What is an AdSense Host Partner Site?

Are you wondering what is an AdSense Host Partner Site? Read this article to find out what is a Host Partner Site, also called as AdSense revenue sharing site.

Here is the definition of Host Partner Site, according to Google:

"Host partners allow you to monetize the content you create on their websites by linking it to your AdSense account".

Let me explain in detail with some examples. Host Partner Sites are websites that are approved by Google to use Google AdSense APIs to share AdSense revenue with content authors (publishers).

Currently, there are 2 different ways websites implement AdSense revenue sharing with content writers:

1. By allowing you to specify your AdSense pub-id and then using that pub-id in some standard AdSense ad code which is inserted in to your content for a fixed percentage of rotations to share AdSense revenue with you. If the website like to share 50% AdSense revenue with you, your pub id will be used 60% of the times and their own ad code will be used remaining 40% of the times.

2. By using AdSense APIs, the Host Partner website can generate ad code from your AdSense account. Such ad code will have a special tag in it indicating the revenue will be shared between the publisher account and the host account.



In the second case, the same ad code will be used 100% of the times but revenue will be split between host AdSense account and publisher account as agreed between Google and the Host site, which is disclosed to the publishers as well. You can see the Host Partner Sites which are linked with your AdSense accounts from your AdSense Account Settings page. You may enable or disable access anytime.

Adsense Host Partner Sites

How to become How Partner Site

Your website has to meet strict quality and traffic criteria to be eligible to apply for an AdSense Host API account. As of now, Google requires your site to have minimum 100,000 page views per day to be eligible to apply for Host API account.

Google recently introduced a limitation for AdSense accounts created through Host Partner Sites. According to this limitation, you can use such AdSense accounts only in Host Partner Sites and not in normal websites. However, it is possible to apply for further review and lift this limitation.

Techulator.com uses an approved Host API account to share revenue with our authors. If you don't have an AdSense account, you can apply through our AdSense revenue sharing program and start earning revenue from your policy complaint content posted in this site.

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