

I am sure in the next few months, Yahoo will come up with various new ad formats.

Acceptance into the program - AdSense and Yahoo differ a lot

For Google AdSense, there is only one application and only one site review. When you apply for an AdSense account, Google will review your primary site and once it is approved, you can your AdSense Ads in any sites that comply with AdSense policies. This has definitely affected the quality of Google Ad Network in my opinion. In case of Yahoo Bing Network Ads, you need approval for each site you are planning to use the Ads.

Payment options

YBN currently offers 2 payment methods:

1. Direct Wire Transfer to your bank account
2. Payment through Paypal

Many publishers would be happy to hear that Paypal is one of the options to receive payments. Most publishers already use Paypal for various transactions and it makes it easy to get the ad revenue directly to the Paypal account.

On the other hand, Google offers payment by Cheque in most countries. Some selected countries have the direct deposit option as well. However, the most popular payment option for publishers - Paypal - is not available at AdSense.

Dynamic Optimization

This is another interesting feature of Yahoo Bing Ads. AdSense has 2 different content ad formats - AdLinks and Content Ads. Yahoo has gone one step ahead by combining both in to one and display either one or a hybrid of both in each ad units. I wish Google also introduce this option in their Ads, thus eliminating the need to show separate units for Ad Links and content ads.

Yahoo Bing Hybrid Ad
Example of Hybrid Ads

Dynamic Skin Optimization

Below is a live example of the Yahoo Bing Network Ad, which is expected to show contextual advertising. We are using 600x250 size ad unit. (Remember this is a live ad). Yahoo uses dynamic skin optimization and customization, which will use different styles and skin for the same ad to further optimize the ad delivery. I have seen the color of ads changing to match the color scheme of the page where it is displayed. You may refresh this page and check if the appearance changes.

COntext hints or keyword hints

Have you seen a contextual ad network delivering a completely irrelevant ad on your page just because there are few words that are not really relevant to the content? Here is a solution from Yahoo. You can pass your keywords as context hints to the ad unit to deliver highly relevant ads in your pages. This is a great feature missing from Google AdSense.

Cost Per Click - Yahoo or AdSense, which is better?

The CPC depends on several factors including placement of the Ads, the nature of the content, the website hosting the Ads and so on. I have been using Google Ads for almost 10 years now and have worked with Yahoo Publisher Network when it was alive few years ago. I just started using the new Yahoo Bing AdNetwork recently. Based on the initial reports, the average CPC I am getting from Yahoo Bing Ad Network is, XXX

Click Through Rate (CTR)

How many users will click on an ad depends on many factors. The saying "familiarity breeds contempt" is very relevant here. If your visitors see an ad which is very familiar in style and format, chances of clicking on it is lower. Yahoo is introducing the new ads in a slightly different format which include hybrid ads and ad topics, which could result in higher CTR.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: nshdeep Verma09 Jan 2013

Thanks Tony to sgare very helpful article on "Comparison between Google Adsense and Yahoo Bing Ad Network"


Guest Author: Jam20 Feb 2013

So what is your verdict? Which one is better?

Author: Tony John20 Feb 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4


Even though I think the Yahoo Bing Ads could become a good competitor for Google AdSense in future, you cannot even compare them at this time. In our case, we have about 35% traffic from USA/UK combined but our revenue from Yahoo Bing Ads was only about 10% of what we could earn from an AdSense ad unit in the same ad slot. Honestly, there are many other ad networks out there which could be considered as better alternatives for AdSense than the Yahoo/Bing Ads.

Also, I doubt if this is going to be a successful network in the long term since I feel Yahoo and Bing do not have much focus on this business line, which is obvious from the fact that they have outsourced it to

Guest Author: qaiser19 Oct 2013

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