How to build a good website or blog

People often skip some factors that are really important for the success of any website or a blog. This article will help you understand those rules and how to use them while creating a website or a blog.

Whether you design a website or a blog, proper planning is crucial to its success. You have to consider every aspect that will affect your Website. People often underestimate the small features that are very important while creating a website or a blog. This results in a poorly designed website that is inefficient to generate huge visits. There are a lot of things that should be considered while creating a website. However, if you concentrate on the list given below, you will definitely create a user-friendly website that will leave a positive impact on its visitors.

Choose an interesting and relevant subject or topic

Your website should have a particular topic or subject based on which you will write its content. The subject should be chosen very carefully as it is the base of your website or blog. Select the topic that is interesting and will attract a lot of visitors. Choosing a topic that nobody wants to read is a waste of time and energy. Also, choose that topic only on which you have a good command, otherwise you won't be able to write anything interesting.

You can select from a wide variety of subjects like technology, education, gadgets, mobiles, gaming, sports, music, etc. Once you have chosen the topic of your website, you can go ahead with the designing and content writing.

Choose an eye-catching caption

It is the most important part of your website. A caption should be chosen with utmost care because it must not be changed after creating the website. A caption must let your website users visualize its content. A visitor should get an idea about the website just by reading its caption.

Try to write eye-catching caption for your website. If you are creating a technology related website its caption can be like "Tech guru" or "Technoholik".

Decide the URL according to your website

Deciding the URL of your website is also a crucial part. Keep one thing in mind, just like the caption, your website's URL should also reflect the topic or subject of your website. You must try to include the caption of your website in its URL. For example, if your website's caption is "Techulator", then the best URL for it must be

Always write original and quality content

The quality of any website is reflected in its content. A well organized website attracts more visitors than a poorly organized website. The matter written on your website should be original, i.e., must be written in your own words and not copied from any other website or blog. Copied content degrades the website's quality and leaves a bad impression on its visitors. Also, Google ban such websites those are copied from another website. In that case, your website will be of no use.

While Configure domain name and writing the content for your website, you should avoid jargons and use simple words which are easy to understand for general audience. Write everything to the point instead of confusing your audience with big sentences. You can follow these things while writing the content for your website :

  • You can show important points in "bullets".
  • Underline or bold the important keywords.
  • Use multiple small paragraphs rather than using a single huge paragraph.
  • Efficiently divide the content in headings and subheadings.

Use readable fonts and choose colors wisely

Your website's appearance is the first impression on any visitor. So, much time should be spend on deciding the font and color scheme for your website. Colors should not be too bright or too dull. The visitors must not feel any while reading the content of your website. Everything should be crystal clear. Following points should be kept in mind while deciding the fonts and color scheme for your website :

  • The text of your website should be easily visible. It should not mix up with the background.
  • Don't experiment much with the fonts.
  • Use some common fonts like "Times New Roman", "Georgia", "Arial", "Verdana" and "Trebuchet".
  • Font size : For normal text it should be from 10 px to 12 px. For sub-headings, it should be from 12 px to 14 px. For main headings, it should be from 16 px to 18 px.
  • Use Bold to highlight the headings and italic to highlight the keywords.

Easy navigation

Navigation reflects the ease of use of your website. A good navigation scheme allows your website's visitors to easily navigate from one page to another. They can easily explore your website with the help of a good navigation scheme. Every page on you website must have the link of every other page of your Website. For example, the link to the homepage of your website must be present on every other page of your website. Also, the number of links on a webpage should be as least as possible.

Remember, your visitors will not have time to click every link on your website. So, plan your navigation scheme in such a way that the visitor can navigate through every page of your website in least possible clicks. Following points should be kept in mind while deciding the navigation scheme of your website :

  • Links should be underlined and font color should be blue.
  • The links to the pages of your website must be either on the left or on the top.
  • It should be clear from the link that where it will redirect on clicking.
  • Secondary links like "About us", "Contact us", "disclaimer" should be present at the bottom of your page.
  • There should not be a dead-end while moving from one link to another link. The user must always have an option to move from one page to another.

Minimum possible advertisements

If you are monetizing your website by placing advertisements, you must decide the right place to put your ads. Adsense ads must not interfere with the contents of the website. Improperly placed ads will irritate your visitors and leave a bad impression on them. Try to make a separation between the ads and our content. Place minimum possible ads on every page and avoid using pop-up type ads.


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There is a crowding of blogs in the internet and there are all sorts of blogs covering subjects from leisure to academics. In this situation to bring the individual blog above the mediocre ones is definitely a challenging task.

Still, those who can maintain the quality of their material in the blog and cater to a large number of surfers by evoking and maintaining their interest in a particular blog will be the eventual winners in this web ocean. Definitely it calls for a lot of hard work and knowledge and sustaining the interesting material in the blog.

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