Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8

Microsoft Hardware team has announced a new Keyboard for Windows 8 computers, with special keys to access some of the Windows 8 new features.

With the announcement of Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, a new special keyboard for Windows 8, Microsoft has made it further easy to access various new features of Windows 8. On 19 Sep 2012, Microsoft Hardware released Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, which is designed for ease of use and increased typing speed. Even though it was practically possible to use Windows 8 with normal keyboards and mouse, this new Keyboard designed for Windows 8 will make it more natural to access the Windows 8 features using a keyboard.

Some of the key improvements in the new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard are:

1. Increased width for the spacebar to make it easier to use while typing fast.

2. The space bar is split into 2 and the left portion is now converted into Backspace Key.

According to Microsoft research team, Spacebar and Backspace are the most frequently used keys on a keyboard, after the key for the letter 'e'. So, their surveys revealed that most people press the spacebar with right thumb and the left portion of the spacebar is mostly unused. Moreover, the smaller size of the backspace on the top right affects the typing speed because of the frequent use of it.

To make typing easier, faster and more comfortable, Microsoft decided to give more prominence for the Backspace by giving it equal weight as the Spacebar and placed on an equally prominent location.

Windows 8 Keyboard

Microsoft has been offering many keyboards and mice in the past. Also, they have released few new keyboards recently, but this is the first Windows 8 Keyboard from Microsoft with a split spacebar key.

Keyboard designed for Windows 8

The new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is designed for Windows 8 with comfort and efficiency in mind. To make it easy to access various common Windows 8 features, this keyboard has several shortcut keys for the common features of Windows 8. Some of the shortcut keys for Windows 8 features are:

1. Search Charm
2. Share Charm
3. Device and Settings Charm

The Enhanced Function Key Features include Windows Start Key, Back(F9), List View(F10), Snap(F11), and App bar(F12) which make it further easy to use Windows 8 features from the keyboard.

Supported Operating systems
The new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8 is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows RT and Windows 8 computers.

Hardware, Dimensions and Warranty

Here is the hardware dimensions of the keyboard:

Length: 17.8 inches (453 millimeters)
Width: 8.39 inches (213 millimeters)
Depth/Height: 1.30 inches (33 millimeters) with rubber feet
Weight: 28.5 ounces (807 grams), includes 2 AAA alkaline batteries, typical battery weight may vary

Keyboard Transceiver
Length: 1.83 inches (46.54 millimeters)
Width: 0.62 inches (15.75 millimeters)
Depth/Height: 0.31 inches (.7.85 millimeters)
Weight: 0.18 ounces (5 grams)

This USB keyboard require 2 AAA alkaline batteries which has a typical life of about 18 months.

The keyboard is manufactured in China and comes with 3 year Microsoft warranty like most of the other Microsoft peripherals.

The price for this new keyboard from Microsoft is US$59.95 and is expected to be available in Microsoft Store soon.

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