Best affiliate programs in India

Are you a blogger looking for the best affiliate programs in India to monetize your blogs and other online content? In this article, I am reviewing some of the top earning affiliate programs in India.

Affiliate programs help bloggers make revenue by referring visitors to other websites, services and online shops. When the referred visitor makes a purchase or sign up for a service, the website which referred the customer gets a commission from the provider.

For example, a blogger who write reviews of Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone can provide a link to the product sale page at Flipkart online shopping page. If the visitor who follow the link visit Flipkart and make a purchase within certain time period, the online shop will pay a commission to the site which referred the customer to them. Typically, the customer will never know the link he clicked was an affiliate link and there was an affiliate commission paid to the site which referred him to Flipkart.

Most bloggers make money by putting advertisements in their blogs. The smarter ones go for affiliate marketing and various other monetization techniques. Affiliate marketing is not really the cup of tea for beginners since it requires a lot more skills to write appealing content that could actually convert in to sales.

Affiliate marketing in India

Affiliate marketing is still in its infant stages in India and only some of the premium bloggers really make money out of it. I have seen several bloggers using affiliate links in their websites but I rarely see optimal use of affiliate programs that really convert in to revenue.

Affiliate programs can be classified in to 2 major categories:

1. Affiliate Networks - you will join one or more affiliate networks and they will give you some scripts to use in your blog. They will take care of marketing and finding deals for you.

2. Direct Affiliate Programs - you will sign up for affiliate programs offered by various online shops and service providers and you will use their affiliate links in your blogs.

In this article, I will discuss some of the most popular affiliate programs in India, that works best for bloggers and publishers from India.

Top Affiliate programs for Indian Bloggers

Here is a list of most effective affiliate programs:

1. Flipkart

Flipkart is the most popular affiliate program in India, which is very easy to get started. They being the most popular online shop, the conversion rate is very high and you can make good money provided you have a niche blog that offers coupons, deals, discounts, product reviews, gadget news etc.

Flipkart affiliate programs for Indian bloggers

Signing up with Flipkart is very easy and takes less than a minute to get started. There is no formal approval process before you can start using it. I am not very impressed with the commission structure of Flipkart Affiliate program but they have the best conversions in India. Most bloggers I spoke with are pretty happy with their earnings from this program.

Learn how to get started with Flipkart Affiliate Program.

2. is an online shopping portal, operated by ibibo Web Pvt Ltd and has started becoming popular online shops in India. has an affiliate program, however, the details are not available online. I had some discussions directly with Tradus management and received some additional information.

If you look at the commission structure, offer much better commission rates to affiliates compared to Flipkart. However, Tradus affiliate program is not very popular among the Indian bloggers since they are as popular as Flipkart as an online shop. Also, Flipkart has much better deals and offers, which means most users will prefer to buy from Flipkart leaving the affiliates with less chances of making money.

If you like to monetize through Tradus Affiliate Program, I suggest you pay attention to various deals and offers appear in online shop and be smart to use the links to the best deals. affiliate program is relatively tough to get started. You first need to apply for their program and then wait for follow up emails from them. If they find your blog worth having in their affiliate program, they will send you a bunch of documents to fill and submit.

Tradus offers 30 days cookie tracking, just like most other affiliate programs.

Read more about affiliate program

Join Tradus Affiliate

3. IndiaTimes Shopping

IndiaTimes affiliate program is managed by Shoogloo Network, one of the leading affiliate networks. IndiaTimes Shopping, part of the Times of India Group, is one of the oldest online shops in India, which has established good credibility in Indian market. They have a wide range of products including gadgets, books, apparels and a lot more. They do have a lot of special deals and offers, which will make it easy for you to convert in to sales.

Just like, IndiaTimes Affiliate program also require prior approval before you can get started.

Join IndiaTimes Shopping Affiliate

4. IndiaPlaza

IndiaPlaza is another online shop which offers an attractive affiliate program. Being in business since 1999, they do have lot of great deals for customers which will increase the conversion rates but unfortunately their commission structure is very disappointing for small publishers. If your total sale volume per month is less than Rs 5 lakhs, then your commission will be a flat 1% for all products. Event though many other affiliate programs offer only 1% for electronic devices, other items like apparels come with commission rates up to 10%. If you have above 5 lakhs sales volume, you will get a higher commission rates from IndiaPlaza but if you are a publisher with such a high sales volume, you have a lot more options than going for IndiaTimes Affiliate program.

Click here to join IndiaPlaza affiliate.

5. GoDaddy Affiliate Program

If your blog is targeting bloggers, webmasters, search engine optimization or internet marketing, GoDaddy affiliate program can be a good option. You can refer your visitors to GoDaddy website and if your referral visitors by any GoDaddy services like hosting, domains etc, you will get the referral commission. If you already have an account with GoDaddy for any of their services, that will double as an affiliate account.

Below is an example of my GoDaddy affiliate Ad. If you are planning to buy any hosting or domain related services, follow the below affilaite banner of mine and sign up! (Hope you got the point - I will get my commission if you click banner and sign up with GoDaddy)

Get your Website. 25% off New Orders!

GoDaddy offers very attractive commissions. For many services, you will earn upto 30% commission from the sale. See the detailed commission structure as of 12 Dec 2012:

GoDaddy Affiliate Commission

Click here to join GoDaddy Affiliate program.

IndiaMART Affiliate Program was established in 1996 and has established themselves as one the leading B2B market place in India. Their affiliate program sounds attractive and claims to offer up to 50% commission for the business inquiries sold. This is not a typical product selling program. Instead, you will be integrating their inquiry form in your website and you will be paid commission for the business inquiries originating from your blog. The process involves:

1. Register as an affiliate.
2. Wait for the activation email.
3. Add your websites/blogs to your affiliate account.
4. Generate the widget
5. Place the enquiry widget in your website.

Here is a sample of how the enquiry form will appear in your website:
IndiaMart Affiliate

Since the IndiaMART affiliate program is targeting B2B, you will be able to have good conversions and revenue only if your blog is targeting business, manufacturers and B2B community.

Other affiliate programs

Here are some other not so popular affiliate marketing programs offered by various online merchants and service providers:

1. Organic India - Earn by selling organic products or referring customers.

Programs Indian Bloggers are waiting for

Here are some programs Indian bloggers are waiting for, which are expected to offer exciting opportunities. Be aware that these programs do not exist yet in India.

eBay India Affiliate Program

eBay India is very popular in terms of online shopping but they do not have a dedicated affiliate program for India. However, Indian bloggers can join their global affiliate program and still monetize from their Indian visitors. eBay affiliate program is significantly different from other programs. eBay pays the affiliates per click that drive business and traffic to the site and not based on the sales or conversion. Now the interesting part is, the rate per click depends on the quality of the clicks, which indirectly means the conversion rates or sales made from the visitors you refer to them.

Amazon India

Amazon affiliates, one of the most preferred affiliate program among bloggers in USA and many other countries, has not yet entered into the Indian market directly. They are using Junglee as their eCommerce wing to test the Indian market and are expected to launch its full eCommerce website early next year. Amazon India is expected to open a lot of opportunities for Indian bloggers.

Junglee Affiliate Program is an Amazon company, which is more like a market place and not a typical online shop. Junglee uses a simple concept - they list out the prices of products from various sellers in India. When you search for a product, Junglee will show you the best prices among various sellers. If you click on any of the listings in Junglee, you will be redirected to the seller website and if the sale happens, Junglee will get an affiliate commission from the seller. As of now, Junglee does not offer an affiliate commission to the online publishers. To monetize from Junglee, you will have to wait until they come up with some affiliate marketing programs or wait for their parent company to enter the online shopping market.

Which is the best affiliate program

Each of the above mentioned affiliate programs have its own benefits and drawbacks. As an affiliate marketer, you should focus on the conversions rather than the commission percentage alone. What is the use in having the highest commission rate but no one will buy from that provider?

From time to time, various online shops will have various deals and offers. If you can keep track of all the offers that are going on, you can smartly switch between programs and use appropriate program that offers the best value for your visitors, which will significantly increase your conversions.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: Vishal11 Dec 2012


Does really has an affiliate program in India? Being an Amazon company, they can offer best commission but I could find no information about affiliate programs from Junglee. I am an affiliate market and would love to get started with Junglee if they have one.

Author: Tony John11 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4


As I mentioned above, does not have an affiliate programs for publishers yet. However, they themselves are partners with many other sellers and they get their commission when we make a purchase from a shop referred by Junglee. I too think they should come up with a program for Indian bloggers so that we can monetize by referring people to Junglee.

Let us wait for Amazon to enter Indian market, which would give a lot better affiliate commission than all other Indian online shops.

Guest Author: Krishna11 Dec 2012

You missed the GoDaddy in the list. Since many Indian bloggers focus on tech, SEO and blogging related niche, hosting and domain affiliate marketing will be a good option to make money.

Author: Vilas16 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I was tried affiliate programs Amazon and Google affiliates but not getting that much of interactions from my visitors. Yes I successfully earned some $ from CO.CC affiliates. I think offering special deal for blog visitor may help best affiliate practices.

Author: Muhammed Aneez27 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very helpful article which helps the persons who wants to earn online easily. In my opinion affilate marketing is good but it will not give as much income in some cases. While we talking about Flipkart affiliate programme it only gives a very small amount as affiliate fee and it will not help the affiliates to earn lot and full fill their needs. However it will gives them some bucks. Thats all.

Author: Lakshmi Satish Kumar05 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

As a blogger, I am till recently using only the Amazon affiliate apart from Google Adsense. It is really nice to know that so many affiliate programs exists in the blogger world. I hope to enroll with a few of them.

By the way Tony Sir, will there be any conflict of interest with Google Adsense, if I prepare to display some of the ads from the above affiliate program with whom I enrolled myself?

Please clarify. I hope such clarification is a must before a blogger moves forward. Thank you.

Guest Author: Nikhil09 Feb 2013

Can products of Tradeus, Indiaplaza, India Times Shopping, ebay & Flipcart are promoted by Google Adword if someone has no website or blog.

Guest Author: Cuelinks.com13 Feb 2013

Great articles for affiliate marketing I must say apart form the one mentioned above We at have 300 merchants live in the system who have affiliate programmes in the country ..... and it is just the beginning is what I believe there is so much more which is going to happen in the Indian affiliate space in this year

Author: Mahavir Nahata23 Feb 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

A Useful Post Regarding Affiliate Marketting..But The Percentage Is Quite Low Like Its 1% From Most Of E-Commerce Sites..

Mahavir Nahata

Author: Nilesh Patel03 May 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Very nice information provided by you. For a newbie it is very useful while applying for any affiliate program. Also one can know best and genuine programs.

Guest Author: Vikas18 May 2013

You might also want to add one more site into your post. This site offers 10% - 20% on every sale and Rs.200 just for signing up as an affiliate.

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Also try these affiliate programs also,
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#9 PageSwirl
#10 Wealth2Xtreme

Guest Author: prashant singh31 May 2013

Dear Mr. John,

It was really a great article to read. I want to know the list of all online shopping website who have affiliate program. And is this is not illegal to put the ads of other online shopping websites to our own website

Guest Author: amit salim04 Jul 2013

Become an affiliate for WPengine and earn a minimum of $150 for every valid signup @

Guest Author: Robs12 Jul 2013

Flipkart affiliate program is a scam. I sold one book through an affiliate link on one of our website and that commission appeared for sometime year. But, it disappeared this year. I'll never trust them again.

Guest Author: Raju05 Aug 2013

Thanks for the Great info. I must want to say about one affiliate program because really its nice. Affiliate programme pays you for every registered user of the site and also for Account holder, starting from Rs.150 for registered user. Check their site for more or you can call their landline directly and ask for Mr.sreecharan (their Affiliate account manager)

Guest Author: Jake11 Aug 2013

Great resource.

However is the India Times online affilate program still working? I tried signing up for it but rwas sent to a 404 error page.

Guest Author: Best Laptop to Buy01 Oct 2013

I got to know about affiliate programs . Although their commission rate is high and product catalog attractive i am finding it a little difficult to formulate a plan about it.

Guest Author: Sourav pal09 Oct 2013

I am recently using flipkart affiliate program. Flipkart gives me an id which i can add to any flipkart product link and promote it to facebook( i have an own facebook page). Can i get this type of id in tradus and other website's affiliate program? I have a blog but it is not so much popular.. So fb page is my best option to promote anything.

Author: Tresa23 Oct 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

I wanted to know how coupon code sites work? Only when your website is having good traffic Affiliate Programs approve the account. So until you have the approval how can you start the website???

Guest Author: Roshan jacob17 Dec 2013

Awesome list of the best affiliate programs in India this will help me to start working as an affiliate marketer in India.
Thank you very much..

Guest Author: Raman29 Jan 2014

We were looking for good affiliate partner for our site and and after this article we found good options. We shall definitely talk to some of these.


Guest Author: robin04 Mar 2014

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Guest Author: palka29 Apr 2014

I have a price comparison website I have been using OMG as my affiliate network but of late, it has been very inefficient. They do not update their software, they keep on showing huge amount as commission and then suddenly reduce the amount to meager value. Please suggest me with any other affiliate network which gives good payouts.

Guest Author: Kumar14 Jul 2014

To promote products on these affiliate channels you can always rely on coupon sites that help bring online deals to shoppers. Here's is a coupon site that I recently used to shop footwear and found it quite helpful to save money --

Guest Author: Gayatri Buddha29 Sep 2014

Thanks for the detailed notes. I wanted to know one thing, how do we get the affiliate links? Do we need to make them ourselves or do we get them from the affiliate networks? For example, if I am into affiliate network of Payoom or Vcommision or any other affiliate network, how do I get the affiliate links? Would appreciate if you please clarify.

Author: Tony John30 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Thanks for the feedback. When you join any affiliate network, they will provide the mechanism to generate affiliate links for the products. You can choose the product you want to promote and then use the available options to generate text/image links for that product which will contain you affiliate id.

Guest Author: GAYATRI BUDDHA30 Sep 2014

Thank you sir for the quick reply.

Guest Author: Gayatri Buddha30 Sep 2014

I have one more question. After getting the affiliates, how do we track the clicks gone from our affiliate link? How do we do know how much business we have sent. Please clarify.

Author: Tony John30 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


The affiliate networks will provide all the necessary reports to help you track your affiliate sales/clicks.

Guest Author: Shiv Shankar Khanna24 Oct 2014

Can we use affiliate marketing method on community networking site which has appx 50000 members

Guest Author: Jay Ravat06 Dec 2014

I have tried many affiliate networks like,,, etc. but I am genuinely satisfied with

Guest Author: Maya Sehgal12 Dec 2014

There are many other affiliate networks which are genuinely supportive and quick such as vcommission, palamit, kissmyads, commission junction. You can try them n also add to your post. Even i got paid 3 times on time by

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Author: Timmappa Kamat23 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Good list of affiliate program in India. Thank you for letting us know of these. Indian bloggers will be more than happy to try these program to be able monetize their blogs to a good extent.

Guest Author: Sanjay24 May 2015

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I am totally stuck with this network
Thanks Harsh for this useful article and i really appreciate the affmint guys thumbs upp to these guys

Guest Author: krishna25 Jul 2015

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Guest Author: krishna17 Dec 2015

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