How to save the battery power in Android phones/devices?

Learn how to improve the battery power in Android phones and other devices.

Battery life of Android devices:

Nowadays most of us are using Android phones due to its super fast technology, multi-tasking capacity, attractive design, and most importantly easy access to internet helps to get connected with the social networks at anytime. The Android devices also have many other advantages like fine quality camera with high pixels, excellent display screen and much more. But the main disadvantage in using these devices is ruining of battery life.
Most of the Android devices have this problem which is irritating to the users. So here in this article we will see some ideas to save the power of battery and thus enhancing the performance and life of the battery.

Tips to improve battery life of Android devices:

Test the battery power:

We can test the power of our Android device battery, and also the amount of power consumed by every apps, power display and so on. To check this go to settings and click battery in about phone option. (Settings->about phone->battery). This will help you to test your battery power consumption.

Try installing the power saving applications in the device:

There are so many power saving applications available for Android devices, which helps to give a longer life for the battery. This apps identifies the battery consumption of real time running apps and other items, and it controls activating and deactivating the systems like radio, screen light, GPS in your device which consumes power.

Reduce the brightness:

The biggest power consumption by the Android device is its display. The most attractive thing in the smart phones is its largest and colorful display screen, but the fact is that it consumes greater power. So reducing the screen brightness in display settings will help you to save battery power.

Use power saving mode in the device:

Using the power saving mode will also helps the user to save the battery power. This can be done by clicking power saving mode in display settings. (Settings->display->power saving mode). This will give really a good result in saving battery life.

Power control widgets:

We can use power control widgets for the quick access of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and much more. This can be done by clicking (home screen->menu->add->widgets->power control). This easy short cut helps to turn off and turn on the apps when we need it. You can also change the social networks update interval status by clicking (menu-> Settings-> Notifications / Widget Update Interval). This update interval time can be set for a 1 hour time so that it enables to get periodical updates and at the same time the battery also would not get down.

Turn off the vibration mode:

The vibration option in the phone consumes power higher than using a ringing tone. This is because power is needed to generate vibration every time the phone rings. This can be done by disabling the phone vibration option in sound and display settings. This enables you to save your battery power.

Use 2G network connection:

Android phones are highly used nowadays because of the availability of network connections. You can access too many options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and much more. Using 3G connections will consume higher amount of energy than 2G networks. So selecting the 2G network in mobile network will help to save battery power.

Screen time out settings:

If your device is idle for some period of time then automatically your display will turn off by using the time out settings. This can be done by selecting screen timeout option in sound and display settings.

Turn off hardware features when not in use:

The Android phones have all the features like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, now many mobiles also have 4G technology, but all this together consumes large amount of battery power which results in draining the battery power more quickly. So turn off all these hardware features when not in use. We can use power control widgets to control this settings.
All these tips helps a little to save the battery power in your Android phones/devices, thus enhancing the life of the battery.


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Thanks for the information. This will be helpful for me.

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