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This article discusses the most important tips and tricks to customize your

If you are Microsoft user and if you have noticed the latest changes in Microsoft Outlook then you might be surprised to see the new look of Microsoft Outlook. Yes, you are correct, you can now see the new interface called Metro tiles and modern start menu is applied there too. It looks like Microsoft is integrating all of there services to give the user some different feel and it will be also easy to understand and easy to use for users, once after understanding the interface. Here we will discuss some important tips and tricks to customize your new Outlook account. It is not been like other email services and these tips and tricks will help you to use your Outlook account more efficiently.

How to send large files using Outlook account instantly?

Outlook allows you to integrate simple yet effective access to your Outlook account by using Chrome extension simply. is the service which can be very helpful to send almost any type of large file using your account. is very efficient and fast service that can be used to transfer large sized files in real time. It supports all the file types like audio, video, text, pdf, images etc. You can integrate this very efficient service by simply downloading the Chrome extension from Chrome Web store.

Get your emails in alternative email id:

Apart from all the other features Microsoft supports this feature to get your email in your desired email inbox directly. You can pull all the emails from Outlook account emails instantly in your alternative email like Yahoo or Google. For this 'email forwarding' service you can use only one another email id, in to which you will get all of your Outlook emails instantly. But do not forget to login to your Outlook account at least once every 270 days, otherwise your account will be deactivated by Microsoft.

Managing attachments in your new Outlook account:

Outlook accounts helps you to send very large files easily using Sky Drive service by Microsoft. You can integrate these both services to send large files to your friends and relatives in no time at all. How? Well the concept is that if you integrate these two services by enabling option in your Outlook email setting then Outlook will generate an URL for the files to be shared and this URL can be sent to your friends or relatives. In this way you can share relatively large files in seconds. To enable this option go to Inbox > More mail settings > Attachments. You file find an option 'Always send files using Sky drive' or ;Use Sky Drive to share large files and office documents'. You can enable any one of the options which are suitable for you.

Using filters to organize your mails:

The new interface of Outlook, Microsoft has also extended the new filter feature to organize your emails efficiently. It will be easier to organize your emails according to your needs and to access them very efficiently and quickly. Although it has its automatic sorting feature you can customize this feature to fit to your needs. It also allows you to move or delete some emails in same category. You can apply and create new rules for organizing your emails in few clicks. Also drag and drop feature is available to move your files in new Outlook.

Create and manage new categories for organizing your emails:

Outlook automatically categorizes some emails like newsletters, social updates, subscribed emails etc. But you are also free to create and manage your own categories. To manage the new categories according to your needs you should go to Inbox > More mail settings > Instant actions. This will instantly store your emails in the categories created by you. This will help you a lot when you are using single email account to manage everything.

Activate keyboard shortcuts and use new Outlook faster than ever:

If you want to use your keyboard instead of mouse for your Outlook account then you can do it easily. It will help you to achieve the speed while you are at your Outlook account. To activate keyboard shortcuts follow the steps:
1. Go to inbox.
2. Then more mail settings.
3. Keyboard shortcuts.
4. Here you can choose the mode you like to use.
If you are already familiar with keyboard shortcuts in Gmail or Yahoo then you can use this feature easily.

How to access social media accounts using Outlook account?

This feature is unique and completely new to the email service. Now you can manage your social media accounts using your Outlook account. You can manage any of the your social media account like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc. You can view and share updates, photos, videos directly from your Outlook account. To enable this option you can follow the steps:
1. Click on smiley at top right corner.
2. You will get a pane and click on 'Add' at the bottom of pane.
3. Here now you can connect each of the social media account to be accessed using your Outlook account.
You can also do this by going in to the 'People' interface menu. Outlook really give the joy if using these social media accounts via your Outlook account.

How to add an email alias in new Outlook?

Most of the peoples who are using internet and email always use more than one email accounts. Alias can work as alternative email address, that might come to your help, in critical conditions like forgetting username and password etc. An email that is set as Alias can use same account information and we can use different email addresses in the same inbox. Saving your time in switching between different accounts is very important and you can achieve this adding aliases in new Outlook account. You can add maximum of 15 aliases per user account. To do this follow the steps:
1. Inbox
2. More mail settings.
3. Create an Outlook alias.
Here you are able to create aliases that you want to use in same inbox.

How to use preview pane in new

Now in your new Outlook account you can preview the emails before opening them. You can see the complete inbox content in preview pane such as photos, videos, documents which attached with the emails. To enable preview pane your Outlook account you have to follow the steps:
1. Go to Inbox.
2. Mail more settings.
3. Reading pane.
4. Save.
Now you will get preview of each email you got in your inbox as soon as your cursor moves on that particular mail.

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