How to manage blogging with studies?

This article is about the things one should keep in mind while managing their studies along with blogging. This would help them optimise their time in the best possible manner. Hope it is benificial to new bloggers.

Blogging has of late become a craze among the younger generation with a large number of bloggers being school and college kids who consider blogging a means of side income or pocket money. Anyhow managing blogging along with studies becomes a tough task for them especially if they do the job in an unorganized manner. Many people have taken blogging as a fulltime career, even though it comes with its own risks. Here we will discuss various methods of managing blogging along with studies.

1. Make a timetable: Make a proper well organized time table in order to manage your blogging along with studies. While making the time table, assure that you allocate at least 7 hours for sleep. And yes keep this schedule practical and realistic. Means don't think that if your class finishes at 3:30 p.m. , you can start blogging at that particular instant. One needs time to rest and freshen up. So do make it a point before forming the time table.

2. Never miss lectures for blogging: Blogging definitely takes time to bring success. But this doesn't mean you will gather this time by missing your lectures. Always remember, you have a whole life to earn and make money but just 4 years to earn a degree. Your degree should hold prime importance in your life. So never miss your lectures to make up for blogging time.

3. Involve your friends: It is impossible for a single person to sit on a blog 24*7. So make a group of friends who have different timings when they are free, so that one can manage the blog whenever others are busy. This way work is never going to stop.

4. Keep it in your mind that blogging is for pocket money: No doubt blogging can be made into a wonderful profession. But that needs your full time attention which is not possible as a for you student. So till you complete your degree, just consider blogging a side business for pocket money. Never grow obsessive about it till you complete your studies.

5. Interact with fellow bloggers: Keep in touch with other bloggers who are of your age group in order to find out, how they manage their time effectively. This will also keep you stress free as you will get to know that you are not the only one who is facing problems related to their work study schedule.

6. Don't let your personal life interfere with your work: This is a general saying for any professional but holds far more importance for a student blogger. The reason is that a student blogger hardly gets time for personal issues. So in case you ever face a breakup or tension with your friends, keep that out of your work.

7. Prioritize your Health: Always keep your health as your first priority. Never overburden yourself with work to such a limit that it takes on your health. Have meals on time. Sleep for atleast 7 hours a day. Always remember that a sound mind lies in a sound body and success has no importance without peace of mind.
Wishing everyone Happy Blogging !!!


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