Common mistakes in Web Designing

Web Designers and Web Designing is a key part for the Website SEO. Read how some common mistakes affect the conversion.

The conversion rate of any website depends majorly on its design. A design which is both user friendly and SEO friendly is considered to be the best. The design of your website depends on coding and on how well your designer has converted psd to css.

The vicious cycle of reputation and traffic

When your website is user friendly, your visitors will spend more time on the site. Search engines like Google rate a website according to the time users spend on the site. The good reputation of your website with search engines further increases your visitors by showing your links on the top of search engine results. This is a vicious cycle and as far as you keep providing quality user friendly experience to your visitors your reputation will keep on increasing as so will be the number of visitors.

There are however certain common mistakes in website that can prove disastrous to conversion rates and profits.

Compromised readability

Many designers in order to provide an aesthetically appealing website often compromise on the readability of the content. Having a beautiful design is all right but it should not undermine the readability of the text. Readability can be improved by the use of contrasting colors for the background colors and for the color of the text.

Faulty navigation

Navigation determines the ease with which a user can access your website and therefore affects the time he spends on the website. A faulty navigation on the other hand may render him irritated and he would eventually leave the website without wasting time any further. Make sure that the navigation and seamless and precise so that a visitor can reach any part of your website with maximum three clicks. A prospective client will make a purchase from your website only when you provide a seamless browsing experience.

Poor selection of colors

Research shows that colors have deep impact on the psychology and actions of a person. Have you ever wondered why most casinos are painted in red? Because, red color increases the heart rate and prompts people to gamble more.

Similarly, blue is the color of travel, assurance, faith. Yellow denotes cheerfulness and green denotes good health and well-being. Shades of black are best for luxury product website as it denotes class. Every color denotes something and has a special effect on the psychology and thus actions of a person. So it is essential to choose colors according to your business.

Improper internal linking

Your website has multiple pages. It is necessary to have a proper interlinking of pages so that it is easy for both the users and the search engine crawlers to access them. A proper internal linking facilitates easy crawling and indexing by the search engine crawlers to enhance your visibility in the search results.

Faulty functionality

What would happen when a visitor clicks on the 'contact us' button on your website only to find that it is not working? The visitor will eventually leave the website. It not only devoid you of a prospective client it also lowers the reputation of your business. Therefore it is essential to make sure that all the options and links of the website are functioning properly.

The conversion rate of a website depend on several factors and to ensure high conversion rates you have to make sure that all of the factors are up to the mark. Choose an able designer who can convert psd to css efficiently and is capable of providing you with nothing less than a perfect website design.

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