Defender 2 - Android Game Review

Read about the game Defender II and know all about this game. Go through the storyline of Defender II and know the tips to play this game. Read the gameplay review of Defender II and compare the pros and cons of Defender II.

Pros and cons of Defender II game
Pros- It is an addictive free game play that keeps players immersed for hours and hours. Above all the controls are responsive and the plot is great.
Cons- It is compatible with only Android enabled smartphone. On the onset game seems to be entertaining, but as the level surges ahead the player gets bogged down.
Sometimes the screen flicker for a moment or so in the menu screens.

Defender II Android Game- Never Put a Single Cent

Defender II is categorized as tower defense game developed by Droidhen Games, a company highlighted by Google as a top notch app developer on the Google Play. It is the sequel of Defender that is readily available on the Android.

Defender II

It is available both in offline and online mode. The best improvement till date is an array of upgrades. Presently, Defender 2 is in rage and has been downloaded more than a million of times; since its debut.
Here's a quick snapshot of the game

In Defender 2 game the player is tasked to shield the castle wall from an army of ever increasing monsters. The armory in your arsenal is badass crossbow, magic spells, spell icons and defensive structure build on castle wall to fend off the advances of the monsters.

By tapping the screen player can fire the crossbow and by dragging the spell icons from the screen interface the screen instigate disparaging potential. Casting spell costs in terms of mana that regenerate over a period of time and other currency of the game is gems.

Defender II

If a player is able to fend a wave of enemies then the game will reward him with a large quantity of gold, gems and points. By gaining enough experience one can demystify unlocks and gain access to the weaponry. For effective upgrades, you need to expend rarer gems. The two currencies is the basis of monetization and the game also disables the Ad powered advertisements that is visible to the players.

It has two modes- local and battle. Local play enables the player to work in a linear series and it gradually upgrades the abilities. In the battle mode there is a fight between the two players and one who survives for a prolonged period wins the battle.

Local play has more difficulty curve in contrast to the battle mode. It introduces enemies gradually i.e one by one.

In Defender 2 game the player has a single profile that makes progression consistent and smooth. It lets the players to build their own strength before challenging their competitors. It uses own proprietary network and it does not incorporate social connectivity features.

Defender II also prides of having own internal achievements feature, but this can only be used to unlock special abilities. It cannot be used as a bragging title to show the achievements to the competitors.

Defender II

Once you have reach to higher upgrades the game becomes furious, it seems like a monster killing machine with lava moat, automated defenses, meteor shower, multiple arrow shots and lightning storms to fend off the monster attacks.

The only thing that goes against the gameplay is monotonous setting and over simplicity. Else, it deserves top be on same position, as the Angry Birds in terms of the popularity.

Defender II

Thus, game is of good quality and is a killer time passer and provides an elaborate amount of content. It is ranking high on android popularity charts and it's clear that people are embracing opportunity to play the game.


The game is compatible with Android enabled smartphone and one can play it on HTC Hero S console. You can buy it free from Google Play.

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Author: Korra31 Dec 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Can I play Defender 2 on Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS ? I know the OS is old but I really want to play Defender 2 game on my Android smartphone. But Before downloading this game, I want to know its compatibility with the above Android OS.

Author: Ankit31 Dec 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

It will run on Android ICS. It is compatible with any smartphone running Android version 2.3.3 and above.

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