Awesome tips and tricks to customize your Android phone.

Android is one of the most used smart phone operating system. Due to its various features like ease of use, wide support and availability of lot of applications it has gained popularity. Everyone wishes to work his phone and reflect his/her personality. Everyone wants his/her phone to work the way he/she wants, and Android OS lets you to do this very conveniently. This article aims to provide you the tips and tricks to use your smart phone smarter than before.

Android operating system has thousands of applications at its Android store. You can download many applications according to your requirements. You can have Android applications for almost everything and they are very useful. But this article is not for explaining the features of Android applications, this article is for mastering Android operating system. In this article I am going to explain the most important tips and tricks for Android operating system.

1. Get your favorite contacts on the home screen:

Android lets you to put your favorite contacts on the home screen, so that you can call them quickly and with ease. To add contacts to your home screen, press and hold on any open space on your home screen and you will get pop-up menu, then select Shortcuts > Contacts. Then you can select the contact that you want on your home screen.

2. Enable or disable flash content from your browser :

You can directly view the videos through Flash player in your phone's browser but it could slower the speed of loading web pages. If this is the case then you can easily disable this plug-in. Go to Settings page of Android's browser and tap on advanced. You will get three options to mange your plug-ins: Always on, On demand and Off. you can choose any one of these three options to control plug-ins.

3. Don't write use your voice to type :

Every Android Phones has built-in voice recognizer that can be used for many purposes. To type with your voice you just have to tap on mic icon it's keyboard and speak the text that you want to be typed, Android will do it for you very easily and efficiently.

4. Use your Android phone as storage device :

The Android phone can also be used as external storage device. It lets you to carry your digital files and data with you easily, on the go. To enable this option connect your Android and activate storage mode for your device.

5. Access special characters for fast typing :

Android phone supports full keyboard with every character that is available on traditional keyboard is available on your Android device. To get these special characters you just have to tap and hold the period key. It will show you all the characters in two lines.

6. Synchronize your device with all the Google services :

Android lets you to synchronize all of Google online services with your Android device. Just enter the information like user id and password that you are already using to use Google services. The Android device will synchronize the Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Maps etc.

7. Access and install the applications which are not on Android Marketplace :

Android phones have lots of features which are not available in iOS or Windows 8 Phone also. iOS or Windows phone doesn't allow you to download and install application which are not available in their respective marketplaces. But with your Android phone you can download and install application from sources other than Android Marketplace. To allow your phone to download and install applications from other sources go to Settings > Application settings; check the box 'Unknown Sources'.

8. Terminate the applications which are not responding :

Sometimes some applications didn't respond to any tricks. These applications can drain the phone's battery and may let you in trouble. To avoid this you have to terminate these applications manually. Android lets you to do this. Go to Settings > Apps, you will see the list of applications that are running. Tap to stop one such application - that is not needed or not responding.

9. Set the animations on your Android device :

Android device is designed to have with animated background and cool wallpapers animations, but this feature can drain your battery very fast. To avoid this you can either stop these background animations or disable them for some time. Go to Settings > Display > Animations, and choose the settings accordingly.

10. Organize your applications :

You can organize the applications available for your Android device in to various categories, by creating one folder for each category. You can create your own folders and give the name suitable for particular category. For ex. you can create and name folder MusicApp to organize the applications related to music. Tap and hold on open space in your home screen, a pop up menu will appear, select folders > New folder.

11. Copy, Paste and Cut options in Android phone :

If you are required to perform actions such as copy, paste and cut these options can also be used very conveniently. Just long press and hold on any text input area and you will get these options. You can also copy any text from web page and save it to your Android device.

12. Limit the data usage according to your plan :

It happens sometimes that we don't remember the data we have used and date to recharge for next data plans. In such cases phone uses our main balance to get internet connectivity and your main balance decreases rapidly. To avoid this you can limit the data usage up to some limit that comes with your data plan. I think this is very useful feature in country like India where we are more concerned about our phone bills. Just go to Settings > Data usage settings > Set mobile data limit. That's it whenever you run out of data phone will give notification and you may be able to save your balance.

13. Switch between network types (2G/3G/4G):

Now you can change the network type which is to be used. It will help to save your battery and mobile balance. You can choose between different network types like 2G features / 3G features / 4G Features. Go to Settings > Mobile Network Settings > Preferred network mode. Here you can choose your desired network.

14. Customize your lock screen :

Android gives you enough options to lock your screen and avoid access to your personal data to others. You can customize you screen with:

  1. Four digit PIN number.

  2. Password protect your phone as your PC/Laptop.

  3. Series of dots, that should be connected in previously defined way.

You have to go to Settings > Display > Customize your lock Screen.

15. Decorate your home screen and stay updated :

Android lets you to use your home screen as your own real estate. Yes you can add almost any widget as you can add contact to your home screen. You can add analog clock, calender or any other widget to get updates and important notifications as soon as you unlock your phone.

These are only 15 tips and tricks for your Android Phones. Android is very customizable operating system. You can run according to your needs and requirements.

It has everything to suit your needs, that's why phones with Android operating systems are becoming more popular. The Android operating system has many options that lets you to customize the look, feel and performance of your smart phone making your smart phone more smarter.


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