MOTOACTV Android smart watch Review

A review of Motorola MOTOACTV. Read on to learn more about this amazing gadget that goes around your wrist.

The MOTOACTV by Motorola is a unique device designed for fitness training with an accelerometer and GPS integrated into the watch. The former monitors the strides during a run and the latter measures the distance covered. The watch is also fitted with the Bluetooth 4.0 through which interaction with external devices like the Bluetooth stereo headphones and pulse sensor is possible. The DJ mode in the smart device enables customizing music according to personal preference during a workout.

The Android 2.3.4 runs the device and it believed to have the same Application Programming Interface (API) as the Android 2.3, with a few changes to ensure all bugs are taken care of.

Here is a look at what the special specifications and features of the device have to offer –

The MOTOACTV tracks real time fitness activity such as calories consumed, distance covered, pace maintained and map of the route taken; through automatic wireless syncing of the training statistics to
It is a small gadget with a 1.6" full color touch screen display that is totally water proof
Other special features include scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass covering the display that automatically adjusts outside and inside lighting.
The device comes with an 8GB and 16GB storage for playlists
FM radio compatible
The battery lasts for up to 5hrs during outdoor training, an incredible 10hrs when workouts are done indoors and lasts for almost 2 weeks when not in use
Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connectivity
Can be synced with Android smartphones to enable incoming texts and calls
Runs Android 2.3.4 and has a 600 MHz processor
Dimension – 9.6mm x 46mm x 46mmx
Display – 320 x 420
Weight – 35grams

Android software in MOTOACTV

A number of applications can be installed on the MOTOACTV, for instance Angry Birds run remarkably well on the small device. Even though the screen on the MOTOACTV is small, Google Maps runs just fine on it. What is amazing is it uses the preinstalled GPS for tracking. It is quite a high tech device considering it also has the Street View app built-in. Google Earth is another application that functions quite well although there are a few user interface glitches while using the same.

MOTOACTV features explained in detail

Heart rate monitor – This feature gets activated only when you wear a specially designed digital heart rate chest strap. The chest strap is an accessory that you will need to pay for separately. The heart rate monitor displays the heart activity digitally.

Calorie counter – This is a feature that every fitness enthusiast requires at hand as it helps keep a tab on your physical activity by showing the number of calories expended in an activity. You will need to feed your height and weight into the watch. You will also require the chest strap for easy transmission of your physical activity to the watch. The little device accurately displays the numbers of calories burned. The calorie counter works without the chest strap too, but its effectiveness and accuracy cannot be assured.

Daily Step – This works like a pedometer and records the number of steps you walk through the day. Using this feature you can know if you are doing the recommended 10,000 steps per day or not.

GPS tracker – The GPS tracker allows you to set time and distance covered no matter where you are working out. You can for instance select the number of calories you need to burn and get walking, either on the treadmill or outdoors. The smart device will let you know when you achieve your target.

• MP3 player – There are two versions of the watch in the market, one with 8GB memory and another with 16GB. The 8GB is sufficient to have everything you need installed on the watch and still have room for your music. The MP3 player can be used while training as you do not need another device to enable you to hear your favorite music while you are working out. The watch can be used for creating an optimized performance playlist, so you get to listen what you want to, rather than have songs playing at random.

FM stereo – It allows you to stay connected with the outside world. You can catch sports and news updates with its help.

Touch screen – Another one of those awesome features in the watch. It allows you to change settings easily. The added advantage is it has a special coating that makes the watch scratch proof and water resistant. So there are no fears of the display getting scratches or the watch getting damaged easily. There is also a choice of different settings that you can play around with to thwart boredom.


There is no denying that all the features in the MOTOACTV make it a wonderful little device. The price for this unique features packed watch is close to $100. It is a smart looking device and you have the option of purchasing accessories such as the wireless earphones and make the device work for you even better. The watch need not be worn on the wrist alone; you can wear it as a belt clip or around the arm.

The drawbacks are few, but need to be mentioned here – The watch is a little too bulky. It does appear huge on the wrist. The other disadvantage is it can hinder certain exercises that require wrist movement when the watch is worn on the wrist.

All said and done, the MOTOACTV is an all-in-one and a great electronic device that can assist you in setting fitness goals and keeping tabs on how you have been faring.

Article by Juana
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Guest Author: Anony25 Oct 2012

The device is great. I am planning to get it from the US. Will it work in India?

Author: Juana30 Oct 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hello Anony!

I agree, the MOTOACTV Android smart watch is a great device with some awesome features for the fitness freak. I see no reason why it should not work in India or anywhere else for that matter.


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