Hill Climb Racing Android game tips and tricks

In this article I have given tips and tricks for the Android game Hill Climb Racing. This article will guide you to play Hill Climb Racing game easily. Read the article below to get cheat codes for Hill Climb Racing.

Hill climb racing: It is a free Android game and can be downloaded from Google Play. The key thing that attracted me is it occupies very less internal memory. The size of this game is around 10 MB. It means you can run this game in low configuration Android tablet or Android mobile without any hiccups. You can enjoy this game in low budget tablet like Funbook, Lava e tab z7H etc. I tried this game in many budget tablet and does a great job.

Hill Climb Racing game concept doesn't have any target. Its just a time pass game. Since there is no target you won't get tensed while playing it. Games with mission or a target will stress you a lot. This won't happens in this game.

Game features

It is a simple car game and you need to collect coins by driving on the hill. Using the coins you can purchase car or upgrade it. There are totally six stages: countryside, arctic, desert, cave, highway and moon. Among this the moon stage will be really funny and you can get more coins from this stage. There are totally 3 cars in this game namely jeep, monster truck and race car. It is better to stick on jeep for the whole game.

New stages
Just 1 days before developer has updated two more stages. So now there are totally 8 missions. The recent stages names are Mars and Alien Planet. You can get this stages by downloading it from Google Play store.

Each stage consists of many levels. Below is my level completion status.
Countryside - level 7 and best is 1325m
Artic - level and best is 1600 m
Desert - level 6 and best is 1200m
Cave - level 4 and best is 1093m
Highway - level 8 and best is 2604m
Moon - level 5 and best is 1197m
Mars - level 5 and best is 1197m
Alien Planet - level 4 and best is 1224m

If you have completed all the stages leave a comment below. Also give your stage completion status. This game doesn't got global score feature. So some of your comments will help us to discover the global score.

Tips and tricks

1. How to complete level easily?
Just set your mind like break do stoppie and gas do whilee. If you set this clearly you can avoid driver dead. Concentrate more on coins instead of flip and air time. You can do flip and air time automatically by upgrading your car. If you keep all this in your mind you can easily unlock all the features of game within one day.

2. How to do a neck flip?
You can do a neck flip easily by upgrading your car. Accidentally you may attempt neck flip while you are driving fast. Most of the neck flip make driver down. It is easy to do a neck flip by applying brake instead of applying boost. To do a easy neck flip just apply break / stoppie while moving down to the hill with full speed.

3. Cheat codes for Hill Climb Racing game
Currently there is no cheat codes available for this game. There is no use of cheat codes for this game. Just enjoy driving.

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Guest Author: nemesis21 Nov 2012

Country side level 9 target, 16something best

Guest Author: Natalie17 Dec 2012

Countryside- 10- 1961
Desert- 8- 1428
Artic- 9- 1664
Highway- 17- 5317
Cave- 4- 1182
Moon- 4- 951
Mars- 5- 1234
Alien Planet- 6- 1452
And my step dad has slightly higher scores than mine

Guest Author: Ivo21 Dec 2012

all vehicles completely fitted out. country 1479 m, desert 1661 m, arctic 2041 m, highway 4210 m, cave 1358 m, moon 1090 m, mars 1129m, alien planet 1868 m. honestly, i was frustrated at first, now i ain't even trying... no extra levels? vehicles? meeeh, sad sad sad

Guest Author: William George Bell26 Dec 2012

I have all the cars, no money paid, no cheat, just playing for coins. My Jeep is all "fitted out" as you say, and I find it the best vehicle and use it hte most. Motorcycle is nearly useless. Race car has only rear wheel drive and gets stuck on some bumpy roads, Monster truck is clunky and slow. I wish game would not go back to the beginning each time driver "dies" or runs out of gas. Been playing an hour or so for a few days now, my first video game experience in over 20 years and it is so fun. Have reached the following point levels: Countryside 1158, Desert 1455, Arctic 1190, Highway 2129, Cave 1063, Moon 762, Mars 956, Alien Planet 1083. I wish there were more "goodies" to find or something else would happen.

Guest Author: TheOne10 Jan 2013

Countryside- 12- 2225
Desert- 13- 2408
Artic- 14- 2678
Highway- 19- 5944
Cave- 10- 2972
Moon- 5- 1227
Mars- 7- 1739
Alien Planet- 8- 2040

Guest Author: AndyUser15 Jan 2013

On SG Note2
- Countryside L11 2157m
- Desert L10 1868m
- Arctic L10 1840m
- Highway L13 4023m
- Cave L6 1776m
- Moon L5 1270m
- Mars L4 955m
- Alien Planet L5 1295m

When I installed, it came with Jeep, Motorcross Bike, Monster Truck, Race Car, Quad Bike, Rally Car and Tank. Collecting coins and airtime on the moon is fun with Monster Truck, while race car is best in the highway, and cave (longer wheelbase). QuadBike, and MotorCross bike is best on the desert. Tank is fun as it is a bit stable on very bumpy stages due to its being a tracked vehicle..but has difficulty going up very steep hills (most expensive to unlock at 1000000 coins)..

Guest Author: Hassef17 Jan 2013

The best way to earn money is to moderately modify your initial jeep, save money until you can buy the race car, followed by the highway level.I can make it to the 4000m distance without really trying and can earn over 300 000 coins per play. Quickly modified race car to the max., bought the tank...what a mistake. The next combination that brings in the most money is the monster truck on the moon level but not even close to what I can earn with the race car.

Guest Author: love this game11 Feb 2013

the best car is the monster.. check out my scores:
Countryside- 14-2683
Desert- 19-3637
Artic- 12-2338
Highway- 17-5309
Cave- 8-2303
Moon- 5- 1297
Mars- 6-1583
Alien Planet- 6-1476
On this two last levels i haven't played too much.. my favourite is the desert one

Guest Author: Balz13 Feb 2013

Best car is Rally Car..Following are my scores
Countryside- 10-1959
Desert- 15-2847
Artic- 14-2704
Highway- 20-6015
Cave- 10-2887
Moon- 6- 1424
Mars- 7-1741
Alien Planet- 8-2051
I have all the cars upgraded to max level..yet I have 21000000 coins left over...haha

Guest Author: Krish14 Feb 2013

Best car is Rally Car..Following are my scores
Countryside- 10-1974
Desert- 15-3024
Artic- 14-2956
Highway- 20-6029
Cave- 10-2895
Moon- 6- 1623
Mars- 7-1878
Alien Planet- 8-2138
I have all the cars upgraded to max level

Guest Author: Rachit Saraf01 Mar 2013

I have unlocked all Cars and Levels. All cars are upgraded to full of there capacity. In my opinion Tank is the best followed by Race car...I have 6979160 Coins in spare...it would be nice if i could transfer these into my bank account :P

Here are my scores...
Countryside - Level 20, 3924m
Desert - Level 14, 2645m
Arctic - Level 14, 2703m
Highway - Level 20, 6028m
Cave - Level 10, 2972m
Moon - Level 5, 1248m
Mars - Level 6, 1581m
Alien Planet - Level 7, 1831m

Author: Mobile Boy02 Mar 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Hi Rachit Saraf,
I think you are the hardcore Hill Climb racer.

Guest Author: Rachit Saraf02 Mar 2013

Yes, i have been playing it for over a month now...its quite entertaining...I wonder if anyone has ever completed any levels...

Guest Author: Nicolan02 Mar 2013

a very good game...monster truck fully upgraded works nicely on all levels. struggling 4 coins though...can someone please tell me if getting the tank is a good idea? tanx

Guest Author: Hussain Ahmad12 Mar 2013

arctic-2704(you never go ahead from it)
alien planet-2276

Guest Author: Alex H15 Mar 2013

I've found the tank to be the vast vehicle for many levels as it's very forgiving over the bumpiest of terrains. Below are my levels reached and distance.

Countryside - 28 - 5400
Desert - 19 - 3640
Arctic - 17 - 3364
Highway - 22 - 6652
Cave - 10 - 2877
Moon - 5 - 1389 (this level is so frustrating!)
Mars - 7 - 1738
Alien planet - 12 - 3338
Arctic cave - 1157
Forest - 13 - 3200

Guest Author: Kala21 Mar 2013

I have snow mobile and artic cave and forest track now as well. IMHO the best vehicle is the jeep, but if you want to earn coins fast, you can go with the motorcycle to the moon and fly high, without paying attention you can make up to 100.000 a round easily. I have not upgraded the tank yet as I dont like how slow it is, and although its a tank it really lacks traction so I've found it quite useless. But now, for the forest, I might need it, so far I've done 1028 there with the jeep. Also, I cant get past 1036 in Artic cave, the bumps take away all my speed and cant make it up the hill.

Guest Author: exotic31 Mar 2013

I have all levels and all vehicles are fully upgraded. countryside level 11,2158
desert level 14,2675 Arctic level 14,2700 Highway level 20,6013 Cave level 9,2476 level 5,1383 Mars 6,1611 alien planet level 6 ,1620 Arctic cave level 5,1129 moon level 5,1383 Forest level 8,1701
I love the tank only since it's been fully upgraded then the monster truck.
I want to know how many levels in each stage so I know if they're possible to even finish

Guest Author: HCRmaster12 Apr 2013

I dont feel like putting all my levels in, but my best is:

Highway- Level 33, 9928 meters
I did this with the fully upgraded snowmobile (It has great traction and the fuel upgrade is amazing)

The rest of my levels around only around 6-13

Guest Author: Dawgreen09 May 2013

Race Car / Highway . Seriously you can get to 500,000 coins a time approx 6000m without even trying that hard .

Guest Author: ryan17 May 2013

Ok highway I have reached level 51 at 15,761m does anyone know what the max level is? Btw ive done this with no cheats with the semi fully upgraded

Guest Author: Monkeyman562522 Jun 2013

I have every vehicle upgraded and my best scores are
Countryside- level 13 best 2407
Desert- level 36 best 7045
Arctic- level 15 best 2929
Highway- level 39 best 11720
Cave- level 9 best 2513
Moon- level 5 best 1297
Mars- level 6 best 1578
Alien planet- level 6 best 1677
Arctic cave- level 5 best 1229
Forest- level 9 best 2143
Mountain- level 10 best 2327

Guest Author: Gloria06 Jul 2013

I have all levels and all cars but the level I use the most is Highway. I have a fully upgraded rally car and when I use it on the Highway, I get REALLY far. On Highway I am on level 20 and my best is 6033.

Guest Author: Tango14 Aug 2013

Level 51 on highway.... So there is no end to the track... This is sad

Good job though

Guest Author: MarkJ22 Aug 2013

For beginners: get to the Moon stage as fast as you can where you can start scoring big bucks to get other levels and upgrades to vehicles. I'm using the fully upgraded 4x4 and on the highway I've made it to over 13,000 meters

Guest Author: raj mehmi28 Aug 2013

Use tank in countryside level its rmthe best vehicle for level 1 and rally car for all level my highscore on level 1 is 111521

Guest Author: Mine11 Oct 2013

Countryside- 4410 (tank)
Desert-3641 (snowmobile)
Arctic-2993 (snowmobile)
Highway-12669 (tourbus)
Cave-2984 (dune buggy)
Moon-1412 (ralley car)
Mars-1760 (dune buggy)
Alien planet-3456 (ralley car)
Arctic cave-1656 (dune buggy)
Forest-1961 (truck)
Mountain-2096 (tank)
Mudpool-2215 (dune buggy)
Volcano-2955 (tank)

Guest Author: lakshmy20 Oct 2013

Hi, I'm from India and am a great fan of this game. My best distances as follows:
Countryside : 1484
Desert : 2051
Artic : 1370
Highway : 4737
Cave : 1685
Moon : 868
Mars : 1363
Alien Planet : 1760
Artic cave : 1034
Forest : 1365
Mountain : 1405
Mudpool : 1837
Volcano : 2426
Beach : 4747


Guest Author: rick22 Nov 2013

use ifiles on the iphone and edit the xml file in documents. change coins to 999999999 and your set.

Guest Author: penny03 Dec 2013

Hey im pretty pants at this game but who cares its just for fun 😉 i dont know why but i find the motorcycle the best one as its easy to control and i dont see what you lot see in some of the other car i think most of them are too tempremental . Does anyone else prefer the motorcycle or is it just me 😁

Guest Author: Aubrey Eben Rajkumar30 Jan 2014

My high score in Highhway is Level 32 9945m

Guest Author: Tk2113 Feb 2014

Country side 6455
Xmas 5381
Desert 6259
Arctic 3159
highway 12748
Cave 3017
Moon 1546
Mars 1779
Alien planet 3208
Arctic cave 1976
Forest 2733
Mountain 2511
Mudpool 2315
Volcano 3247
Beach 10585
Roller coaster 3784
Night 4241
Best vehicles tank dune buggy semi truck super diesel

Guest Author: harvey03 Apr 2014

Every vehicle has its purpose, i have all maxed out with 86000000 to spare. Here are my top scores
country - 4411
xmas - 5411
desert - 5068
artic - 3998
hwy - 23008
cave - 3597
moon - 1629
mars - 1762
alien - 3355
artic cave - 1545
forest - 2263
mountain - 2302
mud - 2316
volcano - 3529
beach - 12096
roller - 5953
night - 3932
roof - 3025
junk - 3159

No cheats were used, just a lot of competing with my brothers. just because a vehicle doesnt seem to perform well doesnt mean it has no purpose try it on a different level. Roller coaster best vehicle is dragster full max

Guest Author: Justine Cuizon26 Apr 2014

Thanks for the tips,. I'll try hard, for that way, will upgrade my Race car fully and buy the rally car.

Author: jairus19 Jul 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Its so cool..

Guest Author: Robert03 Sep 2014

My highway best is 6500

Guest Author: Hill Racer19 Mar 2015

Got 17,652 on highway :D But stopped playing it a long time ago since Road Racer Hills came out by BlueRiverArts. There I got 11,235 on Blue Ridge Mountain.

Guest Author: ronnie keller16 Apr 2015

Not sure of my scores but the good news is there's a rooftop level, rainbow level, junkyard level, construction, graveyard, another wintery level and last level is the nuclear plant

Guest Author: neilzen.caneba27 Apr 2015

The Hill climb racing game is super good and I play it all the time!

Author: Nehemiah Gaddiz Anak Sang02 Jun 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0


Author: Jayzonlayug23 Sep 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

999999999 iwant that coin

Author: jaun24 Nov 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

This is great app.

Author: jaun24 Nov 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

This is great app. Can I please get 99999999999999 coins please.

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