Linux VPS server hosting - A review

Read about the benefits of Linux VPS server on traditional shared server. This article also includes short summary of shared server. Also, learn about benefits offered by Linux VPS Server solution.

Whenever someone wants to host a website then that person thinks about some main things. Such as a how much bandwidth he will need, how much storage space his website will need, and then the most important thing is that how much he will need to pay to fulfill his needs. So at last price plays main role. Everyone wants to pay as much less as possible to get their website hosted. But to get huge storage space and huge bandwidth, hosting sites costs too much.

There is a very good option available to get site hosted for less price, and to get good storage space and good bandwidth as well. That option is use of Linux VPS server. Almost all major website hosting provider sites gives option to host site by Linux VPS Server. Also, this Linux VPS Server is available at very low price as compared to any other server package. The Linux VPS Server provides you better security too, as it overcomes the problem occurring with shared server. This type of server is best to use if you are looking for low price hosting.

Here in this Linux VPS Server hosting, even if you are sharing server with other people, your IP address will be different than others, as you will use physical level IP address. In Linux VPS Server you can manage your site as per your requirement; also you can freely assemble your site. In this you will get full access to assemble your site. Also, as you are using different Operating System, you get benefit of it in form of better security. The main benefit is very less viruses. Also even if website of any other person who is sharing server with you gets hacked, your site will be protected because of Linux VPS Server.

Why Linux VPS Server is better than shared servers?

You get much better security in Linux VPS Servers than shared servers. As this type of servers will use your physical IP address, you will have much better isolation from hackers and viruses. In shared servers, you share your IP Address with other clients. Because of that whenever any virus enters in server, it can go in any website on that server. Also, whenever hacker hacks any website, he gets IP of all other websites on that server. But Linux VPS Server provides isolation from this drawback of shared servers.

But there is one major drawback of shared server, which is if any clients run wrong code on server & because of that server gets blocked. So it naturally blocks all other sites on that server. This problem does not arise with VPS server. VPS server provides different account to each user so even if any client inserts any wrong coding, which may block server. Then also only his server gets blocked, other clients can operate their account without any kind of difficulty. So in short it provides an account which acts as an independent server, which is not possible with normal shared server.

Up to what extent I can access my Linux VPS Server account?

In VPS server, you get access to the root level of your account. So you can configure a website very freely. You will not need that much help to assemble anything on your site. Also you will not need to contact your service provide to set up anything on site. Also you can add an application on your site without affecting other client's account.

So you get full freedom to set up your site as you like. Also you can troubleshoot problems site very easily as you will have much more access to your account than whatever access you get on simple shared server. In VPS servers you get access to your account nearly like a private server.


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