Adobe Acrobat XI Features | Price and Availability

Adobe Acrobat has released the new version Acrobat XI in the market. Check out the new and improved features and tools offered by Adobe Acrobat XI, how to download it and price of Acrobat XI in India and USA.

Adobe Acrobat XI is the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. No doubt Adobe Acrobat is the king of PDF applications. Adobe has been developing softwares to create, view and manipulate the PDF files since 1990s. The Adobe Acrobat XI has been officially launched on 15th October 2012. In the 11th version of their product Adobe Acrobat offers 2 versions Adobe Acrobat XI Pro & Adobe Acrobat XI Standard. These 2 versions are commercial programs while Acrobat Reader XI which is also included is a freeware.

Adobe Acrobat XI pack
The new Adobe Acrobat XI also offers online services, out of which the 2 prominent ones are Acrobat EchoSign and Acrobat FormsCentral. To legally bind electronic signs the service EchoSign is provided and for online management of surveys and forms FormsCentral is provided.

Acrobat XI is loaded with excellent, new and improved features to provide the users an easier way to handle and manage their PDF files.

Some of the highlighted features of the new Adobe Acrobat XI are:

Creating PDF files

The new Acrobat XI provides users with some excellent features to create PDF files. Now users don't have to keep worrying about how their files would look on other desktops. They can keep the formatting intact by converting their files to the most reliably and easily viewable PDF files. The PDF files can easily be seen on any system as it is using the free Adobe Acrobat Readers. Using Acrobat XI you can easily convert your MS document files to PDF either through the Acrobat XI task ribbon or by simply printing it as an electronic document in PDF format. The steps to create PDF files using Acrobat XI are:

Creating PDF file through a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file

If you are Windows user you can typically create a PDF file by using your files in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format. All you have to do is:
Through Acrobat XI
This is the simplest way to create a PDF file of your existing other format file.
1. Go to the task ribbon of Acrobat XI and click on 'Create PDF'.
2. Browse to find your file and click save. Choose the file name and save the file.

Creating PDF file through a file created in MS Office
1. Open your file in MS Office.
2. Go to the task ribbon and click on 'Acrobat'. This would direct you to the task ribbon of Acrobat.
3. There select 'Create PDF', choose a name and click Save.
Acrobat button on MS Office task ribbon

Another way to create a PDF file for your existing file is to Print the file as PDF. This is also a superb improvement done in Adobe Acrobat. Windows and Mac users now have an option to print their files as PDFs. All they have to do is from their existing application they have to select 'Print' and when the Print dialog box appears they have to select Adobe PDF as the printer, put a name for the file and click Save. This would straightaway create a PDF for the file at the location specified by the user. This way PDFs can also be saved on SharePoint, Dropbox and also for other online services.

Convert HTML to PDF
Apart from these 2 there is another method for creating a PDF exclusively for Windows users. Windows users can now convert their web pages into PDF files while keeping links, formatting and layout intact. Adobe Acrobat XI provides a tool 'Convert' for 3 major web browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. This tool would be visible on the tool bar of the web browser page. Users would be required to click on 'Convert' and select the option 'Convert Web Page to Adobe PDF'.

Editing PDF Files

Acrobat XI comes with PDF editing tools which help users to edit text and images in your PDF files. Editing PDF files with Acrobat XI has become so much easier as never before. There are specific tools in Adobe Acrobat XI to edit the text as well as images present in your PDF files. Acrobat XI provides its users with an easy and fast 'point and click' interface where the user just has to find the text/image to edit and click on it to edit it. The steps to edit PDF files are given below:
How to edit text & Image in a PDF file?
The first step of course is to open your PDF file in Acrobat XI. Next follow the following steps to edit text and images in a PDF file:
Edit text in Acrobat XI PDF file
1. Go to Tools pane and open Content Editing.
2. Click the 'Edit Text & Images' as shown in the fig.
3. Now go to the element on the page you want to edit and click on it. Click on the text/image you want to edit. You can add, edit or delete the text & Images to your file using the appropriate image/text editing tools.

PDF Converter

There is great news for all those of us who have been spending a great share of our work time in re-typing the data from PDF's to other format files. In their latest version Adobe Acrobat provides users with a feature to convert a PDF file into other formats like HTML, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Earlier to this version users who wanted to use a part or whole of the text/content in a PDF had 2 options. They either had to re-type everything or they would have to purchase separate PDF Converter softwares. Acrobat XI has simplified their task. So now in no time users can convert their PDFs to doc file, excel file or PowerPoint presentations in the following way:
1. Go to Tools and select 'Content Editing'.
2. Now select Export file to Microsoft Word Document/Microsoft Excel Workbook/Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
3. In case the PDF contains scanned text turn on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) from the Settings.
4. Specify name of the file and location and click Save.

Alternatively you can save your PDF file in another format like doc, excel, ppt or html by selecting File and then 'Save As Other'. While you click on 'Save As Other' you will get the available formats you can convert the file too. For saving files in HTML format you can choose to save it in single or multiple pages by specifying it in Settings.

Not only this Acrobat XI users can also Copy and Paste parts of their text in PDF files to other files like Word keeping the original fonts and formatting unchanged.

Merging and Combining PDF files for Sharing

Adobe Acrobat XI presents another remarkable feature which allows users to merge and combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF or a PDF portfolio. This would further simply the users task of sending project details present in multiple files like spread sheets, html pages, photos, presentation files etc. as attachment through emails.

Generally when we want to share some project materials through email we have to attach multiple different format files with it. However, Acrobat XI is providing us with a feature to merge all our different format files into one single PDF or create a PDF portfolio of all these files in the following manner:

Merging multiple files into a single PDF

1. Open Acrobat XI and select Create.
2. Then select the required option. In this case it would be Combine Files into a Single PDF.
3. In the Combine File Dialog box, click Add files to insert the files you want to add.
4. The files with their thumbnails would be shown in the Combine File Dialog box. Here the users can rearrange the files in the required order. If a file has multiple pages, each individual page can be re-arranged or deleted as per the need by Double clicking the file thumbnail which would expand or collapse the file.
5. Once you are done with re-arranging click Combine Files to create your PDF file.
Combine files to single PDF

Combining multiple files to a PDF portfolio

Add video in Acrobat PDF file
With Adobe Acrobat XI users can not only merge several files into 1 PDF but they can also create interactive rich PDF portfolios to share their project materials. So, you can combine web pages, spreadsheets, word documents as well as videos which are compatible to Adobe Flash Player into a portfolio. You can even combine your company's logo, identities, palettes, themes and layouts to form an impressive PDF portfolio.

Electronically signing a PDF files

You can now add your electronic signatures to your PDF documents very easily in just three steps: Click, Sign and Send. There can be three ways to add your signature to a PDF file in Acrobat XI:
1. Add a simple type written signature or
2. A hand drawn signature or
3. Import an image for e-signature

So, if you want to sign a form or approve a proposal all you have to do is:
1. Open the file you want to sign in Acrobat XI.
2. Click Sign Pane and select 'I Need to Sign'. When the panel opens click Place Signature.
3. Select the required option from the dropdown. In case you want to use an existing certificate choose 'Use an Existing Certificate'.
4. Now click Confirm to finalize the changes and click Save.

The new version Acrobat XI provides its users an option to use the no.1 electronic signature service EchoSign directly through the Acrobat interface. From the Sign Pane select 'Get Others to Sign' and then click on 'Send for Signature'. In order to use the online EchoSign service you should have an active account with Adobe Echo Sign.

Log in to your Echo Sign account and choose 'Send'. Add the recipient email ids and click Send.

Protecting PDF files

Protecting and securing your work in PDF files becomes much easier with Acrobat XI. We can protect our files using passwords and secure data in the PDF files by managing permissions for editing, copying, printing etc. Here is the procedure for protecting the PDF files:

Making the PDF password protected
1. Open the required PDF file and go to the Tools pane. Select to open the Protection panel.
2. In the protection panel select Encrypt and click 'Encrypt with Password'.
3. When you click on confirm the Password Security Settings dialog box will open.
4. Here you can add password for restricting other members from opening the document. To enable document opening password check the box 'Require a password to open the document' as shown in the image below:
Password protecting PDF files

Managing Permissions on PDF file
Another feature for securing and protecting your PDF files is by restricting member access. In Acrobat XI we can very easily manage and restrict permissions to activities like edit, print, copy and changes performed on the document. To restrict permissions follow the above mentioned steps till step 3 and then in the Password Security Settings dialog box check the required options. Following is an image demonstrating the same:
Restrict permission for PDF files

Technical specifications required to download Acrobat XI

For successfully downloading and running Adobe Acrobat XI on your system, the following system requirements should be satisfied:

For Windows
  • A fast processor of clock cycle 1.3 GHz or more.

  • Random Access Memory of atleast 512 MB.

  • Hard disk space of 1.85GB.

  • DVD ROM drive

  • Display screen resolution of 1024 X 768

  • Windows 8/Windows7/Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2/Windows Server 2003 or 2003 R2 or Windows XP with Service Pack 3 for 32 bit or Service Pack 2 for 64 bit

  • Web browser either IE 7, 8 , 9 or 10/ Chrome/Firefox (Extended support release)

For Mac OS
  • An Intel Processor

  • RAM of atleast 1 GB

  • 1.5 GB space on HDD

  • DVD ROM drive & a display screen resolution of 1024 X 768

  • Mac OS X v10.6.4, v10.7.2, or v10.8

  • Web browser required are either of Safari 5.1 for Mac OS X v10.6.8 or v10.7.2; Safari 5.2 for Mac OS X v10.8; Safari 6.0 for Mac OS X v10.7.4 or v10.8

Pricing and Availability of Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat XI is available for download from the Adobe official website. There are 2 variations available Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Acrobat Standard. Both of them are paid versions. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro would cost around Rs.28,502 in India and $499 in USA and Adobe Acrobat XI standard is available for Rs. 19,001 in India and $ 299 in USA.

However, for the existing customers having the licensed versions 8,9 or X there is a good discount. They can upgrade to version 11 by paying an amount of just Rs. 12,668 ($199 in USA) for Acrobat XI Pro and Rs. 8,822($139 in USA) for Acrobat XI Standard.

For those of you who want to first try out the new Acrobat XI, Adobe has offered a free trial version also for 30 days: Download the Free trial version of Acrobat XI.

All the images in this article have been picked up from Adobe's official

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