Why you should choose Windows 8 over Windows 7

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the OS world about Windows 8. Have you got yourself in a situation where you are not able to decide whether to choose Windows 7 or Windows 8 then just go through this article to remove your dilemma.

A few days ago Microsoft released its newest OS which it claims could become the best Operating system of all time not only in terms of Desktop and Laptops but also in the Mobile OS history. Just like all of its previous products Microsoft this time also released the Pre launch versions of the Windows 8 so as to get the best from the curious developers from all over the world. The testing versions releases not only gave the people an opportunity to people to get accustomed to the new OS so as to provide a smooth passage for the up gradation from Windows 7 to Windows 8 , but it also helped them to remove the flaws in the operating system as a lot of experts did a lot of testing on this operating system.

Now it is appearing that this pre release method has worked for the Microsoft and I must say that they have developed a quite an amazing OS. Here I will not talk all the details related to the Windows 8 but surely I will give you enough reasons to believe that Windows 8 is really better than Windows 7.

Windows 8 is the most different OS compared to all the OS that have been released by Microsoft since 1992. So people surely need to know something about the previous versions to adapt to this new version easily. In terms of the system requirements Microsoft has not made any major changes and all those PC's which are capable of running Windows 7 can easily run Windows 8 on them.

Now I will straight away come to the point of why Windows 8 is better than Windows 7? I think there are many reasons that can be stated for this statement but I will discuss only the most significant of all.

1.Fast Boot-Up time

Many initially claimed that Windows 8 will be one of the fastest OS ever created and at the same time many also doubted the credentials of this statement but after seeing the result of many tests that were performed on Windows 8 for checking it speed in various bench marks operations it does appear that those initial claims were more less completely true. On average it has been found that Windows 8 has the best boot up time as compared to all other OS and that also includes the Lion OS of apple. It took exactly half the same time of Windows 7 to boot up. Not only that many other background task appeared quick on Windows 8 as compared to Windows 7. File copying within the computer as well those on pen drives or external hard disk is more quicker on Windows 8 than Windows 7.

2.More Energy Efficient-

According to the tests by Tom's guide it appears that Windows 8 saves a lot more power than the Windows 7 allowing your laptops to run for a much longer time. On average it saves 40 % more energy as compared to Windows 7. One of the reasons for this energy efficiency is that it blocks all those ports which are not in use currently on your computer.

3.Best Operating System for multi-Monitor Computers-

The operating system is designed with multi monitor use in mind. This version allows you to customize each monitor according to your wish unlike Windows 7 in which you have to stick with the same customization for each monitor. Also, it is also possible to run slide shows over multiple screens.

4.Metro User Interface-

The Metro UI displays Windows 8 apps right on your home screen as a mosaic of tiled boxes of different sizes, shapes, and colors. These tiles not only display all the running programs on your computer but has also some very needed and frequently updated information such as new email in to your account or updates related with your Twitter account. It also has many other widgets such as weather updates and the upcoming calendar events. And you don't need to go any where else but to your home screen to see all these visually attractive and sharp tiles with all your applications .

5.New Application World-

People say that this is similar to the iTune store of Apple but still it does provide a lots of assistance and convenience in searching and installing newly released soft ware and utilities.The official name of this store is Windows Store. It has all the applications from free to the paid ones . Also, their collection of software varies from older to the most recently launched application.

6.More Security-

"WINDOWS 8 IS THE MOST SECURE VERSION OF WINDOWS EVER"These are not my words but this is what technical experts are feeling about Windows 8. As initially Microsoft made an announcement that no anti virus soft ware programs will be supported on Windows 8 because of which they did tried their best to make the OS as much secured as possible which can surely cover up Microsoft loop holes of the past Windows versions. It has a unique feature of security boot which means that Windows 8 stops a computer from loading an OS that is not signed by publishers. Also the browser on Windows 8 that is the Internet Explorer is said to be the most secured web browser of all time.

7.Skydrive Integration-

Now with Windows 8, Sky Drive is accessible for all of the applications on your Windows 8 computer. It now behaves as a kind of local hard disk for your computer due to integration of Windows 8 with it.

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Author: Amit15 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Not meaning to ruin a great, detailed analysis above, but let me be the devil's advocate!

Windows 8 still does not support SSDs to their full potential. Most SSD's perform the best with Windows 7 as the operating system. With an SSD onboard, your boot up time will ever be shorter.

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