Tablet buying guide - Tips for buyers

A definitive guide for those who are looking forward to buy Tablets. The article elucidates a bit about various features, Operating Systems and other informations.

We have everything in our hands, from mobile phones to laptop. The business of such compact and handy devices has increased much in near past. Today people are more interested in buying such handy and easy to use devices compared to the traditional desktops and laptops. Nowadays we are using more of smartphones and tablets compared to PCs, right?
We have number of choices to choose from like iPads, Android tablets, Windows 8 based tablets and every tablet has lots of features to offer. But while choosing from such number of options it may lead to some confusion. To avoid this you have to decide on some points which are necessary to think about while buying tablet.

  1. Do you really need tablet:

  2. Tablets are neither desktops nor laptops. That means we can not achieve the level of comfort or computing power while using tablet. Tablets lie between desktops and smartphones in terms of computing power. So you must think twice before deciding your final stake on it. Do you really need it? Tablets are much similar to smartphones, with large screen and adopting the power of laptops and desktops to carry out most of the task that can be carried out by laptops or desktops. You can't make phone calls using tablets, though you can use traditional SIM cards to connect your tablet directly to internet.
    Tablets also have advantages of its own. You can check your emails and reply them, surf the internet, view online videos, watch movies and listen to a music on the screens which are comparatively larger than smart phones and with better graphics. It is up to you to decide on whether you require it or not?

  3. Decide your needs:

  4. Before buying tablet, you need to decide what is the primary purpose of buying tablet? For what purpose are you going to use it? Once you have decided the why are purchasing tablet, it will be easier to choose among number of options. Also, it is helpful while deciding hardware and software configuration of tablet.

  5. Choose an operating system:

  6. If you are buying tablet for working purpose then you must choose operating system before the brand of tablet. There are too many options to choose from: iOS, Android, Windows 8 and their different versions. If you are choosing iOS as your preferred OS for your tablet then you are restricted in terms of make and manufactures. In this case you have to buy iPad from Apple. But if you want Android or Windows 8 tablet you have many brands and makes to choose from. Amazon also have their stake in tablet market with their Kindle Fire tablet.

  7. Screen Size:

  8. While choosing tablet, screen size plays an important role in it. Normally in case of tablets screen is always measure of diagonal screen size. So when you say tablet with 7.5 inch screen it means the diagonal length of screen is 7.5 inch excluding overall length of tablet. It is clear that more screen size increase the length and breadth of tablet and it may be also difficult to handle. So you have to choose your screen size according to your needs and that should be easy to handle with your hand.

  9. Processor and RAM:

  10. Nowadays tablet and smart phones also competing with traditional desktops and laptops in terms of computing speeds and features. Many tablets come with dual core and even some have incorporated quad processors in tablet to boost their computing power. But as you may know the fact, higher version of these hardware will also cost more. A minimum 512 MB of RAM and 1 GHZ of processor is recommended requirement to run tablet smoothly. But if you need fast computing then higher versions of processor and RAM may work finely for you.

  11. Storage capacities:

  12. Most of the tablets, including Apple's iPad come with built in storage that starts from 16GB to 64 GB and more also. The main thing that should be considered in terms of storage capacity is, whether it is expandable or not. It is always very good option to opt for expandable type of memory that can suit your future needs also.

  13. Wireless connectivity options:

  14. Today we have many wireless connectivity options like EDGE, GPRS, GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE and so on. It is always desirable to have maximum connectivity options to ensure we will not be disconnected anywhere. Also, Wi-Fi is must have option in tablets in these days.

  15. Wired connectivity option:

  16. You can not complete your work on tablets only. You can not also store all your data on tablet only for the purpose of security or due to less space storage space available on tablets. You are required to connect your tablet to either PC or Laptop to transfer file to share data connection etc. For these you should have good connectivity options like tethering (Sharing data connection using Wi-Fi between to mobile devices.)USB etc.

  17. Applications for your tablet:

  18. You can buy any tablet with any brand and OS, but if you want to use it to maximum extent then you should have number of applications. Always look for support and availability of different type of applications for your tablet. Applications help to increase your productivity and boost the use and performance of your tablet. Some tablets comes with many featured pre-installed application while for others you have to download these applications from appropriate place on internet. Pre-installed applications can also save your money, as some applications are paid applications.

  19. Check for support for multimedia:

  20. You can use your tablet devices to entertain yourself on the go. For these you have to look for support for different types of media files like WMV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OOG and lots of other. You can stream online media on your tablet and can also download online media to your tablet.

These are things to be considered while buying tablet.Mostly these are technical things and many of us ignore them but after using he device for some days they came to know that their device is missing many features that are important to them. To avoid this condition you can use above points to check whether particular tablet is suitable for you or not. Following are list of important tips that should be noted while buying a tablet.

Important tips to buy tablet-Tablet buying guide:

  1. Tablets with capacitive screen are better than tablets with resistive screens.

  2. Tablet should have at least 3000 Mah battery power.

  3. Always opt for tablet with front facing camera for video calling and back end camera for photos and videos.

  4. The operating system of tablet should be upgradable.

  5. Choose the tablet with as many connectivity options as possible.

  6. Look for support facilities provided by company.

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