How to upgrade Hosted AdSense account to normal AdSense account

Did you notice a message labelled Hosted account on the top right of your AdSense account page? Learn how to remove this restriction from your account and upgrade to a normal AdSense account.

Google recently introduced a new class of AdSense accounts called Hosted AdSense accounts or Limited AdSense accounts. These AdSense accounts are very similar to the regular AdSense accounts with the exception that it can be used only on AdSense Host Partner Websites. If your account is a hosted account, you will see a label in your account as shown below:

Hosted account

AdSense Host Partner Websites are the websites which use Google AdSense APIs to implement revenue sharing. You can apply for new AdSense accounts through such sites.

What is meant by Hosted account label shown in my AdSense account

Any AdSense accounts created through revenue sharing sites (Host Partner sites) will be considered as "Hosted accounts" and will be restricted to use only in the same and other AdSense revenue sharing websites.

Some examples of popular Host Partner websites are: ( is no longer a Host AdSense account and those who have "Hosted Account" cannot use their AdSense account to monetize from

These host partner sites allow you to apply for new AdSense accounts and monetize your content created by you on those sites. With the recent changes by Google, if you get an AdSense account created through those sites, that account will be restricted from using the same account in other personal websites, until you get this restriction removed.

How to remove the label "Hosted account" from your AdSense account

Google has made it easy to promote your AdSense account from hosted AdSense account to regular AdSense account. All you have to do is, submit the name of a website owned or controlled by you where you want to use your AdSense. Then Google will do a manual review of the website and check for policy compliance. If the website you mentioned meets the quality criteria and policy compliance requirements, Google will upgrade your account to normal account and the "hosted account" label will be permanently removed.

NOTE: If you do not have your own website, you may not be able to upgrade from Hosted AdSense Account to regular AdSense account. It also means, you will not be able to use your hosted AdSense account in non-Host revenue sharing sites like

Follow the steps below to upgrade your account and remove the label:

1. Login to your AdSense account

2. Click on the tab "Home" and click on "Account Settings"

3. Look for the label that says "Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account". Click the "edit" link next to it.

Hosted AdSense account

4. In the next page, you need to provide the url of the website on which you want to show your Ads. Just type the full url of the home page and click "Submit"

Hosted AdSense - Apply to show Ads on other sites

The website will be submitted to Google for review and you will hear back from them within a few days. Just in case Google decide not to approve your request to remove the limitation, you can still continue to use the AdSense in the host websites.

NOTE: Before you submit the application, you must implement the ad code in one or more pages of the website you are submitting for review. It will show only blank ads until your application is reviewed and approved but they will not approve it unless you implement the ad code with blank ads.

Read how to keep your AdSense account in good standing to avoid disapproved.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Author: SULTHAN26 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I have a approved google adsense in Can I use this in

Author: Tony John26 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


If you have account approved from, you can use it in any revenue sharing sites including

Guest Author: hassan28 Mar 2013

but in my case i don't have the edit link nothing!! is this normal ?

Guest Author: Hacking Is Magic12 Apr 2013

I have an Hosted Adsense account and i am using it on my blogger working good.. I want to know that does this hosted adsense will Pay me or not when I will earn $100.. Please reply with a correct answer

waiting for your reply.

Author: Tony John12 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

There is no difference for payments in Hosted AdSense accounts. The payment procedure is exactly the same.

Guest Author: Magic13 Apr 2013

You mean this is a Good News for me I just have to wait for my PIN to verify my address and $100 to get payment.

Thanks for your reply.

Can you help me for one thing more. I have a site with AdSense and I want to promote that , could you tell me the exact things which I can use like Google AdWords, SEO etc etc thing so that I can promote my site. I want to know the working methods for my site promotion; paid or free doesn't matter but please tell me that exact process.

I will be very thankful to you if you could kindly help me for that.

thank you so much in advance .. waiting for your reply

Guest Author: kaushal18 Apr 2013

I have adsense account without "hosted account" label so pls. tell me this is good for me or not?

Why i am able not able seen adsense add. in my website in mobile view? pls.. help me...

waiting for your reply.

Guest Author: Akash Deep Satpathi22 Apr 2013

I have also applied for it, but my question is, can I reapply for it if I got disapproval?

Guest Author: htsabiz13 May 2013

I have a hosted Adsense Account. I want to know that:
Can I use free hosted website URL to remove the restriction, as shown above? For example my website is

Guest Author: zaher19 May 2013

how long does it take to change hosted account to normal account?

Author: Tony John19 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


There is no shortcut to upgrade hosted account to normal AdSense account. You need to have your own website or blog and apply to upgrade your account. The approval process typically takes 2-3 days but depends on your location and various other factors too.

Guest Author: Megh23 May 2013

I have a hosted account and I don't have any domain site. How can I remove hosted account?

Please Suggest me.

Guest Author: htsabiz04 Jun 2013

Can you please tell me that: Can I upgrade my hosted adsense account without having a website? Because I have a website and I tried to upgrade my account but GOOGLE does not approve this website.

Author: Tony John13 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

You will need a website with a custom domain to upgrade your AdSense account to a normal account.

Author: Prashant Dalal08 Jul 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0


From where I can see the quality criteria and policy compliance requirements for upgrading my account to normal account.

Guest Author: danish sarwar26 Jul 2013

I submitted a test/example site in "Sites authorized to show ads" and it is stuck now. I cannot put my real site there. It keep showing me "Your application is under review. Please implement your ad code at the URL submitted in order to complete the screening process. "

Now how can I remove that example site for review and add my real site.

Guest Author: Ketul Patel06 Aug 2013

I have problem with my hosted AdSense account. When I do the upgrading request for my website, I am getting some domain problem. How to apply for upgrading hosted account to regular account?

Guest Author: Munna18 Aug 2013

I am using hosted account on my blogger site. I want to use Google custom search and ad unit on my site. How it is possible?

Guest Author: Ali Asad Ur Rehman18 Aug 2013

Hi ! i have google adsense with non-hosted account . May i use to blogger + youtube earning in my non-hosted adsense .
Please reply me fast . I need this question

Guest Author: Ojo20 Sep 2013

what is the secret behind an old google adsense account? I was asked to sell it for $25.

Guest Author: Muhammad Abdullah27 Sep 2013

Hello Bro!

Please helped me i am really confused about adsence. I have adsence hosted account associated with youtube and the adsence are running perfectly on my blog and the earning is growing perfectly. I am from Pakistan. So, i am confused about that now i have 10$ in my adsence account now please tell me exactly that can they send me pin to my address in order to encash the money? And how i can i received my pin to address means is they send pin automatically? Please tell me exactly about this . I shall be very grateful to you. Thank you in advance i am waiting for your reply.

Guest Author: Gajender01 Oct 2013

I have crossed account threshold in my adsense account but my account is hosted account.
Does Google pay me?
Thanks in advance.

Guest Author: Sundari08 Oct 2013

Hi Tony, I have a blog named I recently bought a custom domain name from GoDaddy. I am going to continue hosting in Blogger only. I just want to change just my URL name. Do I need to get one time approval again to show ads? Please help.

Guest Author: ankit15 Oct 2013

Hi, sir
i have an approved hosted adsense ac i have done it from youtube ,
sir please check and tell me can i also use it on my wapsite type site
or i have to use blog only to upgrade my ac and sir if i make my new blog then how many days adsense will take to approve
because there is also policy to approve an Indian blog if it is 6 month old site.

Guest Author: Mahroof26 Nov 2013

Hi Dear

AdSense ads not working after redirecting Blogger to a Custom domain. My Adsense account is Hosed account.

How can I make it display the ads again? (BLOG) (CUSTOM DOMAIN)

I copy and paste my ads on my blog layout through HTML/JAVA gadgets,also i did Site authorized through adsense account.The ads showing in preview. i requested through adsense also. now almost 3 day finish, still red message in Adsense like
In order to complete your request to show ads on your own website, you need to implement the ad code on Your upgrade request can only be reviewed once your ad code has impressions on that domain. Learn more.

Guest Author: Jaswinder Kaur24 Dec 2013

The information on this site is valuable. I came to know how to submit application for full Google account improvement, because I have a hosted account right now. Thanks for the information.

Guest Author: Prashant Bharti07 Jan 2014

I have a hosted account, when I tried on custom domain Google reject us. I want a full AdSence account, so I made another site (Ex: Is it possible to apply for a new full AdSence account with same name which is already used in the Hosted account?

Author: Tony John07 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Prashant Bharti,

Google usually approve the hosted account quickly but if you need a full account, you will have to go through the full review process and that is where Google rejects most applications. To get a normal AdSense account, your blog must meet all criteria like 6 months existence, high quality unique content etc.

Read our checklist to get AdSense approval and follow all instructions in it.

Guest Author: Raj Aryan12 Feb 2014

I have a hosted AdSense account and in my account I have $80 balance. My pin number hasn't arrived yet. Why? I checked my address and it is correct.

Please suggest what I can do to get my PIN number for Hosted AdSense account.

Author: Usman24 Feb 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Hi Tony. I am applying for Google Adsense account from and I get the below error- We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it. Please help me.

Guest Author: Shreyansh Sahu24 Mar 2014

If I apply using hosted account and it gets disapproved, can I reapply with the same hosted account? Because it says it's one time application form.

Guest Author: Syeda Arshiya25 May 2014

I have applied for AdSense through blogger and it got approved but it does not show "hosted" label. Can you please explain is this account a hosted or normal one?

Author: Tony John25 May 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Syeda Arshiya,

Looks like you are lucky and you got a non-hosted account. You can try using the same account in some other sites and see if it works fine. I hope it will work fine on any websites.

Author: Raghav Kapoor08 Jun 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

I got my account approved from, it is a hosted account. I want to know if I can earn here with the same account?

Guest Author: dori12 Aug 2014

Very helpful information. Thanx a lot.

Guest Author: mridul15 Oct 2014

Hello sir. Can I remove my first Adsense approval website from my account?

Author: Mahesh Gaikwad22 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hello Tony Sir,

Thanks a lot for detailed information about hosted adsense account. I have one query, how can I put ad code in techulator? As I have already hosted adsense account and I want to implement that on Techulator.

Thank you,

Guest Author: Saif Ullah19 Apr 2015

Hi Tony, Can you please tell me that: Can I upgrade my hosted adsense account without having a website? Because I have a website and I tried to upgrade my account but GOOGLE does not approve this website. Also how long does it take to change hosted account to normal account?

Author: Tony John19 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Saif Ullah,

As per Google policies, you need a website and place your Ad code in a website to get upgraded to normal AdSense account. I am not aware of any ways to upgrade to normal account without having a website or blog with custom domain.

Guest Author: Jay-p10 Aug 2015

I did as you instructed Sir, but keep on seeing an error message that says: "In order to complete your request to show ads on your own website, you need to implement the ad code on... Your upgrade request can only be reviewed once your ad code has impressions on that domain. I have already added the ad code."

So what should I do? kindly look into my site and check if there is any possible issue. My site is:

Guest Author: Abdur Rehman08 Oct 2015

I want to know that can I change my Youtube hosted account into blogging account? That is, can I show my ads on without any domain?

Guest Author: rizwan07 Nov 2015

My question is: is it important to change domain address of blog? My blogger website is So can I change my domain or will I get AdSense approval of blogger own address?

Guest Author: AS Technology05 Dec 2015

Sir, I am unable to see the site authorization feature on my AdSense account. Can you please suggest me a better solution for this problem? I will wait for your answer.

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