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Do you want to search for specific terms on internet? Do you want add/remove specific search results from total search results? Read this article to get desired search results through Google.

Google is now synonym for the word 'search', you can now use word Google officially instead of word 'search'. That shows the impact of Google on our lives in today's world of technology. I think almost 90% of internet users land firstly on search engines and start their journey to vast ocean of web and knowledge via Google. Google is the big boss in search engines and it is mostly used search engine in the world. You may have searched for many things on Google and you may or may not have got the desired results. Sometimes there is need to search for very specific information on the web. In that condition it is difficult to check all the websites as Google gives you millions and billions of search results, for most queries within a fraction of second. So how to select the website that contains information required by you? Here are some tips and tricks to get specific information through Google search engine.

1. How to search for exact terms using Google?

Sometimes we are required to find information about exact terms. You can find pages on the internet with exact terms using Google search engine and it is very easy. You have to enclose the term within " and ".
For ex: If you search for exact term Android then you have to type "Android" in Google. Then Google will search for online websites for that contains exact word 'Android'.

2. How to search for specific document types using Google?

Google allows to you search for desired types of documents, related to particular topic or subject. For this you have to type 'filetype: typeoffile'.
If you want to search for PDF documents related to subject computer programming then you have type the query as: computer programming filetype:pdf.

3. Search for particular information in specific sites:

You can also search in single website for specific information. This means if you want search for 'Android' in then you have to type: Android This feature will help you a lot if there is no search box on site itself or if it is not so effective.

4. Include similar information:

If you want to include information similar to your search query to get more information then you can do this by using ~ sign in appropriate manner.
For ex: If you want to search for term 'online money making sites' and want to include search results related to 'online business' then you have type it as:online money making sites ~online business.
It is helpful when you want your search results to be included with words which are similar to your search query or synonym to your search query.

5. Exclude specific words from your search results:

You can also exclude search results which are not required by you. To do this you have to use '-' symbol.
For ex: If you want to exclude search results related to 'online business' from the search query of 'online money making sites' then you should type:online money making sites -online business.
This will exclude all the search results containing the term 'online business'.

6. To get information about Financial of the company:

Ever wanted to get some financial information about company with few clicks? Google made it easy for you. You can get all the finance related information of company easily by typing just brand name letters in Google search box.
For ex: If you want to get stock updates and financial information about Microsoft then just type 'MICROSOFT' and Google will give links to know about stock market updates for company.

7. Do your calculations with Google:

If you are on the internet and are required to do some simple calculations then you need not open calculator in accessories in Windows operating system, just enter the calculation you are required to do and hit enter, Google will give you answer within fraction of second, with online calculator interface to do more complex calculations.
For ex: 22*22/12 hit enter.

8. Find definitions with Google:

You can directly search for specific definitions on the Google. You have to use the word 'define' before your search term. It will give search results which shows definitions of the particular word.
For ex: define:photosynthesis.

9. Search for specific numeric limits with Google:

Google allows you to find information which is from some numeric to some other numeric. You may require to find articles between some specific word limits or you may be required to find some information between some time interval, Google does it for you.
For ex: If you require list prime ministers of India between 1947 to 1965 then you have to type query as: prime minister of India 1947...1965.

10. Broaden your search results with OR operator in Google:

You can broaden your search results by using 'OR' (Must be uppercase, in this case.).
For ex:If you type: online money making sites OR online business, then Google will display the list of web pages which contains terms either 'online money making sites' or 'online business'.

Google has changed the way we search. It has got lots of features which can be used to customize the search results. These are only important tips to customize search results. You may find lot of such tricks on the internet again by using Google. You can find almost any type information and either restrict your search results or broaden your search results.

Tips to search efficiently with Google:

  1. Make use of suggestions-the list which appears while you are typing your search query.

  2. Type proper terms.

  3. Although Google identifies and corrects small spelling mistakes, sometimes misspelled word may also be correct with another meaning, so type correct spelling while searching with Google.

  4. Use different links which are provided at end of each page on search results.

  5. If you are typing proper terms without any spelling mistakes then you will definitely get required information on first page of search results.

Hope these tips and tricks will be helpful to you. But it requires some type of variation for your particular needs. For ex: If you want to search mobile phones between the range of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15000 then you can search as : mobile phones Rs.5000...Rs.10000. etc. Use your required variation like this example and you will get more desired results.

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