How to change EDGE to high speed net in Android

You might have tried all the smartphones before and got lots of good experience in 2G and 3G network but sometimes you need to increase the internet speed for a high-speed browsing experience. Here is the complete procedure to change E to H in a smartphone easily.

How to change network from E to H in smartphone

In this article I am going to show you guys how to change network E to H in your Android Smartphones. First of all, you must have an idea about the different types of network. GPRS is a 2.5G wireless communication that is supposed to give you 56kbps - 114 kbps while EDGE is denoted by the symbol E.

The EDGE is the next level up giving you roughly twice the bandwidth of GPRS. On the other end is HSDPA denoted by the symbol H which is the next generation of 3G. It is called 3G+ or 3.5G. It gives you a speed of about 1.8Mbps as per the recently announced HSDPA+ service in Philadelphia for T mobile with 21 Mbps speed. 3G is faster than Edge in every benchmark. It means it is usually prefered unless it is not available or when the signal is too slow or weak.

The EDGE has the upper hand in low signal when compared to the 3G signal. 3G speed falls down in areas where there is low signal strength. Initially, 3G data plans were more expensive but since 4G came, the price of 3G has fallen down. If the phone shows E on the top it means you are going to get a slow browsing speed and if the phone shows H we get a little more speed than E. The steps that should be taken to change the network speed are given below.

Steps to change E to H network

  • Go the home page of the Android phone and press the call button

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*

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  • And after dailing the number, a new tab appears as show below

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  • Press on the phone information and then a new tab with run ping test appears on the screen. You don't need to test the run ping test. Click on the Menu button. Options such as select radio band, view SIM address book, view fixed dialing number, view service dialing number, get PDP list, enable data connection appear on the screen. The screenshot is given below.

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    After then a new tab appears where you need to set Automatic. Click OK then a notification might appear. When that notification appears on the screen the edge ie, E changes to H ie, high speed. Now it allows you to browse faster than before when the network is in EDGE. Use this trick to go to 3G so that you can browse faster enjoy.

    If you have any doubt relating this article can be asked in the response box.

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Author: Aamir shahzad12 Sep 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

This s informative post about the android application. member If you know about Air-push mobile ads then give me some details and tell me how its work and how can I earn tat applications?

Author: rihan13 Sep 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Hi,Zanib Kahtoon
You can download that application from the below link

Guest Author: MaryBeth17 Dec 2012

What is "edge"? I'm in Atlanta with AT&T's 4G LTE and it's very, very fast! I use it at my Atlanta hair salon to blow through hair styles online.

Guest Author: siva12 Mar 2013

Idea 3g signal shows in Android phone but the download speed is very slow

Guest Author: gillsaab08 Apr 2013

When I am dialing that number on my internationl gt i9300 in India and i am using idea carrier then no tab appears. Phone just dial that no as normal call then automatically get cut. Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance.

Guest Author: Anuj Mhatre22 May 2013

"You no need to test the run ping test click on the menu option button and option such as select radio band, view SIM address book, view fixed dialing number, view service dialing number, get PDP list, enable data connection appears on the screen. "

You mean that there is no need to test the run ping test right?

Now when I click on the menu button, it shows the options specified by you. But you didn't specify what all options to select. Like in radio band, what to select - automatic, usa band... Please elaborate. Thanks

Guest Author: vivek28 May 2013

hi friend,

I can't get anything after clicking set automatic successful. Please suggest what to do next.

Guest Author: Hemant26 Jul 2013

My internet never changes from E to H

Author: rihan30 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Hemant @ Then try changing the Network connection I hope that will help you.

Guest Author: manash05 Aug 2013

My Videocon A27i mobile the dialing of the *#*#4636#*#* is not possible, it automatically erase all digits.

Guest Author: MIKE04 Jan 2014

I am tired of the process. My IMEI turned 00000 and can't receive any network. Can anybody solve my problem?

Guest Author: lilah2102 Feb 2014

*#*#4636#*#* code doesn't work. It says "inavalid MIMI code." What to do now? :(

Guest Author: rihan05 Feb 2014

lilah21 @ It works for android only

Guest Author: Cathlyn05 Feb 2014

I tried it but it doesn't work. It is still E. What to do?

Guest Author: Wizguru09 Apr 2014

I tried the trick on My Hisense_HS-T830, it display SELECT BAND menu but when I clicked on the menu, a pop-up window appeared that show: Automatic, USA BAND.etc... but when I select Automatic it says: save [Automatic] is unsuccessful. What can I do?

Guest Author: gasper20 Apr 2014

This trick does not even start in any Samsung smartphone no menu is coming after dialing

Guest Author: Md.shahabuddin19 Jul 2014

I tried what you have said in my Micromax Bolt A068 but there is no H signal. What I have to do now?

Guest Author: odane03 Sep 2014

I tried but the network type didn't change to HSDPA

Guest Author: ok18 Sep 2014

I have HTC hd A9191 but it can't change from EDGE to HSPDA yet other phones of it's exact type have H . I have tried the *#*#4636#*#* trick it doesn't have any provision for me to change to automatic either am just confused with it coz it too slow, intact I can't even download anything of 2mb coz it takes morethan 2minutes. Pliz help.

Guest Author: rhynan aranas02 Oct 2014

I already made it but my phone connection is still in edge. What should I do?

Guest Author: Druide08 Oct 2014

I tried this and selected wcdma for 3g instead of GSM that is for 2g only but every time I select wcdma, 4g and LTE its always back to gsm. What can you say? Is there any other way?

Guest Author: druide08 Oct 2014

It says successfull after clicking automatic but it remains on edge

Guest Author: bumblebee25 Oct 2014

When I click on the menu button, it shows the options specified by you. But you didn't specify what all options to select. Like in radio band, what to select - automatic, USA band? Please elaborate. Thanks

Guest Author: Srinivasan Rao10 Nov 2014

Will this work on phones with edge only(no option of WCDMA)?

Guest Author: Kelvin murithi05 Dec 2014

Hello! I loved the post and due to my slow connectivity I decided to give it a try, but when I click on automatic I get this message "set[Automatic]Unsuccessful" What might be the problem?
Thanks for the great post!

Guest Author: Singh12 Dec 2014

I have Karbonn A90s. Can I use 3g on it?

Guest Author: mark jayson tan25 Jan 2015

Ive already tried it but it only appears like this set[automatic]unsuccessful what can I do next?

Guest Author: dorji02 Feb 2015

Please help me- my 3G frequency is different from the WCDMA2100. How can I change this frequency from 2100 to 850/900?

Guest Author: richard gomez05 Feb 2015

I am currently using the Galaxy Note 3 handset. Model SMN-900A. When i am trying to introduce the code from the post it directs me straight to a message indicating that this call cannot be completed as dialed. I am trying to change my network from EDGE to HSPDA.

Guest Author: Pritam Deb05 Feb 2015

I did the same as you told but nothing happened. It was still showing Edge. So what should I do now?

Guest Author: anbu28 Feb 2015

What is the reason of 2G mobile device can't change to 3G. Please tell me.

Guest Author: Allie06 Mar 2015

It worked for me guys, I clicked and reclicked enable data connection. Then went to my phone settings, turned on my data connection. Then it worked from E to H

Guest Author: jhay regullano08 Mar 2015

Not working in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos 4.4.2. I tried to change, but it is still in GSM. I tried to change to WCDMA only but it returned to GSM only. What should I do?

Guest Author: siddhant07 Apr 2015

I am having a problem: my EDGE network is not converting in HSPA.

Guest Author: ratnadeep10 Apr 2015

I can't dial *#*#4636#*#* in my Lava Iris 503e smart phone.

Guest Author: k prakasham13 Apr 2015

After dialing I got tab and in that I clicked on the phone information. Then I got run ping test and went for menu. In menu, I saw severl options but after that what I should do I do not know. So please guide me on the next steps.

Guest Author: prynz19 Apr 2015

I tried your steps but still the it doesn't work. That is, whenever I select any option apart from the Edge the network goes off. When I put it on auto it picks the 2G. Can I update my software, because the mobile network type on my Android phone is set at Edge?

Guest Author: partha pratim roy01 May 2015

When I select Automatic it says: "save [Automatic] is unsuccessful." What can I do?

Guest Author: rajpal singh14 May 2015

Please explain what is SMSC.

Guest Author: Priyansh16 May 2015

This code is the wrong one. It does not work on my android phone. All those who are experiencing the same problem try *#*#3646*#*#

Guest Author: rihan20 May 2015

Priyansha, this code works only for the froyo version of android.

Guest Author: Mamatha26 May 2015

Hello, after going to menu, what should we do? I did not understand your explanation.

Guest Author: Awel12 Jun 2015

Well, it works as you said. So thanks a lot!

Guest Author: Sukhjeet singh18 Jun 2015

Hi friends, there is another code. It is is *#4636#*#

Guest Author: Ram Sarkar22 Jun 2015

I tried what you have said in my Micromax Bolt A068 but there is no H signal. What I have to do now?

Guest Author: nana17 Jul 2015

I tried what you said on my Blu studio 5C, but after enabling internet no set automatic feature appears.

Guest Author: Oviya08 Aug 2015

It is a waste of time. I tried it with my prepaid SIM and my mobile's first slot doesn't read this SIM at all - don't know why? Also, there was no automatic option available. So do not try this method.

Guest Author: greg15 Aug 2015

When I dial the numbers it appears correctly but the network brand there is only Japan and when I test the ping my IP address cannot be found. My phone is Xperia V. Also, when I change the network type to wcdma/gsm, then my network goes off. Please kindly help me out.

Guest Author: Herbert vandyck20 Sep 2015

I have done it but still having a problem with Edge - why and what should I do?

Guest Author: Mark Paulo Cruz04 Oct 2015

It is not working. I have a smartphone and I followed the instructions give, but no change happening.

Guest Author: raju05 Oct 2015

I have Lava X1 grand smartphone. I have a problem with my network. It never turns to 3G or HSPA. You said for *#*#4636#*#*. I had a new tab open with phone information and others. However, clicking with phone information no menu options are found. Kindly help.

Guest Author: yash sahu12 Nov 2015

I have done everything, but why my E sign is not converted to H is what I cannot understand.

Guest Author: shubham04 Jan 2016

I tried that trick, but after that my mobile's first SIM is locked so please tell me how do I unlock it?

Guest Author: Garuba Degia01 Nov 2017

The code *#*#4636#*#* is not working. What kind of solution is this?

Guest Author: 3673117 May 2018

My phone is O+. though the code worked for me it is still unsuccessful because the Sim 1 is locked and I am using Sim 2 of my phone which is only for GSM. what should I do to unlock my sim 1 first?., thank You

Guest Author: Vivek17 Mar 2021

I tyed what u say *#*#4636#*#* but is not showing niether scrren shot nor succesful. After i type it is back to the dialpad and not showing any thing.

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