Sleeping Dogs game review, gameplay and storyline

A review of the Sleeping Dogs game along with gameplay and storyline explained.

Sleeping Dogs game
Pros and cons of Sleeping Dogs game
What I liked
I liked the characters and the graphics of the game. The levels of the game are very good.

Where it is lagging
This game lags in the storyline.

Ratings of Sleeping Dogs game
Sleeping Dogs is a nice game and deserves a score of 9 out of 10.

Introduction to Sleeping Dogs game

There is a new PC game in the market and the name of the game is Sleeping Dogs. This game belongs to the RPG category and is full of action. The storyline of the game is quite addictive. The graphical effects of the game are quite nice. In this game the name of the character is Wei Shen, who lives in Hong Kong. You will be dealing with the people of underworld and this is the reason, that the game is full of actions. What makes this game so good and addictive, let's find out as we scroll down the page.

Gameplay of Sleeping Dogs game

I always prefer action packed games. And this fun becomes very good when you are playing as a player who wants to take the revenge. I still remember the greatness of the game named as the Max Payne. But now they titles are outdated and we have a new breed of games. The name of the game which we are talking about is Sleeping Dog. Actually in this game you will kill or attack the people of the underworld, by remaining inside their camp. The story of the game starts like this, that you are an normal person named as the Wei Shen and you wanted to take the revenge of your sister's death. In Sleeping Dogs game you are like an undercover cop and this is the most important good part of the game. Now the game starts with teaching you with very basic information like teaching the combat operations. The combat operations of Sleeping Dogs are very good and you should strive to learn them. This is necessary because it may happen that you have to fight with four or six people at a time with hands.

Your ranks in the initial stages are very low but as you progress in the game you will be able to do more good. In the later part of the Sleeping Dogs you will be able to explore more part of the city and you will be able to kill the top end criminals. This is all due to the fact that you have to take the revenge. The storyline of the game is good but not superb. But the voice acting which is done in this game is very nice and truly coincides with the game. The action packed stunts of the game is good. Mouse is a necessary instrument in this game. The menu screen of the game is very nice and simple.

How Sleeping Dogs is different from other games

Like any other RPG game they use the mission game options but there are lots of different things. First of all the main screen of the game is very different to other games. The combat operations in this game are totally different from other games. Other stuff of the game like the graphics and the whole game play is also good.

User interface of Sleeping Dogs game

The best part of this game is this only. I mean they have kept everything so simple and sober. So there is no need to worry about the user interface of the game. Other thing of this game is that graphics of the game are very good and best in its class.

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