Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem vs. Lava Mi-Fi Router W150 comparison

In this article, I am comparing the latest Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem and Lava Mi-Fi Router W150. You can share the internet connection with your friends or between the devices by the help of these devices. The Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem and the Lava Mi-Fi Router W150 provide wireless internet sharing with more than 5 devices with a good data transmission speed.


Lava Mi-Fi Router W150:

Lava is a well-known telecom company in India who manufactures the "Lava Mi-Fi Router W150". This Wi-Fi 3G router can connect to 3G as well as CDMA. This device supports an external 3G modem, which means that this device does not have a SIM card slot. LAVA Mi-Fi Router W150 allows you to convert your wired connection to Wi-Fi by just connecting the RJ45 cable. It will automatically start working as a Wi-Fi Router and will offer data transmission speeds of 802.11 n @ 150 Mbps, 802.11 g @ 54 Mbps and 802.11 b @ 11 Mbps. With the help of Lava Mi-Fi Router you can connect multiple wireless-enabled devices like- smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, etc. The maximum workable distance acquired by the device is around 50 meter outdoors and device offers the convenience of mobility, which means that we can carry the device in our hand while traveling. The device provides standard security features such as WEP (64/128 bits), WPA, WPA2, and encryption such as AES,TKIP.


Huawei E355 Wi-Fi modem:

Huawei, the well-known data cards manufactures make the " Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem ". This device provides a data speed of 7.2 Mbps. It has a capability to handle 32GB micro SD card. The Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem is the world's first data card with Wi-Fi for support up to five devices. The device functions as a data card for a single user and as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. This Wi-Fi enabled 3G data modem is one of the most preferred Wi-Fi mobile 3G Hotspot in India. Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem allows user to enjoy internet connectivity at anytime, anywhere. This device expands the usage of Internet by multiple family members on devices like Gaming consoles, Music Pods, Smarter TVs, Tablets etc. The traditional data cards can only powered via a computer. The Huawei Wi-Fi modem series offer a new flexible powering mechanism with a variety of USB chargers and offers USB interfaces. It can provide fast browsing experience for small office users, home office users, business professionals and families



Lava Mi-Fi Router W150:

Lava Mi-Fi Router had the measures of (94 x 61 x 14.7) mm and the weight is just about 100 grams. The device supports a USB port for connecting 2G and 3G Internet dongles and physical power switch is provided on the left side of the device. Lava Mi-Fi Router having a 10/100 Ethernet port for WAN/LAN connectivity and also it features a reset switch to reset the router. For charging the internal battery a mini USB port is provided in Lava Mi-Fi Router. This device features a 2300 mAh battery which offer up to 4 hours usage time and can be charged using a standard USB charger or a USB port on a PC. Lava Mi-Fi router is ideal for use inside a car or while traveling. It supports 2G and 3G dongles as well as Ethernet WAN. The surface of the device is highly glossy, which can attract dust easily and is highly prone to scratches.

Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem:

The device features an OLED display which gives a real time signal status. Huawei E355 is a compact and a lightweight device which plugs directly into USB port and it supports micro SD memory cards. The micro SD card slot accepts memory card of up to 32GB. It features the ability to utilize the built-in Micro SD card slot as a network-attached storage (NAS) for wireless connected devices. It consists of SIM card slot and an external antenna connector to improve signal reception. Router has the measures of 90.6mm x28.6mm x12.6mm and weight of 40gm. The Huawei E355 supports receive diversity. The Huawei E355 features a 1500mAh battery that can provide Wireless data connectivity for five hours. The device offers a faster HSPA+ technology which offers a downloading speed 21.6 and 5.76 Mbps upload speed. Huawei E355 Wi-Fi modem use Type3i technology, which provides more than 20% of upload and download speed compared to non Type3i devices. Huawei E355 allows to connecting five devices at the same time.


Day by day the 3G data usages and the Internet usages are increasing. As per the survey, about 70% of people connected more than one device to the internet. If you have a phone, a laptop and tablet you would love to have a mobile hotspot and you need a Wi-Fi router to have the internet connection. If you had a Wi-Fi router you can share internet connection with your friends or between the devices. Wi-Fi 3G Modem can provide wireless internet sharing.

The main defects of the Lava W150 pocket wireless router is that, if you change the router's configurations at any stage will restarts the router automatically. After the final configuration is done the device is incorporated the option for the changes. But In case of Huawei E355 Wi-Fi modem this type of problem will not arise. As per the Wi-Fi signal strength utility, the Lava W150 router covers the range at a distance of 30 meters inside our premises and the Huawei E355 Wi-Fi modem also covers the similar area as the lava W150 covers. The transmission power setting in W150 and Huawei E355 Wi-Fi modems has set to 100 percent in the factory by default. As you might the transmission range, which is not need about 50 meters when using it in the outdoors. By lowering the transmission range the signals are not intercepted by unknown persons and will also helps extend the battery life. The Huawei E355 Wi-Fi modem is work with external power adapter,it is user friendly by just slot it into a USB power adapter and plug it into a wall socket. The Lava W150 pocket wireless router having a screen to check-in the options but the Huawei E560 Wi-Fi data Modem haven't such a display.

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Guest Author: Akshay Gupta17 May 2013

Hi Sirash,

Are you sure that the network storage feature works on the huawei E355 router. Please confirm if yes then how.

As i read another review which says it doesn't.

Guest Author: Prem Kumar04 Nov 2013

Dear Sirash,
im using huawei E355, its signal strength, connectivity is good.
network storage feature (NAS) is not available as said in this article.
and also there is no built in battery as said in this article.

Prem Kuamr

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