How to buy a Wireless Router: Wireless Router buying guide

Are you planning to buy a wireless router but confused on which one to choose? Read this wireless router buying guide to learn which is the ideal model for you and understand what factors to consider before choosing one.

Everyone wants innovative ways to access home network. Technology lovers constantly seek advanced network enhancing tools with latest features. Wireless router is one such networking tool that can help you enhance your home-network. In this article I have explained things one needs to consider before buying a wireless router. Continue to read on this article to learn more about wireless routers.

Wireless routers are useful to us in many ways: they act as firewall to protect your computer & network from hackers; they share content among connected computers in your home network by the medium of LAN and most importantly, they share high speed Wi-Fi internet access with multiple computers connected to wireless routers.

Choosing a wireless router can be confusing with many new terms like wireless g, wireless n or dual band coming up each day. Once you get familiar with these terms, picking up the right wireless router for your needs will be much easier. Let's move on and find out what these terms mean and what important features you need to know before buying a wireless router.

What to look for in a Wireless Router?

There is a whole list of wireless router manufacturers that promise various innovative & unique features. As a customer, you will be really confused on what to buy. Although all wireless routers look identical, they have different sets of hardware configurations & features. You must be able to differentiate them on their attributes. It is important for you to buy a product that suits your needs. You may end up buying a wrong router if you don't have the basic knowledge of its working. So let me guide you through this article. I will tell you all you need to know before buying a wireless router.

Which Wireless Router to choose?

There are a couple of things you must keep in mind when buying a wireless router. Wireless routers come in all price ranges. Unless you are an advanced networking user, you need not opt for the expensive routers. To find out an appropriate device that suits your needs, you must consider some important features of routers. Let's see what features a wireless router offers.

What is b/g/n in Wireless Routers?

The first thing to do before buying a wireless router is to check the standards-b, g and n. These standards significantly differ from each other and the performance of your wireless router depends on these standards only. These standards are technically referred to as 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. The definitions of each are stated below.

  • 802.11b- This is a first generation standard and offers a data speed of only 11Mbps. This is the slowest speed in wireless routers and the signal strength is also short ranged & weakly secured.

  • 802.11g- This standard has a higher speed network with a data speed of 54Mbps. It also has a greater signal strength & security as compared to 802.11b.

  • 802.11n- This is the latest standard and offers a high speed of 300 Mbps (in some cases, up to 450Mbps). The security is higher, the range longer and the operation on any network connection absolutely hassle-free. The n-based routers are also backward compatible so that they can easily accept b/g connection.

  • Now you have understood what are wireless g, wireless n and wireless b. Since wireless b is an old version, let's leave that and talk about wireless g and wireless n. Both are totally compatible as they work on same radio frequency. The only main difference between them is that the wireless n router provides 15 times faster network access than wireless g. Wireless n also features a superior range.

    Is 5GHz Router better than 2.4GHz Router?

    Routers come in two frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4 GHz wireless router is a low price, low performance router while the 5 GHz wireless router is costlier but provides an extended & stable Wi-Fi signal. The problem with these frequency-band based routers is that the devices you connect to the router must be compatible to that specific band the router is based on. For example, mobiles work on only 2.4 GHz and do not support routers based on 5GHz band. So according to your need, you must first decide which frequency band you want.

    There are also routers that are Dual Band. Such routers can perform in both frequency bands. These routers can connect to any networking device irrespective of the band. As dual band is a high-end option for a Wireless Router, it may cost you much more than a single band router.


    When looking for new routers you must avoid the first generation standard (802.11b) as it is an old version offering a slow data speed. Going for n-type routers is also not recommendable if you are looking for medium performance and in-budget wireless routers. N-type routers are suitable for those who are looking for fast & wide range of connections for an advanced networking experience. For others, g-based routers should be satisfactory. Frequency Band is another factor that you must consider when making a purchase. There is no logic in buying a dual band or a 5GHz router if you are a novice or not an advanced user. Always consider your budget and needs before buying a wireless router. These considerations will help you make a smart choice when buying a router you have been looking for.

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