ASUS USB-N66 Wireless N900: Dual-Band Wireless Adapter Review | Features and Specifications

In this article I am going to review ASUS USB-N66 Wireless N900 Gigabit Dual-Band Wireless Adapter. This is a similar version to that of ASUS EA-N66 3-in-1 Adapter.


ASUS USB-N66 Wireless N900 Gigabit: Dual-Band Wireless Adapter Review
The design of ASUS USB-N66 looks pretty much identical to the ASUS EA-N66 adapter. The shape of this device is somewhat similar to a pyramid with three pillars on each side. The pillars of this device act as the antenna to provide wireless network connection. The triangle kind of look gives pretty much unique design for this adapter. But unlike ASUS EA-N66 adapter, in place of Gigabit supported Ethernet port, the ASUS USB-N66 have a USB port. Next to this port, the device holds a switch that helps in switching between two modes denoted as STD(standard) and HI(high power). These two modes of operation provided by the device can turn your standard antenna to a highly amplified signal strength transmitter that can extend your WiFi signals even further. The LED illuminates within the device to notify the user about the connectivity status. Blinking LED represents a weak connection or trying to establish a new connection. Solid emitting light represents that the device has established a connection.

Specifications and Features of ASUS USB-N66

ASUS USB-N66 Wireless N900 Gigabit: Dual-Band Wireless Adapter Review
ASUS USB-N66 is a dual-band wireless adapter which helps you to connect 2.4GHz frequency supported devices as well as 5GHz frequency supported devices. As it is a dual band supported adapter, there will be less WiFi interference that allows you to stream even HD very smoothly. The device is also capable of providing high speed internet access up to 450Mbps through the WiFi along with best coverage. The arc-shaped antenna included within the device helps in providing high signal strength for WiFi and better network stability. You can boost your router signal even further, by use of the switch provided at the bottom of the device. The ASUS USB-N66 supports the highest IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards. ASUS has promised the delivering output power of this device to be 3 times better than other similar WiFi Routers. Another great feature of ASUS USB-N66 is that, it can also act as an access point.
ASUS USB-N66 Wireless N900 Gigabit: Dual-Band Wireless Adapter Review
Compared to ASUS EA-N66 adapter, ASUS USB-N66 has a different level of connectivity. With the use of USB port placed over the rear side of the device, you can connect this to your computer and install the driver to get started up. The device can be operated on any operating system- Linux, Windows or Mac. The startup of the device is much more simple than that of EA-N66 adapter. Just by following instructions provided within the guide available inside the package can make you setup your USB-N66 even if you are a novice. ASUS Control Center Utility Panel also help you in managing different settings and also there is option that can turn your device into Access Point mode by just clicking a button. You can also setup a Wireless LAN using the Access Point feature provided by this device.


ASUS USB-N66 is a 3X3 Wireless adapter that can offer you the best out from the box. This dual-band device is one of the best among other high-end WiFi Routers that delivers a lot of features regarding Network connectivity. The device is currently priced in the market for about $70 which is really cheap but high in performance. While compared to ASUS EA-N66 which is priced at around $100, ASUS USB-N66 is most recommended due to its high performance and better stability. Considering the price of this device, it offers more than what it just costs. There is no reported issue regarding any of the connections made by this device. People who are looking for an extended version of WiFi Routers, this N900 Dual-Band Wireless Adapter will be the apt one.

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